61% Growth in New Users through Brand Marketing!

Organic Traffic

The Client

The client provides computer, phone & tablet repair services by expert technicians. They also provide In-Home Tech Services and Small Business IT Support. From diagnosis of the problem to the completion of the job they create a highly efficient, interactive interface for their client, making sure to update them on all proceedings.

The Challenge

The client plans on expanding their business horizon of Tech services and IT support, to larger customers. But are facing difficulties due to the competition. Website traffic growth are one of their main concerns. Which we planned to resolve with strategic marketing techniques.

The Solution

Based on our assessment of the website, we realized that they were struggling to gain traffic and were concerned with the amount of interaction the users had with the website, which was leading to the bounce rate increasing.

Our team did comprehensive market research and identified search trends based on their customer demography and behavior, to identify the best keywords that would transform and enhance their reach.

The content marketing team aggressively worked towards promoting their content to ensure better visibility and qualified traffic

Our team worked on better strategies to increase the conversion rate of the website, by optimising and customising the website.

A revamp of their site structure was done to achieve higher Search Engine Ranking, which would help them acquire higher visibility.

The site was optimized for all major devices: mobile, desktop, and tablets to channel in maximum traffic.

With special emphasis on new customer acquisition, we conducted an aggressive brand marketing campaign across all social media and blogging channels that helped generate tremendous impressions across Florida, US.

The Results

  • In 4 Months we were able to increase the organic traffic by 60.95%.
  • Through our strategic link building campaign we were able to increase new users by 61%.