How Strategic Digital Marketing Garnered a 12x Increase in ROI for this Business

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“Outcast sought a new agency partner due to unsatisfactory results in the past. We found Saffron on Clutch and were impressed by their success stories. Saffron has helped us scale our marketing, business, and campaigns. We are grateful for Saffron’s research, manpower, and effort in unlocking a campaign’s true potential.”

-Mayank, Director, Outcast

Outcast approached Saffron Edge in July of 2022 after trying out other agencies unsuccessfully. They wanted to increase their fiscal performance, brand awareness, and target audience.

The Client

Outcast: A One-Stop-Destination for the ‘Different’
Industry: Fashion

Outcast sells chic-style clothing for women at affordable prices with anti-shrink and anti-microbial properties. They promote a lifestyle, not just clothing, with a focus on fashion, quality, and affordability.

The Challenge

Low Sales and Limited Revenue Generation

Outcast had underperforming sales. Earlier, the sales were around INR 1,97,000. Past digital marketing efforts were ineffective. Needed effective marketing campaigns to target right and reach the expected conversion rate.

Sales Graph

Non-Existent Presence

Outcast had a weak website where the products didn’t have attractive listing images and website banners were not able to make the users navigate to the campaign-related products.

The Solution

Targeting the right audience

Saffron Edge revamped the marketing strategy by foremostly creating personas for the brand that ranged from teenagers to college-goers. One exceptional segment that was targeted was the transgenders, and it did have a great impact.

Performance Marketing and Ad Spend

Since our target audience is young, Outcast was able to direct their resources to Facebook and Instagram marketing. Using CM Commerce and Wigzo, Whatsapp marketing was implemented.

SEO Optimization

The website was entirely revamped and optimized. The interlinking and backlinking were worked upon as well. Worked on local SEO as well, where our digital experts targeted Mumbai, where they got a good amount of business from.

Customer Retention

A funnel was created for audience segmentation with segregation at 30 days, 20 days, and 15 days. Frequent visitors were retargeted with discount coupons which helped their conversion rates.The Results

Sales orders increased by 356%

In just 6 months, the number of orders being placed by customers increased from 1078 to 4913. That was a massive shift for the brand, which was fairly new to the market.

Sales Increased Results

Total Revenue increased 12X

Their sales increased from INR 1,97,000 in June to INR 4,77,000 in July and finally to INR 27,64,000 in December.

Revenue Increased Results

Total Sales Result

An increase of 81% in new visitors.

New Visitors Increase Results


Saffron helped Outcast unlock its untapped potential, resulting in a 12X increase in ROI and a sustainable business model. If you’re looking to achieve similar success for your business, contact us today to uncover your full potential.