Why Is A+ Content Only Effective for Amazon-registered Brands for Generating Conversions?




Jun 16, 2022


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Amazon-registered Brands for Generating Conversions Source: Freepik

One of the foundations of any effective marketing strategy is visibility, which may seem like an obvious item to work on. However, we don't merely mean more people on the road. We're not just talking about sales. And we're not just talking about content creation here.

We're talking about a level of exposure that highlights your product line, brand, and story. A+ content, one of the most valuable features for sellers, might help you reach that visibility. So, A+ content, what's it all about, then? What do you do with it? Before commencing your Amazon sales plan, why do you need to assess this? Let’s get answers to all these questions through this blog post.

What Is Amazon A+ Content?

Brand owners can use Amazon A+ content to augment their product descriptions with images and videos to express their brand's narrative. It might include:
  • Charts comparing the strengths and weaknesses of competitors
  • HD Images
  • High-Quality Videos
Vendors can use rich text, videos, and graphics in their ASIN product descriptions with the A+ content, making it a premium content function. One should include enriched multimedia content to increase traffic to listings. Simply put, it's going above the typical content that sellers often produce to ensure that a potential buyer better knows the product features and has a more sophisticated online purchasing experience.

What Does Amazon A+ Content Consist Of?

Typically speaking, this is what you'll find on an A+ content page:
  • Multiple, varied product images, including close-ups, diverse viewpoints, and additional lifestyle shots
  • A concise but informative product introduction. It can be as short as 100 words.
  • A brief and visually appealing list of bullet points; each of them communicates the product's advantages to the buyer
  • The product's features, characteristics, and benefits explained in concise paragraphs with clear, scannable headings
  • "What's in the box" section deals with the product's components in order to inform the customers about what they are purchasing
  • Another set of features includes 360° product views, a matrix (comparison chart), and films for cross-selling products in the same family

A+ Content: How Can It Help You Increase Conversions?

One can put Amazon A+ content to good use in various ways. Let's have a look at some instances of effective content strategies:

1. Make Your Product's Unique Selling Point the Show Star by Highlighting Its Benefits

Content marketing should always focus on the product's benefits to customers - what problem does your product address and solve? This is true for all forms of content marketing. A+ Content's supplementary images and text are ideal for showcasing what makes your product unique and effective.

2. Provide Customers with the Information They Need to Make an Informed Purchasing Decision

Many buyers are eager to learn as much as possible about a product they plan to spend a significant amount of money on. The more information you can provide on your product, the more useful it will be for your customers to make an informed buying decision. a. When individuals realize that your product is exactly what they've been looking for, it significantly speeds up the purchasing process. b. Individuals can better moderate their expectations because they know what they are specifically purchasing.

3. Make Your Information Simpler to Understand by Breaking It Down

This is true for items with a wide range of features and functions that can address many problems simultaneously. Through videos, photos, and focused content, buyers can better understand the features and benefits of these items. Breaking a large piece of content into shorter sections will help them comprehend everything easily.

4. Identify and Respond to the Most Frequently Asked Queries from Customers

Checking over your product listing's question, review, and comment sections might help you develop ideas for Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content. You may give your consumers the impression that their worries are being considered and addressed timely through A+ content, which resolves their issues visually and engagingly.

5. Fight Counterfeiting

When you bring out high-quality A+ content, you'll be seen as an authority in your field. Because your customers are familiar with your brand, they are less likely to purchase a counterfeit version of your goods.

6. A Tried-and-True Method of Promoting

You might have noticed that most of Amazon A+'s content resembles a traditional brochure. This isn't a fluke, is it? The platform can now experiment with new color schemes, layouts, and other marketing methods that have been around for decades without being constrained by the linguistic restrictions that Amazon previously imposed on listings.

7. Create a Product That Stands Out from the Rest

Amazon is a crowded market with many options, including sellers or products. Every business tries to influence its audience through the best content and marketing strategy possible. In that case, using Amazon A+ Content is one of the only methods to stand out from the pack regarding content marketing. Adding Amazon EBC to your product listings can also help you reduce some of the Amazon advertisements that appear on your product pages, ensuring that shoppers aren't distracted by the competition. Pro Tip: This is where the Comparison Chart Module comes in handy. You can use this module to show different products from your range if the current listing does not meet the customer's needs, thereby preventing them from purchasing from another seller. However, keep in mind that this isn't always the situation. Even though you have provided a comparison chart of your own products, Amazon can still include a comparison with other products. However, the buyer will have to scroll down for a long time to get to that, increasing their time looking at your products.

8. Use Amazon EBC to Communicate Your Brand Story

Although price is an important consideration, a well-crafted and compelling brand story can significantly impact the outcome of a transaction. Whether your company has been around for centuries or aiding impoverished communities, you would always want to inform your customers about it! – A strong brand story communicates your company's core beliefs while assuring customers of your products' quality. It's critical to help customers better understand your brand, especially if your products are expensive and competing on a platform recognized for its deals.

9. Boost Consumer Engagement

Even if internet purchasing has become commonplace, there is still no face-to-face interaction between the customer and the goods. Consider purchasing a new refrigerator online. There is no way to open the door, take out all of the drawers, check the freezer, and ensure that all of your storage boxes will fit in the new refrigerator you are considering purchasing (just as you would in an actual store). However, images and videos can create an experience that puts the buyer as close as possible to the product without having it physically there. Consequently, a unique engagement is made that is not feasible with typical product listings.


It would be hard to argue that A+ content is one of the best strategies to attract more customers and boost sales. It is a great method to set yourself apart from the competition and increase sales. However, knowledge and experience are all that is required. And if you feel you lack in the area, do not worry, as our digital marketing experts are available to help you develop and design the A+ content for your products for better reach and engagement.

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