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Wondering why your digital marketing isn’t working to the full potential? Consult Saffron Edge for comprehensive business consultation services. We are a reputed business consultation agency in NJ with over a decade of experience in the industry. Our experts will review your existing strategy and provide key inputs to improve its performance. Take your business to the next level with well-designed digital marketing campaigns from our consultants.

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Hire Professional Business Consultation Services from Saffron Edge to Maximize the ROI of Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Business Research

Business Research

Our dedicated business consultants strongly believe in the power of research. We first conduct in-depth research to understand your business requirements, goals and objectives, and your target audience. We also review your existing and past digital marketing strategies and their performance. We prepare detailed reports and a roadmap for your future digital marketing efforts.

User Research

User Research

User research is a critical aspect to design a winning digital marketing strategy. Our professional business consultants spend a lot of time in understanding your target audience, their unique requirements and preferences. They also gain knowledge about their browsing habits, online content consumption and preferred social media tools.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

The experienced business consultants at Saffron Edge prepare a detailed digital marketing plan based on the research reports. A clear marketing plan is what differentiates successful campaigns from others. Most of the businesses fail to develop a digital marketing plan and suffer from the consequences. Hire our business consultation services to bring your marketing efforts back on track and improve the ROI.

User Experience

User Experience

User experience plays a crucial role in increasing the popularity of your website or mobile app. They prefer digital products that offer a pleasant and seamless user experience. Our business consultants work in collaboration with the professional website developers and designers, UI/UX testers and UX specialists to test your websites user experience and make necessary tweaks wherever required.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Persuading the visitors of your website to take actions is as important as attracting visitors to your website. Your website has to connect with the visitors and influence them to buy your products or services. Our conversion specialists know how to convert your leads to customers. From making changes in website design and layout, to copywriting tweaks-they do everything to increase conversion rates and improve your bottom lines.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Spot-on risk management is what differentiates a successful business from others. Our business consultants use a comprehensive risk management approach that deals with the regulations, processes and products. Our professionals can manage a variety of tasks such as client onboarding, client screening, transaction monitoring, payment filtering, assessment exercises and bank audits.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

Our experts conduct A/B testing for all your digital marketing campaigns. We create two versions of your landing pages, digital media ads and other content. We test both the versions and choose the best one. This helps us to ensure that all our efforts give desired results in improving your business growth.

Content Optimization

Content Optimization

Clear and up-to-date content is crucial to drive-up your customer engagement. Content optimization is one of the crucial aspects that determines the success of your digital marketing strategy. Our content experts analyse the present content in your website,social media platforms and blogs and optimize it to suit your audience.



Our analytics experts can analyse huge amount of data and matrices to measure the performance of your digital marketing strategies. We use the latest analytical tools to generate trend reports about the hot areas in your domain. Our professionals analyse real-time data and manage your campaigns in an effective manner. We can provide you with customized reports and in-depth analysis.

Hire Online Business Consulting Services from Saffron Edge to Get Expert Guidance on Digital Marketing Strategies.

Saffron Edge is a well-known digital marketing and business consulting agency in NJ. We offer state-of-the-art digital marketing and technology-related services to clients across industry verticals. We have a strong team of experienced professionals with expertise in different industrial niches. Our business consultants understand the unique challenges faced by small and medium enterprises and accordingly devise strategies to address them.

More than a decade of working experience in the US market has given our teams a detailed insight into the digital marketing landscape. We have offices in Fairfield, New Jersey, and across America. We have helped many firms in America and across the globe gain leads and improve sales through our comprehensive digital marketing strategies and business consultancy solutions.


  • Business User and Industry Research

    Business, User and Industry Research

  • Latest Analytical Tools

    Latest Analytical Tools

  • Spot-on risk management

    Spot-on risk management

  • Hotjar

    Industry-leading CRO tools like Hotjar

  • Customized digital marketing strategies

    Customized digital marketing strategies

Take your Business to The Next level Through Our Professional Business Consultation Services

Get your digital marketing strategy right on track by hiring the business consultation services from
Saffron Edge

  • Benefit from the marketing expertise of professional consultants
  • Reduce your cost per sales lead
  • Focus on strategic areas of your business while our consultants handle the digital marketing tasks
  • Access the latest technology without the investment costs
  • Increased ROI on your marketing investment
  • Get detailed insights into your user behaviour, browsing habits, content requirement and requirements.
  • Increase traffic to your website through improved UI/UX
  • Increase sales through conversion rate optimization
  • Benefit from our comprehensive risk management services

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Defining LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Defining LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Without a well-devised marketing plan, you won't see results. Thus, creating a strategy that fits your current social media landscape is imperative to your business success. Considering the fact, our...

LinkedIn Content Creation

LinkedIn Content Creation

LinkedIn is a great platform to showcase your accomplishments. Our LinkedIn specialists work effortlessly to provide you with quality content. We regularly create and publish content on your behalf. We...



In the planning phase, we carefully traverse through the client's needs and make sure that any point is not left out. We closely associate with you to understand your idea....

During this phase, we develop your project according to the requirements you have given us. Our in house team is skilled in different programming languages to develop the front-end and back-end. Using their best of their knowledge, they develop interactive web solutions. The web apps and APIs are optimized to be fast and highly responsive.

Reasons to Hire Business Consultation Services from Saffron Edge – Increased ROI

Hiring online business consulting services from Saffron Edge will help you in improving the performance of your digital marketing campaigns and increase your online visibility. This, in turn, helps you to be found easily by your customers and improve sales. 

  • Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

According to seoClarity, CTR study, the website that ranks 1 on the desktop receives an average CTR of 19.3%, whereas rank 1 website on mobile search achieves a CTR of 27.7%

  • Integrate Your Marketing Strategies

Only 36% of companies are actively integrating their digital and traditional marketing strategies, and only 6% of them have an optimized approach to integration.

  • Increase the Success Rate of Your Campaigns

Marketers who plan their campaigns and strategies in advance are reported to be 356% more likely to succeed in their execution.  

  • Stand Apart From Competitors

Statistics state that nearly 45% of businesses do not have a digital marketing strategy but engage in digital marketing efforts.

  • Improve Customer Engagement Through Personalization

As per the latest studies, 72% of consumers prefer to engage only with personalized messages.

Only 59% of marketers have a properly documented content marketing strategy.  

  • Increase Footfalls

Statistics reports that 70 to 80% of people research a company online before visiting the company or making a purchase decision.

  • Get Better Access to Technology

As per Salesforce, 59% of small business owners say that they find it difficult to implement and roll out new technologies.

  • Improve The Performance of Your Digital Marketing Strategies

Less than 30% of small businesses use website analytics, coupon codes and call tracking to monitor the performance of their digital marketing strategies.  

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Why Choose Saffron Edge Over Other Consultating Agencies?

Proven Expertise

Proven Expertise

Our business consultation services have helped more than 100 businesses to establish their online presence and increase sales. Our digital marketing experts and engineers create customized digital marketing strategies that produce results from the word go.

Industry Expirence

industry experience

We have been in the IT sector for the past ten years and this has been made possible by our sheer determination to provide our customers with the best in class products and services.

Constant Support

Constant Support

Our business consultants are always ready to help you at every step of your digital journey. We train your teams and provide constant support. Our professionals are just a phone call away whenever you need their advice.

Detailed Recommendations

Detailed Recommendations

Whether it is about optimizing the content of your website or improving its user experience, our consultants provide detailed recommendations about every task to improve the performance of your digital marketing strategy.



At Saffron Edge, we believe that every client is unique and strive to develop long-term relationships with each one of them. Our team uses the latest analytical tools to measure the performance of each of your campaigns. They create clear reports and share them with you. Moreover, you can approach us at any time to get information about your campaigns.

Latest Tools and Technologies

Latest Tools and Technologies

Our consultants are experts in their domain. They are well-versed in using the latest tools and technologies that aid in improving the performance of our digital efforts. Whether it is the latest CRO tools or Analytical tools, they can use them all for your advantage.

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frequently asked questions

Who can opt for your business consultation services?

Business enterprises irrespective of their size can hire our business consultation services. Our experts have in-depth knowledge about various concepts of digital marketing and devise customized strategies that fuel your business growth. We advise your in-house marketing teams about the right strategies to optimize your existing digital marketing strategy or provide the right inputs to create a new digital marketing strategy. 

How can you guarantee the success of your approach?

We have helped more than 100 businesses to establish their online presence and improve sales through our business consultation services for small businesses. We follow a streamlined approach that starts with proper research, creating a roadmap and formulating the right strategy. We have a strong team of digital marketing experts who understand the business challenges and curate the right strategies that ensure success.

Are your business consulting services expensive?

Our business consulting services are very cost-effective. Moreover, we do not bind you with long-term contracts. You can choose a package that suits your business requirements and budget. Our consultants provide detailed recommendations that improve your conversion rate and increase your sales. We ensure that you get the maximum ROI from your investment.

What is the benefit of hiring your business consultation service?

Your in-house teams can focus on other strategic areas of business, while we take care of your digital marketing strategies. We conduct business research. User research, and competitor research before we design a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that is customized for your business. Our consultation services can improve the performance of your digital marketing campaigns and help to scale your business.


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