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Get the Most out of Your Paid Advertisements Online With Programmatic Services

Are you struggling with the ad buying process? Saffron Edge’s programmatic services will help you master programmatic ad buying and improve the reach of your digital marketing campaigns. Programmatic marketing is the latest digital marketing strategy that allows real-time bidding of online ad spaces. Our programmatic experts combine superior audience intelligence, platform and user targeting methodologies and effective audio and visual content to curate a customized programmatic campaign that delivers actual results.

  • Programmatic services company with 10+ years of industry experience
  • Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certified partner
  • Member of Nasscom, Clutch and STPI
  • Awarded the Best Digital Marketing Company of 2019

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Boost the performance of your paid ads with the best programmatic services

Audience Intelligence

Audience Intelligence

Audience intelligence is crucial to develop highly targeted digital advertising campaigns. Our programmatic experts use first, second and third-hand data to create buyer personas and identify the demands and preferences of your target audience. We collect relevant data from Data management platforms as well as use our in-house analytics tools to collect accurate data about your audience, their online habits, content consumption and their requirements.

Custom Whitelisting-1

Custom Whitelisting

Based on your business objectives, online presence, brand image and target audience, we identify the right platforms that help you to reach out to potential customers. We manually whitelist the URLs and platforms that help in connecting with the new audience, who are already looking for your products and services. We actively use Google Marketing Platform, Google AD Manager and Appnexus to locate and target the most promising advertising opportunities on the web.

Ad Creation

Ad Creation

The programmatic experts at Saffron Edge specialize in creating click-worthy ads with the optimum use of text and visuals. All our ads are created to engage with your target audience and lookalike audience and convert them into customers. Our ad creators develop a number of ad formats and sizes that are sure to connect with the audience and provide measurable results.

Sharp Targeting

Sharp Targeting

For online advertisements to be effective, it is critical to ensure that they are displayed before the right kind of people on their preferred platforms. The best programmatic services professionals from Saffron Edge, identify the right audience based on their demographics, age, gender, online behavioural patterns, education level, content consumption patterns, and other important attributes. We then create laser-targeted advertisements to connect and convert them.

Ad Optimization

Ad Optimization

Our bidders regularly track and monitor all your programmatic ad campaigns. They identify the underperforming areas of the campaign and take steps to optimize them for optimum results. We leave no stone unturned to ensure all your programmatic campaigns offer maximum ROI. We further identify the best performing ads and optimize them to improve their effectiveness.

Omni channel Advertisements

Omni-channel Advertisements

Our programmatic experts are well aware of the importance of creating omnichannel experiences. We create accurate content for native, cross-platform, social, and video platforms. We target all the prominent digital mediums to ensure that your programmatic ads reach the right audience, on the right platform, at the right time.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics Integration

We integrate your programmatic campaign with Google Analytics platform and track the performance of each campaign. We ensure that each of your ads reaches to the target audience at the correct time and improves your online brand visibility. We take every action to ensure that every penny you spend on our programmatic services is put to good use.

Remarketing Strategy

Remarketing Strategy

We also provide remarketing services through our programmatic ads. We identify the customers, who did not convert and re-engage them with effective remarketing campaigns. Our highly-targeted remarketing campaigns will help you to convert more customers and increase sales.

Real-time Bidding

Real-time Bidding

Our expert bidders identify the best DSPs on the web, based on parameters such as security, precision and analytics. We also use Google Ad Manager, Google Marketing Platform and Appnexus to identify the best platforms for your marketing ads and conduct real-time bidding.

Hire a Professional Programmatic Services Company to Increase the ROI of Your Paid Advertisements

Saffron Edge is a popular programmatic services agency in NJ. Our programmatic experts can identify the right audience through advanced audience intelligence, whitelist the best platforms to display your advertisements and create click-worthy ad campaigns with spot-on content and visuals. You can leave the complicated process to our experienced professionals and focus on other strategic areas of your business.

More than a decade of working experience in the US market has given our teams a detailed insight into the digital marketing landscape. We have offices in Fairfield, New Jersey, and across America. We have helped law firms in America and across the globe gain leads and improve sales through our comprehensive programmatic services .


  • Advanced ad placement black

    Advanced ad placement

  • Strategic ad testing

    Strategic ad testing

  • Real time monitoring

    Real-time monitoring

  • Ad creation and optimization

    Ad creation and optimization

  • Omnichannel solutions

    Omnichannel solutions

Consult a Reputed NJ Programmatic Services Company to Maximize Conversions

Benefit from the scientific and streamlined approach of Saffron Edge and ensure that your paid advertisements reach the right audience at the precise time.  

  • Maximize the potential of your paid ads with higher ad control
  • Create highly-personalized ads that cater to your specific audience
  • Save money through extra precision offered by programmatic services
  • Save time and improve efficiency with automated real-time tracking
  • Reach a higher number of interested customers
  • Track performance and optimize your paid ads to increase conversions
  • Safer and transparent advertisement ecosystem
  • Benefit from the omnichannel approach
  • Easy access to reports through dashboards

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Consistently maintaining quality campaigns

Consistently maintaining quality campaigns

Once you approve the social media strategy. We’ll start executing it. Once social media campaigns are live, it will be our responsibility to maintain them regularly and keep optimizing it...

Review and Research – 12

Review and Research – 12

At Saffron Edge, we strongly believe in the power of data. We conduct a thorough review and research of your business, website, audience, and competitors. We review the current status...

Locate The Best Prospects

Locate The Best Prospects

In any case, we distinguish the best possibilities that can get attain the maximum possible traffic for your site. We make sure to get content displayed on the perfect platforms...

Defining LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Defining LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Without a well-devised marketing plan, you won't see results. Thus, creating a strategy that fits your current social media landscape is imperative to your business success. Considering the fact, our...

Team Screening

Team Screening

Once you approach us to hire dedicated resources, we review and analyze your business requirements. We screen our team members and choose the ones that suit your project requirements.

Strategy Formulation and Execution

Our highly dedicated team of social media advertisers and digital marketing specialists will develop a clear social media advertising strategy. We take you into confidence and discuss the expected budget,...

Reasons to Hire Programmatic Services At Saffron Edge – Increased ROI

Programmatic advertising services from Saffron Edge help to improve efficiency and reduce the costs of digital advertising . Our experts help to create appropriate content for the target audience and display it on the right platforms across the web. Our comprehensive programmatic campaigns yield maximum ROI on every penny you spend.

  • Programmatic Approach Will Lead

By 2021, nearly 88% of all US digital display ad dollars will be transacted through the programmatic approach.

  • Programmatic Ad Spend Will boost

Facebook and Google will account for 63% of the programmatic ad spend.

  • Over the Top Streaming Platforms

60.1% of all T.V users in the U.S. will use over-the-top streaming platforms at least once a month by 2022.

  • Global media Ad Spend

68% of all Global digital media ad spend will be programmatic in 2020.

  • Less Number of Ad Fraud

Ad fraud losses have come down by 11% in 2019, in comparison to 2017 due to the increased transparency provided by programmatic.

  • Global Advertisers Spend

Global advertisers spend 53% of their digital video spend on programmatic.

  • Boost In Podcasts Spend

U.S. marketers spending on podcasts has risen by 53% in 2019 in comparison to $314 million in 2017.

  • Experienced Professional Are Hired

60% of advertisers prefer to work with an experienced programmatic services agency. 

  • Increased Sales and Conversions

Increase conversions and sales through programmatic spending as 90% of consumers report that online ads influence their decisions .

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Why Choose Saffron Edge Over Other Programmatic Agencies?

Experienced Bidders

Experienced Bidders

Our bidders are well versed with all the concepts of programmatic. We have been working on programmatic since its inception. Our programmatic experts can streamline your SEO, content marketing and social media with programmatic.

Omni-channel Experience

Omni-channel Experience

Saffron Edge provide omnichannel programmatic services across all digital mediums. Be it native, social, video or cross-platform, we have experience in managing programmatic ads on all digital channels.

Real-time Monitoring and Reporting

Real-time Monitoring and Reporting

Our experts monitor the performance of your digital advertising campaigns. We use Google Analytics and other monitoring tools of programmatic to track your campaigns and measure their performance. We also provide regular reports to let you know all the performance metrics of your programmatic ads.


Advanced Ad Placement

Advanced Ad Placement

Our programmatic professionals conduct thorough audience research to identify your exact audience and their preferences. We create targeted ads, identify the best platforms and display your ads at the apt time to the specific audience. We strive to maximize conversions by connecting with your exact audience on the right platforms and engaging them with effective and up-to-date content.

Effective Content and Visuals

Effective Content and Visuals

The attention span of viewers is decreasing day-by-day. It is crucial to impress the audience with spot-on content and visuals in order to convert them into your customers. Our copywriters, designers and content writers are pros at highlighting your brand in the best possible light to heighten your brand reputation.

Industry Experience

Industry Experience

We are the best NJ programmatic services company with over a decade of experience in digital marketing. We have an in-depth understanding of programmatic advertising and provide comprehensive services to our clients. Apart from real-time bidding, we provide direct programmatic campaigns that provide effective results in increasing your online visibility and customer engagement.

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frequently asked questions

What is Programmatic?

Programmatic is an advanced paid marketing on digital media. It involves automation, AI and machine learning. Programmatic allows advertisers to pinpoint the exact audience, the right platform and the best time to connect with the audience. It uses real-time bidding to buy specific audience on a platform. It helps to increase the ROI of paid advertisements campaigns by allowing marketers to identify the high performing ads and optimize them while avoiding the pitfalls of PPC.  

How is Real-Time Bidding (RTB) done?

Real-Time Bidding is the process of buying advertising space of ad exchanges. It is an automated process that takes place in a few milliseconds. It is bid on a cost per thousand impression basis. The process of RTB happens on 3 platforms namely supply-side platforms, demand-side platforms and ad exchanges. RTB helps to target a specific audience who are interested in your products/ services and increase leads and conversions. 

What are the Demand-side Platforms(DSPs)?

A demand-side platform is a place for marketers to buy ad space from ad exchanges. Google Ad Manager is a good example of DSP. Expert bidders at Saffron Edge work with google Ad manager to identify the most trustworthy and effective platforms for your business advertising.  

What are the Supply-side Platforms(SSPs)?

Supply-side platforms are used by publishers and website owners to sell the available ad space on their platforms. Google Ad Manager also has a supply-side platform for publishers.  

What is an Ad Exchange?

An ad exchange is a market space for the supplier or publishers and advertisers. An ad exchange consists of ads that can be bought or sold to the highest bidders.  

Is Programmatic Advertising expensive?

p>Programmatic is one of the most cost-effective tools for digital marketing. It helps you to save costs as you can target ultra-specific audience and stop displaying ads to the audience who are not interested in your products and services. Though programmatic advertising looks complex, the entire process is automated and takes place in a matter of milliseconds. Hiring programmatic services for an experienced programmatic services agency will ensure that you are targeting the right audience with the right content.  


Over the years, our performance marketing experts have redefined brand marketing and customer-centric experiences. We provide strategic direction to our clients for effective, scalable, and profitable outcomes. Do you want to increase your market share? Saffron Edge is here to help ambitious teams like yours, enabling you to convert your ideas to reality!

Collaborating with Saffron Edge has provided our clients with sustainable growth. They can leverage our ability to be inventive and execute campaigns at a great pace. Our team holds a high focus on accomplishing client goals.

We give your marketing plan a growth-oriented approach. We evaluate your business’s key features to curate lucrative growth plans for strategic and long-term growth.

As a DTC business, you need to tackle increasing market competition and personalization. You need to align your campaigns with the latest consumer trends. Leverage our data-driven strategies to scale aggressively.

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To unleash your growth accelerating capabilities, we rely on a process of extensive campaign optimization and cost-benefit analysis so that you drive higher conversion rates and ROI.

We launch your campaigns once we have evaluated revenue opportunities and critical growth areas. We also tweak those campaigns according to dynamic market trends and behavioral analytics.

At Saffron Edge, we offer a complete range of services that build up business value, from the initial idea & formulation of product strategy to building a prototype and testing it with users. Unleash your growth accelerating capabilities with our integrated growth marketing plan designed specifically to uplift business revenue.

The future of marketing is content that is genuinely valuable to your prospects. Saffron Edge is not just the NJ’s best content marketing agency; we are content curators, creative writers, and expert editors. We help create content that helps increase website traffic from all online marketing channels. Wondering why your digital marketing isn’t working to the full potential? Consult Saffron Edge for comprehensive business consultation services. We are a reputed business consultation agency in NJ with over a decade of experience in the industry.

Today, if you aren’t maintaining an active web presence for your business, you are losing out on a lot of potential customers. By just having a website, you open the door to anyone who has a slight interest in taking up your services or the products you have to offer. The power of data is remarkable; when you have data at your disposal your business drives success like never before. Saffron Edge is a New Jersey-based leading Digital Marketing Analytics Agency that employs a data-driven approach to help businesses make strategic decisions to maximize their profits. Our digital marketing strategies have been designed using the leading industry practices, consumer trends, and years of expertise.

We aren’t afraid to pursue multiple experiments that can help us optimize and improve the results. We help our clients grow their base grows organically and build brand advocacy. Let’s achieve tangible business outcomes and deliver superior digital experiences to your customers. Our experts understand the future of eCommerce; that is why we rely on progressive ROI-focused strategies for our clients. End-To-End digital solutions that lead the digital change! We create 'Impactful, People-First, & Goal-Driven Digital Marketing'. We offer end-to-end digital solutions that lead the digital change! We craft human connections using data analytics and strategic market research; it helps us deliver solutions that increase your enterprise value!

Direct-to-consumer brands have to tackle increasing market competition, the need for personalization, and evolving consumer habits. With Saffron Edge's data-driven eCommerce strategies, your DTC business can break through the noise. Establish a deep connection with your consumers and increase your sales!