Everything You Need To Know About Small Businesses Benefiting From Marketing Automation Tools


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Jul 21, 2021


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Marketing is the blood of business- it decides how your customers react to your offered products and services, how long your business can survive, and what your customers expect from you. Whether you invest in a high-profile marketing campaign or sell out adverts in the local newspapers, marketing functions can apply in many ways for a small or a large-scale business. Moreover, with the introduction of technology into the business world, marketing tools have become wide open for you to secure and enhance the ever-growing relationship with your existing and prospective customers. Digital marketing has turned out to be a critical part of modern consumerism. businesses-benefiting-from-marketing-automation

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There is a rather beneficial concept for your business when we speak of technology, known as marketing automation. It significantly focuses on implementing technology and automation to function the marketing activities of your business. Digital media is booming! According to a recent survey, 77% of the CMOS say that they have experienced a massive rise in digital engagement. The same report also states that one in every five businesses drives 30-40% sales through the digital medium. For a small business, marketing automation is an essential aspect in enhancing the relevance of its customer base and transforming itself into a demand-specific entity. Marketing automation is a way to positively affect your sales and bring realistic campaigns with the help of online tools and high-tech marketing software. As it allows your business to be omnipresent at various channels, the purpose of targeting the right audience at the right time with the right products is achieved by marketing automation. As per the reports published on Business Insider, 59% of CMOs have infused marketing automation tools in their business. 20% of CMOs have said that they'll adopt them soon. The rest of the 11% CMOs shall adopt automation tools by end of this year. Ecommerce-Web-Development

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Reasons Marketing Automation Is Imperative For Small-scale Businesses

Per Salesforce's State Of Marketing Report, around 67% of marketing leaders are incredibly dependent on marketing automation. Almost 82% of the marketers agree that marketing automation has offered them a positive return on investment (ROI). Although every business has a different and unique strategy to handle its marketing functions, the automation tools are pretty helpful for small businesses to boost their return on investments, especially when they require it the most. Here are a few other reasons to justify that - 
  1. Compounding Customer Data Under One Head - Managing the vital information of your customer base is quite a task. When it comes to compiling that information for report analysis, nothing better than marketing automation tools can ease the process for you. With the latest software, you can overview the data of your entire business' customer base in a single view, which makes it easy for you to prepare detailed data reports. Moreover, marketing automation provides your business with a wide array of opportunities to study customer engagement and activity over your platform. By acquiring such user-driven information, you can get to the bottom of a customer's mind and what type of by-product interests them.
  2. ROI Is The Real Deal - For every business, time and money are two crucial components that aim to save the most with the way they function their business operations. By making the most of marketing automation, your business can spend less time and effort on routine marketing chores that are repetitive and can be monitored via tech tools. It also minimizes several operational costs. It allows you to focus better on your business's core operations and contribute substantially to sales. 
  3. Consolidate Sales and Marketing Functions - When you start applying marketing automation tips to solidify your business operations, it becomes easy for your sales and marketing departments to work as one team towards the growth of your business. For instance, once the marketing team puts forward marketing automation strategies to generate quality leads, the sales team must pitch product or service sales to those leads. Also, lead generation attains lead score; sales pitch becomes much easier as the sales team understands lead prioritization. 
  4. Fulfilling Customer Expectations - With the customers' ever-growing expectations, your business must live up to them. One of the prime expectations of every customer is efficient communication- getting an immediate response for a product query is what they look forward to. And marketing automation, email communication, chatbots, and autoresponder tools can help nurture the lead and keep it engaged. Because customers now can switch to your business rivals any minute, marketing automation enables you to focus on customer service, which is crucial in these times.

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Four Ways To Reap Advantages From Marketing Automation 

By deploying technology in fulfilling your marketing solutions, here are a few benefits that you can provide your business - 
  • Automated Greeting Program - Most customers subscribe to the email newsletter of a business firm, and it then establishes a buyer-consumer relationship. For creating a lasting connection, your business must ensure a welcome program. It could include a simple email informing the customer about the brand's products/services and gaining details about its expectations from the brand. You can accomplish that with a welcome program that could introduce surveys about customer interests and basis the data. Your business can proceed with customized services and communication with the customer. Having that said, marketing automation can effectively act upon these programs, and with the help of data-driven tools, your initial greeting service can become a huge success.
  • Retention Of Loyal Customers - As marketing automation offers retention cues to your business in the form of transforming leads from abandoned carts or while they're on your website, it can be concluded as a critical element in increasing business profits. Increasing the rate of customer retention and lead generation can trigger the sales of any business. Along with that, marketing automation aims at communicating with your customers with product-relevant messaging strategies that can encourage customer engagement.
  • Personalization - According to Gartner, 63% of digital marketing leaders are struggling to provide personalized experiences to their consumers. Customers do not like to be considered merely as a headcount; they expect personalized recognition. Therefore, marketing automation provides you numerous ways to categorize priority customers based on their purchase and interests profiles to better target them with what they aspire to. Once a customer's profile is created with the help of automated software, your business can stay updated with the customers' needs and plan its marketing actions basis the reports. It also lessens the burden off your marketing team's shoulders as they are not confined to research and analyze such an awful lot of information. 84% of digital marketing leaders say that AI/ML tools can elevate their marketing abilities by allowing them to deliver real-time, personalized experiences.
  • Optimize Marketing Actions - Finally, one ideal way that marketing automation helps a small business is to provide quite a few opportunities to your business to alter and amend brand communications, email types, and marketing memorandums, depending upon the customer type. Instead of manually updating every bit of information, your business can optimize content and execute only the updated viewpoint effectively. 
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