About Us

Saffron Edge is Digital brand of Saffron Tech with the purpose of uplifting your brand value and visibility. We are a team of specialists that provide various services and solutions to companies of diverse scale and size.

Our Story

Having being working in the industry for quite some time, many of the malpractices and limitations of the industry became more and more apparent that we felt were weeding out the entire internet marketing industry and holding it down.

We felt that there needs to be a trend-shift in the way we function as digital marketing experts; a better way. Ready to get an edge over your competition? do things more differently through an innovative and focused approach. And what better name to represent our vision than Saffron Edge.

We decided instead of trying to be the jack-of-all-trades, we’d rather focus on only few service areas in which we excel at. With that idea in mind, Saffron Edge was decided to offer 4 key marketing services in the forms of Content, Social, Ads and Analytics.

With our Brand Idea and its focus areas set, it was only a matter of time to gear up for the big launch. We took this time to fine tune our structure and give a final touch up before rolling it out for action.


Gaurav Sabharwal, MD

After graduating from New York University and handling Business Development for a company for 3 years in New York and Delhi ventured into IT for the passion of Technology. I have had great success in building a team that works closely with clients with our Vision of ‘Sustainable Exponential Growth’ and Value of ‘Respect our Team, our Clients and their Business.

Vibhu Satpaul, MD

Vibhu Satpaul is Chief Operations Officer and A Search Expert at Saffron Edge. He has been responsible for all of the company operations in Technology and Internet Marketing. He has been responsible for creating different systems within Saffron Edge and has been able to establish its long vision of SaaS as well as Internet Marketing.

Our Vision

Our Vision for Saffron Edge has always been to excel at selected sectors and provide unparalleled expertise in the same. Through Strong leadership, efficient Teams, and innovative approaches, we deliver the best Digital Marketing Experience that your brand can get.

Our Mission

Our Mission here at Saffron Edge is to help achieve your results in a timely fashion through proper streamlined workflow and transparent communication structure. We lay focus on each achievable target provided by the client. Together, through Teamwork, Efficient Organization and Innovative Resource Utility, we achieve our deliverable(s).

Ready to get an edge over your competition?