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Saffron Edge is a reputable SEO agency based in New Jersey. Our professional SEO services are optimized to generate results to divert traffic for your business. We help your products and services to reach the right kind of demographics with our impeccable SEO services. Outsmart your business competitors with our growth-focused SEO strategies that ensure high online traffic and greater ROI.

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Design your company’s future with Proven NJ SEO service

Complete Website audit

Complete Website audit

Our in-depth website audit gives a clear understanding of the factors that hinder traffic generation on the website. Saffron Edge’s rigorous analysis techniques inspect your website inside out. We provide our clients with a detailed report of their website analysis.

Keywords research

Keywords and competitor research

In today’s digital market with cut-throat competition, it is always wise to keep an eye out for your competition. Saffron Edge helps businesses to identify the competition and to get ahead of the competition with keywords and competitor research services.

onsite Optimization

On-site optimizations

Our SEO services include on-site optimization. With our on-site optimization services, websites rank in the top rankings of SERPs. Our On-site optimization strategies also make the websites more search-relevant and increase the chances of targeted user engagement.

Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization

Saffron Edge does not believe in the notion of one size fits all. Hence, we develop custom Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategies for our clients. Our CRO strategies optimizes your website to increase conversions based on an in-depth user behavior analysis.

Local SEO services

Local SEO services

With Saffron Edge’s local SEO services, businesses can maximize their revenue by attracting local customers. Our local SEO services are strategized to help businesses gain a strong foothold in their local searches and dominate the market.

Online Reputation management

Online Reputation management

Our reputation management services help enterprises to create a proactive brand out of their products. Our team of professionals can build an impactful recognition for your brand through effective reputation management services.

Link building campaigns

Link building campaigns

Link building is a significant aspect of SEO strategy. Saffron Edge the best SEO service provider guarantee high-quality backlinks through our link building campaigns. These link building campaigns give a boost in your position in SERPs.

High-quality traffic

High-quality traffic

Our SEO services ensure high-quality traffic on your website through our tried and tested SEO campaigns. This high-quality traffic increases the chances of conversions and have better close rates.

Enterprise SEO Services

Enterprise SEO Services

We have helped several organizations achieve their deserved place in the online search results as well as online search engines - thus leading to increased traffic, leads, and sales from non branded organic search queries.

Attain top rankings with professional SEO services

Get excellent results by collaborating with the best SEO agency in New Jersey. Having an experience of more than a decade in the US digital arena, Saffron Edge can help your business in a better way than any other SEO company. We know the tactics and schematics of SEO inside out and using this knowledge we develop effective and efficient digital marketing strategies.

Our customized SEO service and SEO packages are designed as per your company’s specific goals, budget and target audience. No two businesses are the same and your SEO package shouldn’t be either.

A well planned SEO process consists of 5 phases:

  • Business Evaluation Site Analysis
    Business Evaluation & Site Analysis
  • Strategy Goal Development
    Strategy & Goal Development
  • setup
  • Optimization Execution
    Optimization Execution
  • Ongoing Optimization
    Ongoing Optimization

Get the most out of your business with trusted SEO services

campaigns have proven to be very effective in driving traffic and sales for a business. These SEO campaigns come handy in different business models.

  • Better user experience
  • Stable source of lead generation
  • High conversion rates
  • Builds brand authority
  • Cost-effective
  • Creates brand awareness
  • Reliable marketing strategy


SEO strategies help you gather traffic and leads when implemented correctly. Successful marketers build strategies that align with SEO campaigns.

  • Great potential

93% of online experiences begin with online search

  • Market dominance

Organic links get 70% of all clicks

  • Stay up-to-date

75% never scroll past the first page of search results

  • Optimizing business

57% of B2B marketers believe SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative.

  • High volatility

Google implements 500 modifications each year to its algorithms

  • Area-specific

46% of online searches are local searches

  • Mobile-responsive

There are more Google searches on mobile than on desktop

  • Sustainable development

86% of experts use PPC data for SEO strategies

  • Huge customer base

Google receives 63,000 searches per second.

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Dedicated professionals

dedicated professionals

Saffron Edge works diligently to develop and sustain your online platform. Our teams comprise of experienced and qualified personnel who understand your business and create tailored SEO services for you.

Industry experience

Industry experience

We have been in the IT sector for the past ten years and this has been made possible by our sheer determination to provide our customers with the best in class services.

transparency policies

transparency policies

Saffron Edge regularly communicates and interacts with its clients to maintain a transparent environment. We believe that apart from honesty transparency is the next best policy in the corporate world and hence we provide our clients with regular updates of their projects.


Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Our team comprises of intellectual and energetic individuals who brainstorm to come up with unique and innovative solutions. Our solutions go a long way in shaping a promising future for your company.

holistic support

holistic support

We give full support and analytical services to ensure that our developed SEO strategies give you the best results possible. We value our customers, and over time, our healthy customer relationships are proof of this statement.

valued services

Valued Services

We respect each of our clients and understand the value of their time. So we deliver all our services in the agreed timeframe. We believe in punctuality, quality, and integrity. Gain an edge over your competition in the business landscape by collaborating with Saffron Edge.

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SEO Hiring Models

Dedicated Professionals

Dedicated Professionals

Hourly Basis

Hourly Basis

Shared Resource

Shared Resource

Team screening

  • Skills of professionals are matched with your goals
  • Professionals are shortlisted on the merit of his proficiency
  • Hire the professional on a full-time

Strategy Creation and execution

  • Current scenario of your business is reviewed
  • A strategy is formulated to meet your goals
  • Strategy is executed in a streamlined approach

Monitoring and management

  • Receive regular reports of your progress
  • Review the scale of growth
  • Observe the expansion of your brand

frequently asked questions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the optimization of the websites for the top organic rankings in the search results while Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the marketing of your webpage. With SEM you are getting the most out of each click through paid marketing on search results while SEO is generally used to optimize the user engagement and establish domain authority. The bottom line is you need both the strategies to influence customers and improve your business.

To see significant digital marketing results, you need to be patient and consistent with your digital marketing strategies. Most people fail to understand that it is a continuous and ongoing process. You need to adapt digital marketing practices in your organization to see continuous growth and track the kind of responses they get from the target audience.

Again outsourcing your SEO totally depends upon you. If you are a proficient SEO strategist with years of experience and are familiar with the ever-changing SEO tactics then you can do SEO on your own. But if you are just starting out then learning SEO and then implementing them on your own will take a lot of time. You might argue with the statement that your company has an in-house team but as SEO policies are very volatile and are constantly updated you might seriously consider outsourcing SEO services. SEO is the main specialization of such agencies so they put their blood and sweat to increase your rankings through their strategies. They are also updated with the recent developments as SEO is their bread and butter.

The prices of digital marketing services are exclusive to your business goals and marketing budget. Each digital marketing agency will give you a different price list. Therefore, at Saffron Edge we first understand your business, its approach and then formulate the prices that suit your budget and fulfils your goals.

CRO analyzes the visitor behavior based on the actions they take while on your platform. CRO then uses this analysis to drive the visitors towards the end-goal of your website. Through CRO we spot the areas in which your website lacks and then formulate effective strategies to improve conversion rates of your website.

SEO is the management of organic traffic on your website and as surveys show organic traffic accounts for 70% of the clicks. So while PPC advertising is efficient PPC along with SEO can create wonders for your website.

There is no fixed number of links that you need to create and be done with them. Creating backlinks and maintaining them is a continuous and ongoing process. So you need to constantly create backlinks on high-quality websites to maintain your rankings and strengthen your online presence.

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