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Companies are increasingly using social media to increase sales, but many of them find it difficult to use paid social media campaigns to their advantage. They frequently lack the skills and understanding necessary to design and manage initiatives that provide quantifiable results. If leveraged right, social media can change the face of your business.

Are you using all the tools at your disposal?

LinkedIn, which has a sizable professional network spread across 200 countries, is not only the biggest networking site but also the most effective platform for using social media marketing to raise brand awareness, connect with potential customers, and generate income.

Contrary to appearances, LinkedIn is not simply a professional cocktail party. With 65 million B2B decision-makers and 60 million senior-level executives, it’s more like a gold mine of potential customers for your company. We are seasoned prospectors who know how to move through the network and find gold using cutting-edge LinkedIn marketing techniques. Let us assist you in utilizing this gold mine to deliver the right message to the appropriate audience.

LinkedIn’s highly focused user base of B2B decision-makers and influencers is its main selling point. Nevertheless, since your company page doubles as a business card on LinkedIn, effective marketing there necessitates mastery of its particular lingo and manners.

LinkedIn content marketing techniques are a speciality of our social media consultants, and they are adept at utilizing the site to strengthen your online advertising initiatives. With the help of our services, we can lead potential clients through the whole sales process—from connection to contract—while cultivating connections with important figures in your sector.

So, our LinkedIn marketing services provide everything you need if you want to engage in the correct conversations and turn your connections into prospects.

Why is LinkedIn marketing crucial?

With over 700 million members around the world, LinkedIn is the biggest professional networking site, which makes it an essential platform for companies trying to target professionals.

More than 50% of LinkedIn members log in daily, demonstrating the site’s high level of engagement and activity. Businesses now have a huge chance to contact their intended audience with relevant and pertinent information.

Businesses may target their audience more precisely using the platform’s sophisticated targeting options by factors like job title, firm size, industry, and more. This maximizes the impact of your marketing efforts by guaranteeing that the proper audience sees your message.

The advertising choices on LinkedIn include sponsored posts, sponsored messages, and dynamic ads, all of which can be customized to achieve a variety of marketing goals, from lead generation to sales and brand exposure.

Businesses may become thought leaders in their sector and gain the respect and trust of prospective consumers and clients by producing and distributing quality content on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the perfect tool for B2B marketing since it connects companies with experts and decision-makers who are actively looking for solutions to their company’s problems. Businesses now have a rare chance to produce high-quality leads and conversions.

Why Saffron?

Saffron’s social media marketing services are made to assist companies in strengthening their digital brands and optimizing their online presence. To achieve the maximum possible reach and interaction, our skilled social strategists may collaborate with you to develop a polished and interesting LinkedIn page or organize your other social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Increased presence on search engine results pages (SERPs) is one of the main advantages of optimizing your social media marketing campaigns. This can enhance traffic to your website and lead generation. LinkedIn is a useful tool for link development as part of an all-encompassing SEO strategy because it promotes brand searches online.

At Saffron, we place a high priority on creating efficient, data-driven strategies that are suited to your business objectives. In order to continuously improve our strategy and hasten the outcomes of your inbound LinkedIn marketing, we place a heavy emphasis on analytics and measurement.

What Do We Do?


  • Enhancing your LinkedIn presence: To assist you to leave a lasting impression on potential clients, we’ll narrow down your target market and create copy for your business page.
  • Developing your network: We’ll assist you in extending your reach and expanding your B2B marketing audience by helping you connect strategically with other companies and individuals on LinkedIn.
  • Content Curation: We will lead LinkedIn content initiatives and establish publishing schedules specific to your target market.
  • Monitoring your performance: We’ll keep an eye on the development of your LinkedIn company page’s audience and send you frequent reports so you can keep track of your progress and make wise choices regarding your marketing plan.
  • Responding to communications: We’ll assist you in sorting and answering LinkedIn messages to ensure you’re constantly linked to and can give relevant information to your audience.

Provision and Handling of Content

  • Content Development: To produce, share, and promote high-quality posts, we collaborate with our content strategists and creatives. To keep your posts fresh, we offer suggestions for content subjects, hashtags, and business news. We offer text-only posts, long-form content, content from outside sources, multimedia content, company announcements, and connections to your most recent study among our custom posts.
  • Lead Creation: For optimum reach, we build LinkedIn ad campaigns and help you narrow down your target market. By establishing smart relationships and interacting with other businesses and people on LinkedIn, we expand your B2B marketing reach. We track the expansion of your LinkedIn company page’s audience as well as the sorting and handling of LinkedIn communications.
  • Reports and Analytics: We place a lot of emphasis on analytics and measurement so that we can improve our work over time and make sure it’s speeding up your inbound LinkedIn marketing outcomes. We give you monthly performance updates and offer data-driven suggestions to improve your LinkedIn marketing approach.

Ad Development and Management

  • Sponsored Content: We concentrate on the two types of sponsored content that have proven most successful on LinkedIn: sponsored updates and direct sponsored content.
  • Dynamic Targeting: When choosing which company demographics and LinkedIn groups to target, our knowledgeable team is as specific as they can be.
  • Promote Offers: To reach prospective clients, we employ initiatives to market blog posts, ebooks, guides, and other offers.
  • Customized Landing Pages: To increase conversions for asset downloads and other offerings, we design responsive, personalized landing pages.

Email Marketing

  • Customized Email Messages: Sponsored InMail: LinkedIn You can send tailored email messages to your target audience with Sponsored InMail.
  • Increased Signups: This is a fantastic approach to get more people to sign up for a forthcoming webinar or event or to tell prospects about content assets.
  • More Efficient than Email Blasts: Sponsored InMail is more efficient than an email blast since it is sent specifically to prospects who are active on LinkedIn, which boosts click-through rates and encourages conversions.
  • Engaging Emails: Our content marketing team creates emails that are interesting to read because of their original subject lines, thought-provoking content, and professional appearance on all devices.

Omnichannel Presence Management

  • Multichannel Marketing Plan: The marketing strategists at Saffron collaborate with you to develop an omnichannel marketing strategy that suits the voice and aesthetic of each social media network. We’ll assist you in choosing the most effective approaches for interacting with your audience through various platforms.
  • Regular Brand Messaging: Making sure your voice, messaging, and visual identity are consistent across all platforms is essential for effective omnichannel marketing. The Brafton team ensures that your business’s messaging is consistent across all platforms.
  • Pathways for Smooth Conversion: By integrating LinkedIn with your other platforms, you can give your audience a seamless path to conversion through a compelling omnichannel experience. With the aid of Brafton’s omnichannel marketing solutions, your audience can easily navigate each touchpoint.
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