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Your website is your company’s first impression on the visitors. Saffron Edge is a leading website design service in NJ ensures that you make a lasting one. By leveraging latest web designs, our team creates cutting edge websites that are beautiful to look at and performs equally well. Our web designs are aesthetically appealing, well structured and completely SEO friendly. With our website design services, you enjoy unmatched quality and innovativeness that help you gain an edge over your competition.

  • 1500+ successful projects
  • 100% optimized websites
  • 500+ satisfied clients
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Design your company’s future with NJ's Top Website Design service

custom website designs

Custom websites

With our adaptive process, we build websites from scratch. Our teams consist of specialized professionals who are apt in building the framework and layout of your website. They help your website come alive through interactive visuals.

Corporate websites designs

Corporate websites

Corporate websites are the online preview of the businesses. The look and experience of these websites can make or break your business. Saffron Edge designs these websites with the utmost precision and cares to attract and engage your clients.

E-commerce websites design

E-commerce websites

E-commerce websites rely heavily on the UI and UX of the website. Even slight negligence could end up in a fatal blow to the E-commerce business. With Saffron Edge’s specialized web designing services, your website has improved UI/UX.

Mobile-first website design

Mobile-first website design

With Google’s new mobile-first policies the playfield for website designing has completely changed. Our team has the grasp of these policies and is proficient in designing websites that adhere to the mobile-first approach.

Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Maximize your user engagement with Saffron Edge’s progressive app development services. The web apps developed by our teams are faster and guarantee seamless performance. These web apps give advantages on native apps.

Product designs

Product designs

The design of your product is crucial in its success. Whether you are a new enterprise looking for designs or you are an established business revamping its designs, our expert designer teams can provide you excellent product designs that resonate with the tone of your product.

Responsive websites

Responsive websites

The web designs created by Saffron Edge are known for their fast and responsive features. With our web designing services, you get faster and ultra-responsive websites that improves the overall user experience and usability of your website.

CMS-based websites

CMS-based websites

The CMS websites designed by Saffron Edge is the appropriate blend of usability and aesthetics. We provide effective solutions for CMS based websites to turn our client needs into interactive and scalable solutions.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a very streamlined approach to the styling and designing of a webpage. By using AMP technology our teams deliver faster and more responsive web page designs for your website.

Fast and responsive website design

Saffron Edge is the leading provider of web design services in New Jersey. We provide world-class web designing services that help your brand gain recognition among the masses. Our web designs are fluid and provide seamless efficiency for smooth business experience.

Our web designers are accomplished in various web designing tools such as HTML, CSS, and JQUERY. They are adept in developing designs that your website needs to sustain and succeed online.

  • Project Planning
    Project Planning
  • Design and Development
    Design and Development
  • Testing
  • Measurement
  • Communication

Stay ahead of the competition with Saffron Edge’s web designing services

Regardless you’re a startup or a big enterprise, our team is well versed in designing websites that are accessible, engaging, optimized for high performance and search engine friendly.

  • Faster website development
  • Responsive pages
  • Low bounce rates
  • Better browsing experience
  • Easier maintenance
  • Better SEO implementation
  • More traffic
  • Integrated website analytics
  • Improved conversions

why should you invest for a Good Web Design?

The competitive market space not only requires you to have a website but your website must be optimized to be fast and responsive. The online audience wants to get things done at a single click. So you must be able to cater to their needs to grow and promote your business.

  • Appealing websites

59% of people prefer beautiful websites

  • Speed

53% of mobile users leave a slow website in 3 seconds.

  • Stay up-to-date

94% of people do not trust an outdated website.

  • Optimization performance

Regular optimization 117% increase on clicks.

  • Cost-effective

Slow-loading websites cost large retailers around $2 bn.

  • Highly impactful

Visual data is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than the text.

  • Mobile-responsive

The mobile platform responsive websites increase the sales as said by 62% of the companies.

  • High returns

$1 invested in UX returns between $2 to $100.

  • Transforming Businesses

77% of companies believe that bad user experience on their website hampers their business.

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Why Choose Saffron Edge for Website Design Service?

Dedicated Professionals

Dedicated Professionals

Saffron Edge works diligently to develop and sustain your online platform. Our teams comprise of experienced and qualified personnel who understand your business and create tailored website development services for you.

Industry Experience

Industry Experience

We have been in the IT sector for the past ten years and this has been made possible by our sheer determination to provide our customers with the best in class products and services.

Transparent Policies

Transparent Policies

Saffron Edge regularly communicates and interacts with its clients to maintain a transparent environment. We believe that apart from honesty transparency is the next best policy in the corporate world and hence we provide our clients with regular updates of their projects.

Innovation Technology

Innovation Technology

Our team comprises of intellectual and energetic individuals who brainstorm to come up with unique and innovative solutions. Our solutions go a long way in shaping a promising future for your company.

Holistic Support

Holistic Support

We give full support and analytical services to ensure that our developed web solutions give you the best results possible. We value our relationships with customers. That is why whatever work we do for clients, we consider it as our own. We value our customers, and over time, our healthy customer relationships are proof of this statement.

Valued Services

Valued Services

We respect each of our clients and understand the value of their time. Therefore, our primary aim is to deliver the project within the set timeframe. We believe in punctuality, quality, and integrity. Gain an edge over your competition in the business landscape by collaborating with Saffron Edge.

Website Design Hiring Models

Dedicated Professionals

Dedicated Professionals

Hourly Basis

Hourly Basis

Shared Resource

Fixed Cost Model

Team screening

  • Minimum contract duration: 1 Month
  • Available full time, 8 hours/day 160 hours/month
  • Highly professional and experienced team members


  • Skills of professionals are matched with your goals
  • Professionals are shortlisted on the merit of his proficiency
  • A dedicated expert to work on your specific project needs


  • The dedicated professional will work based on your requirements
  • This model is perfect for longer projects
  • Complete visibility and control into the progress

frequently asked questions

To use WordPress theme or build a website from scratch is the most common dilemma business owners come across when setting up a website for their business. The answer lies in the end goals you want to achieve with your website. If you want an extensive website that is feature loaded and have complex functionalities then wordpress might not be the best solution. In such scenarios you need expert guidance and you are always welcome at Saffron.

Yes, you are thoroughly involved in the whole process of web design. During the development phase we will provide you with a username and password so that you can see the progress of your website.

Yes along with our web design services we provide hosting services too at an additional charge.

We are totally fine with that concept. You are under no such obligation to host your website with us only.

Our web design services include product designs as well as visuals and branding services. We can create logos and designs for your companies. We have an extensive range of services to cater your designing needs.

The content part is totally up to you. If you feel that you have an experienced and knowledgeable team to penetrate the content rich web space then you can write it by yourself or else we can do it for you. We have specialized in-house content team who have a decade of experience in developing premium and high quality content for our clients.

The cost of the web design totally depends upon the complexity and the layout of your web pages. So redesigning any website does not significantly guarantee low costs but we do have budget plans for everyone. Feel free to contact us to get a free quote.

Static and dynamic websites serve different purposes. Static websites are used to create simple websites with the prominent use of HTML while dynamic websites are more complex and uses various programming languages. Also another benefit of dynamic websites is that they can change the content without modifying the design.

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