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Why you need Paid Marketing Services

In this extremely competitive online realm, where every business is trying to outshine their competitors, it becomes imperative to take the right marketing steps.

Paid Marketing helps you to generate a faster ROI for most industry verticals. Paid advertisement covers a wide variety of digital advertising, such as social media, Adwords, media buying, etc. All these avenues come together to improve your brand’s visibility and conversion.

It’s common knowledge that organic search campaigns take quite some time to start generating valuable results. Paid marketing helps complement organic searches by generating faster results, and enhancing your brand visibility more quickly across multiple platforms that help you capitalize on your returns.

Our team of paid marketing experts assist you in driving dynamic paid marketing campaigns all across the social and search spectrum.

Our Paid Marketing Services

When it comes to paid management services, we have categorized our services for your convenience into the following:

Google Shopping Ads Service

Google Shopping Ads Service

If you have an ecommerce business, Google Shopping Ads should be your go-to service for generating ad traffic. We showcase your products on Google search feeds that help with higher visibility and faster conversions.



We offer extensive remarketing campaigns that help target your prospect customers on the fly. We analyze their online interactions, interests, and behaviors to create customized ads that resonate with their taste and preferences, thereby increasing their chances of conversion.

Why You Should Work With Us

Certified Google Partners

Certified Google Partners

With over 10 years of experience, our team of specialists are fully certified in Google Adwords and have an in-depth understanding of advertising. We can skillfully execute any type of PPC campaign, ranging from text and display ads to complex shopping and video ad campaigns across multiple platforms.

Certified Google Partners


Having worked with over 1500+ projects over the past decade, our team has deep knowledge and professional experience of working with a wide range of businesses and industries. With this amount of exposure, we have successfully overcome a variety of challenges and delivered positive results to all our clients.

Certified Google Partners

Market Understanding

With over 80% of our clientele based in the United States, we have a thorough understanding of various businesses in and across the country. This enables us to produce strong results despite such a vast business scale. Be it dentistry, ecommerce, legal or any other service-based business, we know the nuances, customers, trends and behavior that gives us an edge while creating comprehensive paid campaigns.

Certified Google Partners

Smart Strategies

Anyone can start producing varied amounts of returns on ads with basic understanding. What makes us different is that we not only create campaigns that convert, but also help reduce your ad budget over time while maintaining (and possibly even growing) your returns.

Certified Google Partners

Competitive Pricing

We understand that investing in PPC services requires some serious monthly investment. You not only have to invest a significant amount of fixed budget to ensure success of the campaign, but also need to pay management and setup fees to agencies running the campaign for you. This is why we keep a very flexible and competitive pricing model that is customized as per your business needs so you don’t have to break a sweat.

Here are of our results

AA Action Waterproofing
Keyword Ranking Improved
Organic Traffic Increased
Revenue Increased


  • I had heard of ppc being effective for big enterprises. But seeing Saffron Edge’s results on my local waterproofing service website, really blew my mind. I had never seen my conversions improve so quickly.


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