How an AI Tech Brand Saw a 229% Hike in Their Organic Traffic


The brand we are covering here today is a video marketing toolkit that converts long-form content into short, branded videos without technical skills. It also offers video marketing resources like masterclasses, case studies, and a help center.

The Challenge

Low Organic Traffic and low leads

In the year 2022, the client had an organic traffic of 16k which needed to be increased with SEO tactics. The client lacked a keyword strategy that could help the brand to have all its important pages be ranked high on the Google Search Engine Page Results (SERPs). This meant the brand wasn’t getting as many leads as they deserved with this organic traffic.

Lack of Website Optimization

The website’s homepage took more than 2.5s to load with the major elements. Also, the service pages needed content and design optimization to get more clicks on the SERPs, even after giving strong impressions.

Ineffective Content Strategy

The content was not enough to educate the users. There was a need of having a tutorial section which could help the users to understand the product. More content needed to be added in the product pages.

The Solution

Keywords Research

Google Keyword Planner was used to generate long-tail relevant keywords for the SERPs. The meta description and meta titles were revamped to be more credible to make the results more clickable. On page SEO tactics involved interlinking and outreach as well because of the category.

Effective Content Marketing

The number of on-page blogs increased to 10 per month with interlinking. New video tutorials were added with instructions of using the product. Same was done on social media platforms as well.

Website Structure Optimization

The website’s homepage was revamped with not-so-high-resolution videos to increase the speed. The design layout was made more legible and appealing with more category-specific imagery. A competition analysis helped in revamping the content to be used for the audience.

Link building strategy

For the year 2023, we drove the traffic from off page activities as well. Top listing sites with a Domain Authority(DA) of minimum were targeted for deriving back links to our website. Press releases were used to generate more traction. We were able to achieve a DA of 35 from 18.

The Results

With the combination of on page and off page hacks, we were able to increase the organic traffic to 55K, i.e, an increase of 229%.

  • +229% Increase in organic traffic
  • 57.9K Generated organic traffic
  • 35 Domain Authority