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Your Guide on How to Get Clients as a Criminal Defense Attorney


Saffron Edge


Nov 7, 2021


4 min read

Just stepping into the world of marketing as a criminal defense attorney without doing any homework can drag your ROI to zero. In the end, you are not going to succeed in attracting even a single client! The market of criminal defense attorneys has become very saturated. According to Statista, the legal services industry in the USA generated a revenue of $262 billion in 2013.  The number was expected to grow and reach $350 billion by 2021. According to research made in 2021, around 1.15 million employees were working in the legal sector in the United States. The growing number of lawyers in the USA does not align with the number of existing clients. Therefore, lawyers have been fighting for the same client base for the past many years. Criminal Defense Attorney Marketing

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So, if you are struggling to market your services as a criminal defense attorney because of high competition, then you have come to the right place. This blog post will act as a guide that’ll help you get ways to gain more clients for your criminal defense law firm.

Digital marketing and acquiring new clients 

Gone are those days when brochures, pamphlets, hoardings, and local TV ads were enough to get clients as we have moved to the digital era. Today, an average social media user spends 145 minutes on various social media platforms each day. Digital marketing is opening new doors of opportunities for criminal defense lawyers to market their services economically.  From connecting with the customers and increasing visibility to leveling the playing field with big players and getting real-time results, criminal defense marketing offers many benefits on the digital platform.  criminal defense lawyers

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Some Key Industry Insights:

  • More than 28% of clients find lawyers through directories 
  • 31% of clients find lawyers through a referral from other lawyers
  • 96% of the prospects looking for legal advice use Google search to find a solution. 
What do these figures mean? If you implement criminal defense marketing, you can grab the attention of a notable percentage of clients. You can connect with them through various marketing channels.

The correct formula for acquiring clients as a criminal defense attorney 

Become easily accessible 

You can never get new clients if no one can find you on the internet. You always have to be present where your potential client is looking for attorneys and information about their case.  Some of the places where a client can look for a lawyer are;
  • Google- map pack 
  • At the top of the page of Google 
  • In Google organic search results 
  • Law firm directories like Yelp  
  • Youtube 
So, marketing for criminal defense lawyers shouldn't mean focusing on only Google search results. Clients use many other platforms to find lawyers; hence, you have to consider them, especially if you are on a mission to add new clients to your list.

Getting more clients using the power of SEO 

You are entirely invisible to your clients if you are not available on the first two pages of their search results. But since everyone is fighting for that spot, here are some ways you can use the power of SEO to get more clients;
  • Use the mix of best keywords and do proper keyword research
  • Try to run paid ads on the first page of Google 
  • Start working on optimizing your website for local searches 
  • Use organic SEO 

Getting more clients through content 

The next way to attract more clients is publishing and distributing value-added content. The best way to attract clients is to offer them the information they are looking for. Always remember; the more helpful you are to the potential clients, the more chances you will have to acquire them. 
  • Make a content calendar and follow it.
  • Hire freelancers and increase the amount of content produced and published 
  • Use guest posting and let the world know your expertise 
  • Optimize the content as per the latest SEO techniques
  • Keep an eye on search engine algorithm to get the best results through content.
 Marketing for criminal defense lawyers

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Getting more clients through the website

 Marketing for criminal defense lawyers on the digital platform is nothing without an enticing, seamless, and responsive website. The website of a criminal defense lawyer is the first official interaction of the potential client with the lawyer, and you should use this first point of contact well to turn website visitors into clients. 
  • Mention all the services you are offering to them.
  • Take care of the speed, responsiveness, and seamlessness of the website.
  • Use your website to give a reason for the visitors to stay.
  • Hire a third-party website designing company to get the best results.
  • Never forget to include testimonials on your website.

Getting more clients through reviews 

In addition to working on different criminal defense advertising strategies, you should also work on building an excellent online reputation through reviews. When it comes to legal services, then reviews matter more than what they mean for other firms. 
  • Always ask your client to post reviews. 
  • Start using reviews in the Google My Business listing.
  • Consider platforms like Yelp while working on reviews.
  • Don't worry about a couple of bad reviews, as there is no way you can maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rate. 
Marketing for a criminal defense lawyer can be challenging. Still, by using the right digital marketing tools and working with experts, you can beat even the tough competition of the criminal attorney market. Work on all the aspects of digital marketing for criminal lawyers mentioned in this blog post and keep increasing your client base. 


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