80% Increase In Traffic With Content Marketing And Website Optimization

The Client

The client is one of the leading website hosting services providers in India and all over the globe. They were looking to increase and convert the traffic coming to their newly launched Indian website and wanted to mark their authority in the space. They approached us to do the same!

The Challenges

  • One of the main challenge we had to face in this project was the excess amount of bounces the client website faced on a daily basis.
  • Another challenge was developing a result driven content marketing strategy for the client that would exceed their expectations and bring a lot of targeted traffic to their website.

The Solutions

After a thorough website and SEO audit, our team came to a conclusion that the reason our client was dealing a lot of bounces on their Indian website was because of the diversity of traffic that came on their website. To fix that, we researched the most searched keywords in their industry and implemented them on their website content to bring targeted traffic that would result in less bounces and strengthen their SEO at the same time.

Based on the same targeted keywords, we started publishing in-depth blogs for our client that would mark their knowledge and authority in their business industry and attract readers searching for the same information on the web.

Actively worked on building backlinks for the blog pieces we created for our client by sharing them on relevant social bookmarking websites, client’s social media profiles and other targeted content sharing platforms.

Sniffed out guest posting opportunities in their niche and collaborated with industry influencers to amplify their digital presence, gain exposure, attract relevant traffic and boost sales.