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The power of data is remarkable; when you have data at your disposal your business drives success like never before. Saffron Edge is a New Jersey-based leading Digital Marketing Analytics Agency that employs a data-driven approach to help businesses make strategic decisions to maximize their profits. Our teams of expert professionals keep a continuous track of your marketing performance and based on data insights provide you the robust solutions that cater to your greatest business challenges effectively.

  • 11+ Years of growth-driven Digital Marketing expertise
  • 99% Client success rate
  • Successful execution Of 1500+ projects
  • Over 90% of projects with 1st page ranking in the SERPs

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Benefits of Web Analytics Services for Business Growth

Helps You Measure Web Traffic

Helps you Measure Web Traffic

Web analytics help you identify information of your website visitors. It conveys to you about consumer’s behavior and level of digital engagement. From which geographical location the users are coming and what keywords they are using, all information can be revealed through Digital Marketing Analytics. Moreover, it also provides you a detailed insight into several visitors reaching your site through different channels like social media, emails, ad displays, and search engines.

Keeps A Track On Visitors Count

Keeps a track on Visitors Count

Web analytics is an essential tool. It helps you keep a watch on a number of individuals visiting your website along with number of times they are returning and to which pages they are more inclined to. Thereby, providing you every information about your audience including their geographical location, purchase behavior, language, and preferences. The Saffron Edge’s web analytics services also convey to you about the amount of time a visitor has spent on a particular web page thus helping you identify the products/services the consumers are more interested in.

Tracks Bounce Rate

Tracks Bounce Rate

One of the notable advantages of web analytics services is that it helps you keep track of the bounce rate. A bounce is when a consumer visits a page on your site and leaves back without taking further action or visiting other pages. And the bounce rate refers to total bounces divided by a number of site visits. An increase in the bounce rate is indicative of the fact that visitors are not finding the information they are looking for. Using a web analytics tool we at Saffron Edge assist you to enhance visitor journey experience while identifying the pitfalls responsible for losing customers.

Supports Identification of Exit Pages

Supports Identification of Exit Pages

If a user visits a page on the website and leaves the same page it is referred to as “bounce” whereas if he/she visits multiple pages and leaves the website then it is referred to as an “exit”. If certain pages on your website have a high exit rate then definitely there are some major issues and need immediate rectification. In such instances, Saffron Edge’s professionals conduct a thorough analysis of your website to identify and address the issue in a timely manner.

Optimize Marketing Campaigns

Optimize Marketing Campaigns

Web analytics helps you provide vital information for optimizing your marketing campaigns. It enables you to gauge the performance of each campaign while finding out ones that yielded the most appreciable results. We at Saffron Edge use these insights to dedicate efforts in the right direction for the right channels and campaigns that result in high performance with increased ROI. By being able to understand what is effective and what is not, our professionals invest your resources and time on optimizing the most effective strategies.

Identify Target Market

Identify Target Market

By providing you the granular level information about your website visitors’ web analytics services help you identify target audience interested in your business offerings. Additionally, the analytic findings help you find current market demands so that you can effectively align your marketing strategies to achieve the conversion optimization.

Tap into Power of Data Analytics with Saffron Edge’s Professional Solutions

Saffron Edge Web Analytics Consultancy Agency is more than just a Google analytics agency. We are a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who help you implement smart strategies by identifying specific business strengths and weaknesses.

We are working as a family for a decade and over the years we have honed our Web analytics & business intelligence skills. We employ a data-driven approach targeted to drive your business growth by opening endless opportunities. Our digital analytics experts aggregate clean and precise data to derive valuable insights from it so that achieving business goals can be made possible.  Our actionable insights help you perceive opportunities beyond metrics. Moreover, our extensive research and data capabilities aid you to define and scale business success.

Highlights of our Web Analytics Solutions:

  • Google Analytics Setup

    Google Analytics Setup

  • Campaign Tracking

    Campaign Tracking

  • Multivariate and A_B Testing

    Multivariate and A/B Testing

  • Custom Analytics & Insight Reporting

    Custom Analytics & Insight Reporting

Boost Your Revenue with Saffron Edge’s Web Analytics & business intelligence Solutions

Your website has an imperative role in augmenting your business growth. Through web analytics & business intelligence strategies you focus on essential business data that helps you understand your target audience.

Saffron Edge Web Analytics Consultancy Agency boasts a team of experts who are always on a go-to maximize the outcomes of your marketing campaigns. Thus, to discover success and increase your business’s revenue sources, you can always count upon us!

  • Improved Marketing Analysis
  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • Improved ROI with consumer behavioral Analysis
  • Real-time data-based decision making
  • Information about Customer Demographics
  • Ability to track site metrics like Click-through rate, type of referrals, number of conversions, and bounce rate.

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Ideate And Pitch For You

Ideate And Pitch For You

We think of core thoughts as per the rules of the online journals to be outreached and pitch it to their editors while keeping you refreshed all throughout the procedure.

Review Optimization

Review Optimization

Once we assess all the reviews, we formulate strategies to increase the visibility of positive reviews that portray your brand or business in the right light. We also take relevant...

Gathering Data and Content Analysis

Gathering Data and Content Analysis

The next step is to gather all the URLs using the latest tools such as Screaming Frog. We then analyse the URLs using content analysis tools and find out the...

Review and Research

Our social media specialists will review your existing social media campaigns and their performance. We conduct in-depth research to understand your business requirements and social media advertising goals. We use...

Strategy Development and Implementation

Strategy Development and Implementation

Based on the research reports, our content marketing specialists develop a customized content development strategy for your business. We create a clear roadmap about what type of content to create,...

UI/UX Testing

UI/UX Testing

To guarantee you the best possible services our experts conduct rigorous testing of the final deliverable solution. We ensure that the UI and UX elements of your product provide a...

Why Invest in Web Analytics services?

Investing in web analytics yields a solid return on investment. It spurs your business growth. With key data metrics and analysis in your hand you are better able to customise your campaigns and optimise sales of your products/services.

  • Helps you measure ROI of marketing campaigns

As per 39% of marketers proving the ROI of marketing campaigns is one of the crucial challenges.

  • Create Customized Content

Over 51% of marketers believe that measuring customer data aids in creating more personalized content that drives increased viewer engagement.

  • Increases Third Party Referrals

Customers who earned through referrals have 37% more retention rates.

  • Hassle Free Measurement of Various Campaigns’ ROI

Nearly 39% of marketers believe that it helps in proving the ROI of various Campaigns.

  • Stay Ahead of Competitors

Nearly 55.9% of all websites use analytics to track data.

Businesses that track conversions have 3.16% conversion rate in comparison to 2.18% conversion rate for businesses that do not indulge in such activities.

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Why Choose Saffron Edge Over Other Competitors?

Years of Expertise

Years of Expertise

Having worked in digital marketing for over a decade we have not only excelled in understanding client’s web demands but also their specific business needs. We have established a reputed position and loyalty among clients for delivering critical and technically complicated projects within strict deadlines.

Keeping up with the latest trends

Keeping up with the latest trends

Web analytics and business intelligence is a dynamic niche that is subjected to frequent changes and developments. Therefore, to stand tall in the market and gain an edge over competitors, you need to resort to innovative strategies. Well, only the experienced analyst with finesse in their profession can immediately switch to these developments. Our team of marketing analyst are well acquainted with industry know-how’s and have tested experience in web analytics.


Good Return on Investment

Good Return on Investment

We have an awesome in-house data analytic team proficient in providing actionable data insights that help you in driving business profitability. Along with helping you understand key metrics we also support you in understanding your customers better so that you can improve your business performance. All our Web Analytics Consulting Services are tried and tested to aptly fit your business goals.

Special Focus to Understanding the clients

Special Focus to Understanding the clients

Our success is attributed to a strong relationship with our clients. We pay special attention to understanding our clients’ needs and requirements. For us, the choices of our clients matter a lot. We ensure to accord them with the best possible services and support throughout the project cycle. Before commencing a project with spend sufficient time with our clients to analyze their requirements thoroughly. Moreover, we offer great flexibility to our clients for keeping a track of work progress.

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frequently asked questions

Why Digital Marketing Analytics is important for my Business?

To establish a niche in the highly competitive market, you need to seek the assistance of professional digital marketing analytics services. The data aggregated through marketing analytics not only help you understand your customers but also provides you innovative means on how to market to them. The analytics behind your campaign determines its success. Thus, digital marketing analytics can be directly tied to your ROI and business growth.

How would Business Intelligence (BI) help my organization?

In today’s business scenario Business Intelligence (BI ) is attributed as a critical tool for reaching the right audience at the right time with the right information. Apart from this, BI is helping the organization to –

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Maximize revenues
  • Improve customer experiences
  • Achieve Compliance

How important is it for a company to use web analytics in its marketing efforts?

Unlike traditional marketing methods, the internet marketing excels in providing you the huge data insights. It eventually reduces the drawbacks involved in traditional marketing. With significantly reducing the time and efforts, the online marketing tactics combined with proper analytics help you reap incredible results. It allows you to test marketing endeavors instantly within a short duration. Thus, this ability to determine what works for you and what not is one of the core benefits of internet marketing that helps you align your business goals with marketing efforts.

What is PPC and does my business need it?

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a form of advertising your business on the internet to bring only qualified customers. The advertiser pays only when the customer clicks on the link. This ensures that there is no wastage of your funds. PPC ensures quality visits to your site as people who are interested in your services and products are generally the ones to click on the advertisement. Businesses that use PPC usually get quality traffic from these links and can maximize their ROIs.

PPC (Pay per Click) refers to the type of advertising method used for driving quality customers to your business. In this type of advertising, a customer is liable to pay only when a customer hits the link. Thereby, mitigating wastage of funds while ensuring quality visits.


Over the years, our performance marketing experts have redefined brand marketing and customer-centric experiences. We provide strategic direction to our clients for effective, scalable, and profitable outcomes. Do you want to increase your market share? Saffron Edge is here to help ambitious teams like yours, enabling you to convert your ideas to reality!

Collaborating with Saffron Edge has provided our clients with sustainable growth. They can leverage our ability to be inventive and execute campaigns at a great pace. Our team holds a high focus on accomplishing client goals.

We give your marketing plan a growth-oriented approach. We evaluate your business’s key features to curate lucrative growth plans for strategic and long-term growth.

As a DTC business, you need to tackle increasing market competition and personalization. You need to align your campaigns with the latest consumer trends. Leverage our data-driven strategies to scale aggressively.

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To unleash your growth accelerating capabilities, we rely on a process of extensive campaign optimization and cost-benefit analysis so that you drive higher conversion rates and ROI.

We launch your campaigns once we have evaluated revenue opportunities and critical growth areas. We also tweak those campaigns according to dynamic market trends and behavioral analytics.

At Saffron Edge, we offer a complete range of services that build up business value, from the initial idea & formulation of product strategy to building a prototype and testing it with users. Unleash your growth accelerating capabilities with our integrated growth marketing plan designed specifically to uplift business revenue.

The future of marketing is content that is genuinely valuable to your prospects. Saffron Edge is not just the NJ’s best content marketing agency; we are content curators, creative writers, and expert editors. We help create content that helps increase website traffic from all online marketing channels. Wondering why your digital marketing isn’t working to the full potential? Consult Saffron Edge for comprehensive business consultation services. We are a reputed business consultation agency in NJ with over a decade of experience in the industry.

Today, if you aren’t maintaining an active web presence for your business, you are losing out on a lot of potential customers. By just having a website, you open the door to anyone who has a slight interest in taking up your services or the products you have to offer. The power of data is remarkable; when you have data at your disposal your business drives success like never before. Saffron Edge is a New Jersey-based leading Digital Marketing Analytics Agency that employs a data-driven approach to help businesses make strategic decisions to maximize their profits. Our digital marketing strategies have been designed using the leading industry practices, consumer trends, and years of expertise.

We aren’t afraid to pursue multiple experiments that can help us optimize and improve the results. We help our clients grow their base grows organically and build brand advocacy. Let’s achieve tangible business outcomes and deliver superior digital experiences to your customers. Our experts understand the future of eCommerce; that is why we rely on progressive ROI-focused strategies for our clients. End-To-End digital solutions that lead the digital change! We create 'Impactful, People-First, & Goal-Driven Digital Marketing'. We offer end-to-end digital solutions that lead the digital change! We craft human connections using data analytics and strategic market research; it helps us deliver solutions that increase your enterprise value!

Direct-to-consumer brands have to tackle increasing market competition, the need for personalization, and evolving consumer habits. With Saffron Edge's data-driven eCommerce strategies, your DTC business can break through the noise. Establish a deep connection with your consumers and increase your sales!