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Oct 22, 2019


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blogging Do you know what is easy, free, and a potentially valuable tool for marketing your business and reaching a more extensive base of audience?  BLOGGING! The web world is brimming with the blogs in different niche helping resolve issues of a vast range of consumers. But have you ever sat down for a second to think about its purpose and why the digital marketplace goes gaga over the concept of it? Allow us to guide you through it! A well-written blog:
  • Helps drive quality traffic to your website
Choosing a niche and religiously writing an authentic piece with all the essential elements such as meta descriptions, subheading, statistics, visuals (images, videos, meme) will attract a qualified audience, helping your blog reach out to a plethora of people browsing the web. If the blog section of your website regularly post informative and relevant blogs that address the pain points of the customers and adds value to their life, it can help drive enormous traffic to your website. 
  • Helps convert that traffic into leads
By writing about a meaningful and relevant topic that gives your audience a solution to the problems can help establish you and your brand as an authority in the community. The rapport and engagement thus build the potential to convert the traffic into leads and leads into customers. 
  • Helps with the overall development
The economy is getting increasingly competitive. What could be a more creative way to communicate with new people, tell your story, impart knowledge and at the same time, validate your expertise in a particular niche to open possibilities for financial gain than a blog? Yes, sincere efforts towards blog writing can yield positive results.  How to get the best results from a blog (that nobody reads) It is only natural to get perturbed by scrolling through well-detailed blogs and looking at the figures of likes, shares, and comments and wonder where despite profound research and investing considerable time, and energy are you going wrong?  What a blog does NOT do There are several misconceptions in the blogging community regarding what a blog does and does not do, and we have listed down three misconstrued objectives about the blog:
  • It does not sell
The aim of a blog is to educate a set of the audience about the latest happenings in the concerned industry. People read a blog with the motive of finding solutions to their problems. If they had to look for a product, they would just easily search it on any search engine. They should be used as a platform to express your thoughts and opinions and not be all sales-pitchy. Your blog should be able to add value to the life of your readers. 
  • It's not about quantity
While the market is abuzz with creating blogs above 2000 words to get recognized, it is worth keeping in mind that a blog is not always about quantity. If you can explain a concept with a different take creatively and concisely, then there is no need to drag it to a standard set. While long-form posts help educate the visitors more profoundly, short-form posts can be a user's savior as a quick fix solution. 
  • It will not help you become a blogging sensation
A blog alone can not help you establish as a maestro unless you have marketed it well. Good social and marketing skills can help you become a star blogger. You need to be absolutely clear on one thing: blogging results are not instant, and your continuous efforts will gradually help it gain a larger audience and more visibility.  Why is no one reading your blogs? Chances are you, like many, believe that all you need to do is create a blog section and periodically write, and the crowd will automatically visit. If so, then you are highly mistaken. This approach only screams of gradual doom. If you are struggling with traffic, audience's attention, maybe you are doing it wrong. We have compiled a list of reasons as to why no one is reading your blog so that you can improve your blog section and avoid these blunders in the future:
Admit it!  If your blogs talk more about what makes you and your business worth investing in, at a stretch, periodically, no one is going to read and recommend it. The aim of blogging, as discussed above, is to educate the target audience and helping them find the solution through your products and services. When you say, you want to be a part of the online community and help people by sharing relevant solutions, man it and prove it through your blogs. 
While we are all for "ultimately it is the quality of the content that matters', what actually convinces users to read the blog? Yes, you have guessed it right! A catchy headline and well-presented blog in a proper syntax with emphasis on invoking the right emotions. Yo need to invest in making your blogs visually -appealing to hold their attention in the initial second, or you'll end up losing customers. Don't waste your time coming up with over the top or overused titles. Creare relevant and relatable titles with which your audience can quickly establish a connection. 
You can't just use a casual tone when you are talking about automated software, but you sure can add "slang" to a traveling or lifestyle blog, because that is how you will connect with the right crowd. The style and tone in which you create your blog need to be aligned with the industry in which you are serving and the characteristics of your target audience.  While those mentioned above are crucial, there are many other aspects that you need to work on to get as many people to read your blog such as- adding visuals to enhance engagement, creating valuable content, periodically testing the parameters for success, strengthening your research skills, focusing on mobile responsiveness.  Now that you are well-aware of why every business, big or small invests in creating and developing a blog section when are you planning to start? 

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