What Is Lead Generation SEO And Why Do You Need It?

Lead generation SEO is simply using the power of SEO to generate a lot of leads for your business or personal website. Google usually answers around 3.5 billion queries in a day and out of them, a lot are made by searchers searching for the exact services you provide. But you need to rank yourself on the first page of Google to gain some exposure from the giant search engine. And that is what Lead Generation SEO is all about – getting a prominent rank on Google which will help your website attract a lot of traffic and eventually convert them into leads and sales.

The amount of leads your business generates online is directly related to its search engine rankings. So, it makes sense to get on top of Google to get a ton of leads. But it’s not that easy. Getting on top of Google in itself is hard and there is no surety that you’ll even reach the first page of Google.

And that is where our SEO expertise comes in. We are well aware of all the factors that make your search engine rankings tick and can easily help you optimize every aspect of your website to make it rank prominently on Google. From quality link-building to re-writing all the content on your website, we offer a complete suite of services that can help you ace your SEO game, generate a lot of new leads for your business and grow your bottom line.

Some of our core processes for Lead Generation SEO

Lead generation SEO makes use of 2 fundamentally different techniques to gain the right kind of exposure for your business – Organic SEO and Paid SEO/SEM.

The Organic way

Audience Intelligence

SEO Audit

Going through your current SEO scenario helps us devise a perfect lead generation SEO plan for your business. We take a look at your existing backlink profile, website content, targeted keywords and align it with your business audience to make sure your website is optimized and is attracting the right people who are most likely to convert. Our SEO audit is designed to detect everything on your website that is putting you in the bad books of Google.

Custom Whitelisting-1

Website Analysis

Google takes the user experience of a website very seriously and usually downranks websites which provide a sub-par user experience. To make sure your website is designed keeping SEO In mind, we check your website’s loading speed, mobile responsiveness, navigational structure, meta-structure, sitemaps, and every other thing that can help us in increasing its search engine performance.

Ad Creation

Keyword Research

Keyword research is still at the crux of gaining a lot of leads with the help of SEO. Our SEO experts will help you find the most appropriate keywords in your industry which will help you attract the right kind of traffic and convert them into leads. We possess the required knowledge to use industry-leading keyword research tools and find out the best keywords to target for your business.

Sharp Targeting

Content Generation

Based on keyword research, our team of content writers can help you wrap all your website content around keywords for increased search engine exposure and traffic. We can also help you generate premium content like ebooks, white papers etc to help your audience easily convert into leads and complete their buyer journey.

Ad Optimization

Blog Creation

Pushing in-depth, informative blog posts regularly that directly addresses the pain-points of your audience can marginally increase the SEO potential of your website. If you haven’t incorporated a blog yet into your website, we can help you do it and will also take care of churning out quality blogs for your business that will assert you as an authority in your industry, both in the eyes of Google and your audience.

Omni channel Advertisements

Omni-channel Advertisements

Our programmatic experts are well aware of the importance of creating omnichannel experiences. We create accurate content for native, cross-platform, social, and video platforms. We target all the prominent digital mediums to ensure that your programmatic ads reach the right audience, on the right platform, at the right time.

Google Analytics Integration

Content Marketing

Marketing your blog posts on various industry leading blogs, social bookmarking websites, social media and other blogging directories can earn you valuable backlinks for your content which can help it rank better on search engines and increase traffic. Our marketers will take care of marketing your content on high-authority websites and partner up with your industry influencers to get a myriad of leads for your business.

Remarketing Strategy

Link Building

Talking about backlinks, Google considers the number of backlinks a website has as the number one factor that affects its rankings. More the backlinks a blog or website has, higher will be its ranking on Google. Our marketers actively make use of Guest Posting, Press Releases, content outreach, social media marketing and other white-hat tactics to earn valuable backlinks for your website.

Real-time Bidding

Social Media Marketing

The more social media signals you can generate for your business, higher will be it’s probability to rank high in Google. Moreover, having an active presence on the social media platforms where your audience already is will only help you increase the exposure for your business and generate a lot of backlinks with the help of social sharing. Our social media marketers can help you engage your audience on your preferred social media platform.

conversions optimization

Local SEO

Optimizing your website for local SEO is completely different from how you’ll normally optimize it for SEO. It involves targeting local keywords, getting listed on local directories, staying on top of your ‘Google My Business’ profile and gathering a lot of positive reviews about your business. Let us take care of everything involved with Local SEO to attract local searchers searching for your services near you.

display campaigns


More than 90% of users search the web to check for reviews a business has received over time before making the final purchase from them. And Google keeps a close eye on each review a business gets on the web to determine its search engine rankings. The best-reviewed businesses are more likely to reach the top on Google, more often than not. Our ORM experts can help you streamline this important aspect of SEO as well.

Audience Intelligence

Conversion Optimization

Just getting myriad of traffic with the help of SEO on your website is not enough. If the users who stumble on your website are bouncing as soon as they land on it, you are in trouble. Your current SEO rankings can dip because of high bounce rates. So, it makes sense to do everything you can to make them convert right then and there. Our conversion specialists can help you tweak your website in a way that will foster conversions and grow your bottom line.

The Paid way

Audience Intelligence

Search Ads

Get that top spot of Google with the help of search ads. Our adwords managers will help you set up a perfect paid search campaign that will help you get targeted leads for your business in a jiffy. We will take care of finding the best keywords to target, the bidding process, writing a compelling ad-copy and building landing pages that make users convert to make your search advertising campaign a success.

Custom Whitelisting-1

Display Ads

Google Adwords lets you run display advertisements on the platforms where your audience usually hangs out online. Our adwords managers can help you find those platforms and will create a stunning display advertisement for your business with the right content-copy mix that will make users click on it like crazy.

Ad Creation

Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are just like search ads but for products. It is a lucrative tool to showcase the best of your products at the top of Google and make people interested in what you have to offer before your competitors. If you run an ecommerce store, then you should definitely invest in Google Shopping Campaigns. Our Adwords experts can help you deploy a perfect shopping ad campaign for your business!

Sharp Targeting

Remarketing Campaigns

Ever saw an ad that followed you around doesn’t matter which website you were visiting? That’s what remarketing is all about. When it comes to generating targeted leads, remarketing is one of the best paid tactics one can use. In remarketing campaigns, you target a specific set of your audience which has already visited your website and give them something of value so that they move further down the conversion funnel. We can help you with that as well!

Ad Optimization

Landing Page Optimization

When it comes to making use of paid SEO tactics, optimizing your landing pages and making them conversion ready is important. All your paid marketing efforts will fail to generate targeted leads for your business if your landing page is sub-par. Our adwords managers will do the required A/B and multivariate landing page testing to make sure you get the best possible ROI from your advertising spend.

Why you should work with us

  • Proactive Management

Our SEO experts stay proactive and always keep an eye on all your SEO campaigns to make sure they are performing optimally and are quick to act on shortcomings to make sure your ROI doesn’t take a hit.

  • Certified Google Partner

Being a certified Google Partner, all our SEO experts possess the required competency and expertise to turn every organic or paid SEO campaign into an absolute success for your business.

  • Digital Marketing Partner

We are not just a team of SEO and adwords experts, we are a big team of creative designers and writers, experienced marketers and expert developers that can completely transform your digital identity for the better.

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