Video Creation SaaS Company: 10K Organic Traffic Growth in 6 Months!

Case Study

About Client

Our client is a video creation platform that helps content marketers or anyone who wants to convert long form content like e-books, blogs, demos, webinars into short form video format. They have been in business for over 4 years and are trusted by over 1000+ marketing professionals across the United States.

Business Challenges:

  • Lack of conversions: The pages were high on impressions but low on clicks (reaching upto 12k/keyword on an average).
  • Bad user experience led to dropouts before signing up for demo requests. 
  • Stagnant traffic despite adding new content pieces.


  • On-Page & Technical SEO
  • Semantic SEO 
  • Content Marketing

Our Solutions:

Technical SEO Audit

To analyze the website rankings, our team did a thorough SEO audit, in the month of July, 2023, using Screaming Frog and Ahrefs revealed many issues around sitemap, broken links, page speed, and indexing. All the rectifications were done by the SEO team which helped in better page speed optimization, Google rankings, and user experience.

On-Page SEO 

The meta titles and descriptions were optimized. Interlinking was done so as to get the link juice to the desired pillar page/s in the clusters. This helped in getting visitors with higher search intent to our product pages.

Semantic SEO Integration

We leveraged semantic SEO techniques to enhance content relevance and semantic keyword incorporation, ensuring comprehensive user intent addressing and diversified keyword targeting 

Content Refresh & Optimization

Content pages were revamped with high search intent keywords and content. Aggressive influx of blogs around the clusters helped in getting the client’s website in the page 1 of Google Search Engine Results.

Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques

Created CTA buttons with a hook to entice the visitor into giving us MQLs. Product pages were given pop-up banners to remind the user to sign up.


Transactional Keywords Page 1

Organic Traffic Growth

Increase in Conversion Rates for organic traffic

case study

By the end of 6 months in December, 2023, our efforts in getting the 325 transactional keywords to Page 1 significantly contributed to our substantial organic traffic growth of 12K. This improvement showcases our diversified and strengthened online presence. Moreover, our enhanced visibility as well as successful CRO techniques led to a notable 25% increase in conversion rates for organic traffic. This helped convert more leads for the business while growing more visitors throughout the campaign.