Growth Marketing Campaign for an Organic Food Manufacturer that Generated 7.3x ROI


Our eCommerce client approached our marketers to discover their brand’s digital potential and consulted on a comprehensive 360-degree growth plan to sell more across the global organic food retail sector.

The Client

Our client comes from an Indian rural background and is well-equipped with operating the production and manufacturing of natural farm products. Their in-house team has a decent level of experience in retail; however, their existing website cannot generate decent revenue.

A partly optimized Amazon store and a low social media presence are significant reasons they cannot fetch good returns. Hence, they need a set of powerful growth strategies across multiple digital channels. They needed to revolutionize their DTC eCommerce branding; pulling the plug into the correct socket could help them connect with their targeted audiences.

“Our eCommerce brand had everything from organic product certifications to the skill of traditional farming. However, our brand was dissatisfied with an unqualified success! Saffron Edge was the only missing element in our business as their branding and market penetration tactics helped us gain a 7.3x ROI within the first two months. Working with Saffron was a humbling experience! “

– Satyajit Hange (CMO, Organic farming brand)

The Challenge

Progressive DTC Strategy For eCommerce Growth

We began curating marketplace optimization tactics that amplified their eCommerce brand identity. Our marketplace optimization includes Keyword and Ad-copy creation, Basic Information and background verification, Amazon Store Re-creation, Category optimization, A/B Testing, etc.

From Functional To Financial Efficacy Of Funnel Marketing

Our full-funnel marketing strategies include well-tailored marketing messages for various buyer journeys. Our focus was not just sales; we focused on a 360-degree approach to nurture customer relationships and build a positive brand experience.

Branding Combined With eCommerce Marketing

To enhance our client’s growth, our team analyzed comprehensive datasets. It helped our marketers to curate CRO optimization and targeted PPC strategies. We also worked on SEO marketing to drive organic leads and conversions.

  • Marketplace optimization
  • Adopted Funnel marketing
  • CRM Enhancement
  • CRO Optimization

The Results

With a total market spend of $17.8K, we generated:


In sales from paid marketing channels.


In sales from organic campaigns.

ROI of 7.3x

In 2 months, with better product visibility and a digital face-uplift.


Achieving a prominent position in the consumer market is challenging as the organic food industry is very competitive in our client’s case! Emerging as a leading eCommerce brand in such business scenarios demands extensive eCommerce branding and growth marketing knowledge. Our marketers curated a comprehensive brand strategy that allowed our client to witness growth like never before. If you are looking for a similar kind of success, get in touch with our experts and see how we can help your DTC business