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Why You Need Twitter Marketing

With more than 300 million users on the micro-blogging social media platform, Twitter is a great way to socially engage with your existing audience. But you have to make sure all your tweets are engaging, relevant and provides value to your audience to gain some momentum and attract more users or you’ll be lost in the sea of tweets that flood the platform. Moreover, it’s a great platform to jump in and start a discussion around trending topics with the help of hashtags and create some buzz around your brand. Unfortunately, staying updated with the latest on Twitter can be a little challenging and that is where a reliable Twitter advertising agency like us comes in.

Our social media marketers stay updated with the latest on Twitter and can create engaging tweets to catch your follower’s attention. That’s not all, our Twitter marketing services include complete profile set-up, post creation, creating a publishing schedule, paid campaign set-up and other Twitter marketing services to capture the attention of a much wider audience and grow your social footprint on the platform.

Some Of Our Core Processes For Twitter Marketing


Profile Optimization

Having a great profile description that tells users exactly who you are and what you do, a stunning banner image that entices them and all the other relevant information is vital on Twitter to convert users into your followers. We can help you set it all up and be conversion ready before engaging with other marketing efforts on the platform.


Content Creation & Strategy

Posting engaging posts is the bread and butter of increasing your followers on Twitter. We target the most relevant hashtags in your business industry and seamlessly integrate them in every post we create to generate a buzz around your business. On top of that, we team up all the engaging content we create with stunning visuals to amplify our efforts.


Consistent Publishing

Gaining momentum on Twitter and building a solid follower-base is directly related to your activity on the platform. Aligning your business objectives, we craft a publishing schedule most fit to gain a massive following for your business an the platform. We make sure that we plan ahead and religiously follow that schedule.


Twitter Advertising

Advertising on Twitter is a great way to get the word out about your business in front of a selective, highly-targeted audience and gain a ton of exposure. Our twitter marketers are well versed in figuring out the best audience to target for your campaigns and create an ad copy that sticks to them.


Ad optimization

To make sure your overall ROI does not take a hit, we constantly monitor all your running advertising campaigns on the platform to figure out optimizations for the underperforming campaigns. Doing this helps us deliver the best possible results to you and we consider it as a vital element of all our marketing campaigns.


Detailed Reporting

We never keep you in the dark about what we have done or are planning to do to elevate your presence on the platform. Our marketers will provide you with a detailed monthly report listing every single result we achieved for your business because of the organic or paid posts we posted on behalf of your business.

Paid Marketing Services

Why You Should Work With Us


Stunning Visuals

Creative and engaging visuals really do make an effect on the platform. Our designers are well-versed in creating enticing visuals that demand attention and spark conversations.


Follower Growth

Every post we publish on your behalf on the platform is made keeping in mind the overall growth of your business Twitter profile.


Sharp Targeting

When it comes to spending money on the platform, choosing your audience wisely is key to making it all work and our marketers are well-versed in choosing the best audience for all your advertising campiagns.

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