Does Marketing Automation Help Your Business In Enhancing The Efficiency?


Jul 14, 2021


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Marketing has always been the stepping stone for any business and has maneuvered as the guiding path for better sales and revenues. This process of promoting a product or service rendered by a business firm includes advertisements, customer engagement, product delivery, and retention of customers. Add technology to this process, and you get marketing automation, a newer and efficient way out indeed. 

Speaking of marketing automation, it is a method that allows you to apply software and online tools to advertise and boost your business’ marketing procedurally. In 2021, the market for Digital Marketing Software in the United States Of America equals $20.8 Billion! There has been an exponential growth in the demand for cloud computing platforms, due to which there shall be rapid growth in marketing automation solutions.

As it makes the tasks of your marketing team lighter and lessens the burden of repetitive actions, marketing automation is quite beneficial for your firm’s productivity growth and faster sales. 70% of marketers confess that utilizing marketing automation has improved their accuracy in generating targeted messages to customers. Many business leaders say that the most significant benefit of implementing marketing automation is saving more time. It has helped them in increasing their revenue, leads, and customer retention. 

To reduce the cost of manually targeting the right customer, many business firms undertake marketing automation as a consistent solution to nurture the right customer at the right time. Marketing Automation is rising, especially in sectors like healthcare, education, advertising, design, etc.

The Global Marketing Automation Software Market is set to rise to $7.63 billion by 2025. Any person that runs a business knows how marketing chores could get troublesome and time-taking. And because of this, they feel much more secure and convenient in transferring them onto technology-reliant and data-driven resources that positively affect business efficiency.

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As per a survey by Ascend2, 64% of the respondents say that marketing automation has enabled them to create successful marketing strategies. Another study by Invespcro shows that 91% of respondents consider marketing automation an essential part of their marketing success. According to well-known marketers and experts, the modern-day customer may expect more than just buying a product or service from your business. Statistics show that mere working on the basics wouldn’t help your business sustain for long.

Marketing automation plays an imperative role in understanding your customers and their expectations from your business- what products they need, at what time, and via which channel. Being one of the fastest industries currently, the marketing function of a business firm enables you to ensconce yourself in the backseat while it continues to simplify routine operations.

Ways To Increase Business Efficiency Via Marketing Automation 

With each passing day, the responsibilities of a marketing department increase with uncertainty. Fortunately, they’ve got the support of marketing automation tools that ease the multi-tasking and make marketing things happen in much less time. And if your business relies on these tools, this means you are in for a mechanized support structure to address your marketing needs and contribute more to your business operations. Further, here are a few ways that determine how it affects the efficiency of your business – 

1. Time-saving Solution

The word “automation” in marketing automation defines the process as a smooth and time-effective step that finishes off the marketing actions in minutes, which used to take much more time than this. If we consider advertising on social media, marketing automation has enormously contributed to it- scheduling live calls, posting product pictures, and enriching customers with detailed information about the brand.
It will be an abash if you go wrong in not considering marketing automation as a crucial breaking point for increasing your business efficiency. For instance, think of manually monitoring customer’s reviews on your brand’s product. While most businesses take the long route to access this information, your firm can make a smart move and examine this information with the help of automation tools and online resources. 

2. Streamlining Business Working 

Manually recording the marketing statistics such as customer viewing rate, lead generation, on-page time spent, and activities can seem like something you would refrain from. However, with the help of marketing automation, you can simplify and streamline your marketing operations with utmost precision. In addition, it will present a big picture of your business goals to the marketing department so they can integrate all actions with the help of high-end technology and leave no stone unturned.

As far as your core business operations are concerned, they too can be well monitored via marketing automation tools. It means it is a plain sailing yet productive system for your business to enhance operational efficiency while your marketing department can keep track of it.  

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3. Increased In Marketing Channels

With the introduction of the latest software technology, a fair amount of marketing channels have been opened for your business. Marketing automation enables you to reach out to your present customers and potential matches via different sources and stages of the customer journey, starting when they land on your website.

How it works- very simple. The marketing department of your business firm will be able to connect with the customers via email, phone calls, text messages on social media platforms, or tweet with a customized response. These points somehow ensure that the workload of the marketers is reduced, and they can focus better on creative ideas for your business, leaving the technology to take charge of the rest. 

4. Efficiently Retaining Customers

If you consider the cost of acquiring a customer by lead generation and nurturing, you’ll find that it is way more expensive than retaining a present customer. Here comes a significant benefit of marketing automation that aids your customer retention by retargeting actions and effectively addressing their concerns related to product expectations, ease in the purchasing journey for better brand performance.

One can achieve customer retention by providing exceptional customer service to your loyal customers and setting a benchmark for your service quality. Research studies show that an individual shall remain a loyal customer if the business timely meets their expectations. You can include chatbots, online self-help tools to ensure that the customer doesn’t have to experience a long waiting time, as this could easily result in committing to another brand. 


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5. Measure Your Campaign Effectiveness

Analyzing the success of your marketing campaigns would seem like an achievable feat if you skillfully apply a marketing automation system. The automated tools that your business will use can transform your marketing campaigns more responsive, decipherable, and sympathetic to your customer base. You cannot apply extensive research skills to all your marketing concerns, so marketing automation aids the analysis of the data to present intricate details about campaign success. 

Convinced to invest in marketing automation

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