SaaS Healthcare: Boosted Organic Traffic by 24% in 6 Months

case study


Our client is a premier provider of workforce education and enablement solutions, offering healthcare organizations and their staff user-friendly, integrated tools and top-tier learning content to empower them. Our client is dedicated to improving how the healthcare industry operates, and with their highly experienced team, they provide expert guidance and education to its users. However, the lack of expertise in the digital domain led them to many errors on their website that affected their traffic, ranking, and user experience, and that’s when they came to Saffron Edge. 

Testimonials“Working with the team at Saffron Edge has been a game changer for our healthcare brand. In just 6 months of their dedicated Technical SEO expertise, we witnessed a remarkable improvement in our website’s performance. Their expertise and dedication have made a lasting impact on our online presence and user engagement. We highly recommend Saffron as your SaaS partner.”


Saffron Edge started identifying all the problems by conducting an in-depth audit. The client struggled to get more traffic on their page due to their high load time, canonical content issues, XML sitemap errors, and uncrawled pages. They were facing website and content-related issues and wanted us to improve their website with less load time, a better health score, and ranking.

Services Provided

  • Technical SEO for improving ranking and brand visibility.
  • Better content strategy and optimization.
  • Fixing expired and unreachable URLs.


1. SEO Audit:

Performed an SEO audit revealing 1000+ canonical XML sitemap, HTTP errors, duplicated content, thin content, and uncrawled pages. The website’s health score was low (40+), negatively impacting traffic and search rankings.

2. Performance Boost:

With our Technical SEOEfforts, the page loading time was reduced (4s to 2.2s), and the health score was increased (86), leading to a lower bounce rate (27%).

3. Canonical issues:

Resolved duplicate content using proper canonical tags and implemented 301 redirects. This enabled Google to crawl some important pages.

4. XML Sitemap Errors:

XML sitemap issues were fixed by addressing format, expired URLs, and unreachable URLs.


Page load time Improved

Enhanced health score

Decreased bounce rate

Increased organic traffic

From November to April, 2022, our dedicated team worked on the Technical SEO improvements, we achieved optimal results for our client’s website. The page loading time was reduced to 2.2 seconds from 4 seconds, and the website’s health score increased to 82 through our Technical SEO activities.

The overall website performance reached a score of 77 after six months. We addressed thin content and duplicated content pages by replacing them with new and informative content, enhancing user engagement, and extending the average time spent on pages. Consequently, the bounce rate decreased to 27%, leading to a significant 24% increase in organic traffic within six months.