Amazon Advertising Tasks You Can Outsource Via the “BOT” Model




Jul 13, 2022


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Amazon Advertising Tasks Source: Freepik

Since the inception of Amazon Advertising in 2012, the eCommerce world has become a true force in leveraging the business. A recent report shows that Amazon's share of US Digital Ad Marketing surpassed 10% in 2020.

Many businesses are investing in Amazon Advertising to unlock the power of Amazon. However, handling amazon advertising tasks requires you to have a skilled team who can roll out engaging campaigns and monitor and tweak them.

But building a team or finding the right person to do this task is tedious.

If you sell through Amazon FBA, you know how many tasks there are to complete. Many businesses often outsource their operations to a digital marketing agency. Maybe you also have hired an agency or are considering doing so.

But this is not a complete solution since you will fully depend on the agency to make even a small change in your campaign strategy, which increases your time to market and load on your wallet.

So, is there any way to come out of this problem? Of course, there is a reliable, adaptable, and flexible solution.

Saffron Edge brings a "BOT" model, especially for DTC (Direct-to-consumer) brands. The model will help D2C brands like you to acquire a skilled and talented in-house team/expert that fits your needs. The best part is you don't need to spend time finding the right candidates and upskilling them. We will do all these tasks on your behalf. This way, you can focus more on things that matter to you most

But what exactly do we do? And what is the BOT model?

What is a BOT Model?

BOT stands for Build-Operate-Transfer. You may have heard about this term before, especially in the IT industry. Some people consider outsourcing, offshoring, and BOT the same. But this is just a half-truth.

BOT model refers to an integrated partnership between you and the agency providing a BOT model that lets you build an offshore team/expert in a 'build' phase and put them in a preliminary test during the 'operate' phase. Once the selected team/specialist adjusts to your company's methodologies, tools, and processes and is well-versed with all theoretical and practical knowledge, you can take full control of them in the 'transfer' phase.

Simply put, the BOT model gives you a chance to "try before buying." This means you don't need to hire or invest in your offshore unit until you are fully sure of its worth.

Let's understand the different phases of the BOT model in more detail:

  • Build: This initial phase involves understanding the company's requirements, creating a job description and hiring advertisements accordingly. We have a dedicated HR team and professionals who know which candidate will stand higher on your objectives. We verify multiple candidates and conduct one-on-one interviews and tests to get the ‘cream’ talent for you.
  • Operate: The operation phase is when the selected candidate or team adapts to your business requirement. Our specialized marketing experts will teach and upskill the team or candidate with the marketing hacks. We give them various sources and courses that will prepare them to tackle all the challenges.
  • Transfer: It is the final phase where we conduct scanning of the candidate or team based on your requirements. You can also take tests of the candidates. Once you get fully assured, you can take full control of them.

What Are the Benefits of the BOT Model?

Benefits of the BOT Model Source: Freepik
  • Cost-efficiency: Since your project team/specialist is fully owned, managed, and operated by us until you take control of them, you can save huge money. You don't need to worry about paying a significant upfront cost to onboard resources.
  • Ability to scale rapidly: Using the BOT model, a business can build an agile, skilled team that allows them to increase their revenue, expand their business and achieve various objectives.
  • Faster Time to Market: As discussed, with a digital marketing agency, you have to wait to make a single change in your campaign. But with BOT, you can make an in-house team that lets you make any change anytime, thus faster time to market.
  • Access to New Technology: We will train the team/candidate with new sets of skills and software that allow you to take advantage of new technologies and get vertical growth in business.
  • Align Towards Performance Marketing-first Culture: The BOT model can foster Performance Marketing strategy and help you achieve tremendous results.
  • Greater Control Over Operations: The BOT allows you to take full control and utilize the team/specialist in the best manner and ensures all policies in compliance and security, etc., are strictly adhered to.
  • Flexibility: BOT gives you the flexibility to adapt to the changing landscape. You can modify and align your Performance Marketing with any changes.

BOT Model for DTC Brands: How Will it Leverage Your Amazon Advertising?

BOT Model for DTC Brands Source: Freepik

The BOT model is mostly used in the IT industry. But why do DTC brands stay away from BOT benefits?

That's why Saffron Edge planned to help DTC businesses to climb the ladder of success with build-operate-transfer capabilities. We are the first Indian company offering BOT to DTC brands.

DTC brands, especially the small and mid-sized ones, often struggle to run effective and impactful Amazon Advertising to boost their sales and brand presence. This problem can be solved with our BOT service.

  • Our team will leverage a pool of talent to set up your team.
  • They work in collaboration with your in-house team as per your needs.
  • We will upskill and help them manage your Amazon Advertising.
  • We will provide you with a dedicated team that will only work for you and as per your requirement.
  • Once they complete their training and get ready to join you completely, we will conduct scanning and tests to ensure they are the right fit for your business. And give you control of the team.
  • Now the team you have hired already has the knowledge of Amazon Advertising and your products; you can skyrocket your business.

What Are the Common Amazon Advertising Tasks? Does BOT Help You Squared Away These Tasks?

Here is the list of common Amazon Advertising tasks:

  • Monitor and analyze notifications and recommendations for individual products.
  • Keep a tab of daily ad spending.
  • Organize portfolios in line with the objectives.
  • Handle Product Display Ads (PDAs).
  • Track and analyze the specific data through Custom Reporting to make necessary changes in the campaign.
  • Find low competition, high-volume traffic keywords to level up SEO.
  • Product listing and brand optimization.

With BOT, you can get direct access to a skilled team/specialist that is knowledgeable and experienced in Amazon Advertising. This will allow you to get the best out of Amazon Advertising and handle daily operations effectively. Thus, improving your workflow and revenue.

BOT - The Next Big Thing for D2C Businesses!

There are a lot of daily tasks related to Amazon Advertising, which require extensive knowledge and time. For this, you need to build a team that knows all the ins and outs of Amazon. But this is a tedious task.

Now, there is a solution for all DTC brands, i.e., BOT (build-operate-transfer). This model will allow you to build an offshore team that will work for you as per your requirements. Once you get assured that the team is the right fit for you, you can take full control of the team/specialist.

This way, you will save time and money and, most importantly, access to a skilled team/expert that allows you to scale your D2C business - a win-win situation.

Contact our experts; they will briefly summarize how our BOT model for D2C business works and how it will benefit you.

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