How Do Google Reviews Mean Business For Family Lawyers?


Nov 19, 2021


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With everything moving online, people have gained access to a giant pool of reviews and ratings related to the type of service they will choose, and you can say the same thing about the family lawyer business. Nowadays, customers are trying to make more informed decisions, especially when working with a legal expert like a family lawyer. They are doing so by reading reviews and ratings given to a specific family lawyer. 

Reviews related to cars and mobile phones have become very common, so you should never be surprised if your potential clients check your reviews before confirming their final family lawyer. And with 92% of the searches being made on Google, it has become the most important place for improving your reviews. 

So, in this blog post, we will walk you through the importance, working, and benefits of Google reviews for a better family lawyer business. 

Google Reviews: The Most Crucial aspect of Your Online Reputation 

In recent years, we have witnessed a rise in the need for Google reviews among family lawyer firms. Nowadays, it has become necessary as more than 54.9% of the customers check reviews before choosing any product or service. 

Lawyers have understood the Importance of Digital Presence 

With time, family lawyers have understood the importance of podcasts, working with family law marketing firms, online advertising, and official websites. Thus the concept of having good reviews has become more familiar among them. Family lawyers now know that just having satisfied customers is not enough. They have understood that making a business successful requires you to inform the world about their client satisfaction. Even the trust for reviews is increasing as nowadays, around 79% of customers admit that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.  

Digital Presence

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The Three Important Factors of Google Reviews

Just because you have understood the importance of Google reviews doesn’t mean that you should just ask your current and previous clients to start posting reviews. First, you have to understand the three critical factors of Google reviews before working with any family law marketing firm. 

  • Quality

Any Google review has three essential components; average star rating from all the reviews, star rating from every review, and people’s comments. The most prominently displayed part of the Google review is the average star rating, and to have a better average star rating, most of the reviews should be four to five stars. 

  • Quantity

The quantity of Google reviews shows many customers have spent time reviewing your services. But don’t be afraid of poor reviews as it is impossible to maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rate. If you have 50 good reviews, then 2 of the bad reviews will be watered down.

  • Recency 

You can never feel good about a company whose recent review was posted two years ago, and therefore, you must take care of the recency of Google reviews as well. Recency is an essential aspect of the family law digital marketing approach, and the same concept is used in the case of Google reviews as well. 

Google reviews surpass testimonials in terms of trustworthiness 

Almost all the family lawyers with good family law digital marketing planning have testimonials on their official website. That is a great approach, and you can keep using testimonials to showcase clients’ experience with your service. 

But the people checking the testimonials have already found your website. Therefore, you also need to take care of people who haven’t visited your website yet and are still looking for ways to authenticate the quality of service. 

It is where you can use the power of Google reviews. With Google reviews, you can influence potential clients who haven’t visited your website yet and then use the testimonials and all other aspects of your website to keep them there. That is how an ideal family law digital marketing plan should work. 

Different ways to gather more Google reviews 

  • Begin at the first meeting

You should let the clients know the importance of 5-star reviews and ratings at the first consultation. You should also let them know that the 5-star reviews act as a validation of the service you are going to offer. 

  • Ask for feedback before the case is closed

Never wait for the case to be closed before asking for reviews. It is necessary because many clients don’t find posting reviews once the service is over. During the case, the clients are more interested in interacting with the firm, and therefore, their chances of posting a review are more. 

Different ways to gather more Google reviews 

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The best time to ask for reviews from the clients is when you have done something great for them and when they are pleased with your service. So, always try to strike when the iron is hot instead of when everything has been completed. Personal recommendations have transformed into Google reviews because of the influx of the internet. People have started trusting these reviews instead of considering them as a scam. 

You have better chances of attracting more potential clients from simple Google search to your website through better reviews. Saffron Edge’s marketing team can help you verify your business on Search, Maps, and other Google services. We offer online reputation management services to legal firms that enable them to showcase their online identity, authority, and expertise. It allows them to convert more leads and win more clients.

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