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Dental & oral healthcare practices have (thankfully) evolved over time–and so has marketing. If your potential customers are not able to reach out to you while looking around online for various dental practices, then you’re losing out on a lot of prospective patients for your practice.
Today, the oral healthcare market has expanded to such an extent that it has become difficult for dentists to compete and grow their practices through word-of-mouth and other traditional marketing techniques, and that is where we come in.

What’s Dental Marketing And Why Do You Need It?

Dental marketing is not only beneficial but also a cost-effective way to reach out to more patients who you may have been missing out on otherwise.

Dental marketing services are a form of Digital Marketing which focuses solely on strategies and tactics that are customized to maximize results for dental practices. Whether you have a small clinic serving a 2-5 mile radius within a city or a multi-location franchise, dental marketing campaigns help serve practices of every scale and nature.

These days, customers look for dentists and oral healthcare professionals through local search queries like “dentists near me”. That is why it is absolutely essential to have a strong local search presence when you’re serving a smaller target location. Alongside local SEO, Paid Marketing, Social Media, Video and Image search optimization collectively form the fundamental pillars of Dental Marketing.

Dental Marketing enables you to convert more customers for a lot less investment compared to what you’d probably have to pay for traditional advertising.

Our Partners

What’s Dental Marketing And Why Do You Need It?

We have a specialized team of digital marketers who solely work on all dental & dentistry marketing campaigns across a wide range of US dentists and clinics. Although proficient at the latest techniques and knowledge required to bring results in any given online campaign, their work and strategies are focused on generating revenue and ROI for dentists.

Our dental marketing team consists of:


Lead Nurturing Gurus

Our process will help you focus on serving your patients while we handle the aspect of bringing them to you. As you know, converting a patient is only half of the process. To build a long-lasting relationship with them, you need to engage them beyond your services. We help nurture your patients in the long run through Branding, Email Marketing, Reputation, and Feedback management campaigns.


Organic Search Expert

Our SEO team primarily consists of On-page and Off-page experts who have a thorough understanding of the technical nuances that can optimize a website to make them search-engine friendly. The Offpage team helps consolidate valuable links and market your website to potential audience hubs across the internet, to help bring relevant traffic on to your website that converts.


Paid Marketers

While organic SEO is one hand of marketing, Paid marketing is the other side that completes your ideal dental marketing plan. If you search for any service or product on Google or Facebook these days, you’ll find a lot of sponsored advertisement results that come out on top. We can help put you right there through our extensive paid marketing campaigns.


Content Marketers

Content is the bread and butter of any successful marketing campaign. Our content marketing team works closely with the SEO team to generate well-researched content that emboldens your brand and service speciality. Our writers and content curators working for dental marketing campaigns are specialized in the field of dentistry, and can effectively convey the specialized terms of the dental industry in simple and practical ways for smooth potential audience engagement.


Social Media Management

We utilze the wide reach of major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. by various social listening techniques, and identifying target audiences looking for dentists or dental practices near their location and otherwise. We create comprehensive ad campaigns that reach these target patients and help you grow your brand visibility and service offerings to a wider pool of potential patients.


Web & App Development Experts

Saffron Edge is your one-stop solution for all your development and marketing needs. Our Technology team is highly experienced and fully equipped with the latest technology standards that enable them to develop cutting-edge UX/UI friendly websites and applications that engage your patients on the web and mobile. Already have a website? We can also help you optimize it, or even redesign it from the ground up.

Paid Marketing Services

Our Approach


Market Research

Before we even start to market a dental practice’s website or create content for it, we conduct thorough target audience research to identify their trends, behavior, interaction, search intent, etc. that helps us ascertain the target areas on which we need to concentrate all our marketing efforts.


Buyer’s Journey

Based on our audience assessment we create a life cycle of potential audiences. Whether a customer is looking for simple crowns or Invisalign, we target their needs and create marketing content accordingly in order to engage the users and provide answers to their questions.


Intelligent Remarketing

Other than capturing active users looking for dental care on an immediate basis, we also target customers who have shown an interest or searched for dentistry/dental services in and around their location in the past. We create smart remarketing campaigns to target these users so that they choose you when their need arises.



What is the value of a campaign that doesn’t bring in results? Every month we prepare customized reports that detail our work as well as the subsequent results we have produced in the campaign. It consists of leads, traffic, sources, rankings, ROI, and recommendations that can further improve the campaign.

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Personalized Service

We believe in building long lasting relationships with our clients and understand that a successful business collaboration goes far beyond a transactional relationship. We have dedicated personnel in our team who will stay in touch with you throughout the course of your campaign, ready to assist you whenever the need arises.


Pay As You Go

Dental Marketing campaigns are dynamic and require adequate patience to achieve their true potential. In order to cater to practices of all sizes, we work on a flexible month to month payment system which doesn’t bind you in any form of annual contractual obligation.


Personalized Service

Since we specialize in dental marketing, it is common for us to have a lot of dentists and dental practitioners as our clientele in a certain area. However, we follow strict non-compete business ethics, where we do not take any clients that may lie in your immediate geographical vicinity.



Our entire process is extremely detailed and transparent. You’ll find no hidden cost, agenda, or discrepancy in our work, communication, data or any other details that are valuable to your practice. We operate with strict NDA agreements and adhere to GDPR policy as of May, 2018.

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