Sabah Noor

Sabah Noor

Head, Digital Sales

Sabah is a highly experienced professional with almost two decades of expertise in managing customer relationships across different levels, including the C-suite. As the leader of an exceptional team of sales professionals at Saffron Edge, he spearheads strategy development, coaching, and mentoring initiatives.

Sabah holds a degree in Commerce from a prestigious university, where he honed his strategic and analytical skills. His remarkable contributions to the field of sales and business development have earned him the esteemed ‘Sales Excellence Award,’ recognizing his outstanding achievements and leadership in driving revenue growth and delivering exceptional client experiences. Sabah plays a vital role in driving revenue growth and ensuring the firm's continued success. He is also responsible for nurturing existing client relationships.

With his extensive knowledge and ability to provide actionable insights, he consistently adds value to clients and inspires his team to surpass targets and excel in the competitive digital marketing landscape.

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