How To Use Emotional Targeting To Drive More Conversions In 2021?


Oct 21, 2021


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Emotions Influence Customer Value

If your direct-to-consumer business can develop an emotional connection with its audience, then your returns can be huge! Nowadays, even consumer banks are putting efforts into developing personalized, humane offerings into their digital interactions. It is helping them to foster client connection and growth. Today, almost 50% of consumers interact with their bank through their mobile app at least once a week. Two years ago, the percentage was somewhere around 32%. Hence, we can see a massive rise in mobile interaction. drive more conversions

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Similarly, all types of businesses are now focussing on delivering experiences that help them build a close relationship with customers. Today, Millennials want offerings that inspire an emotional connection with the brand. Therefore, one of the best ways to align your strategies with the customer's intent is by maximizing emotional connection via brand messaging. As a DTC business owner, if you want to achieve accelerated growth, you need to reorient your merchandising with emotionally connected customer segments. There are numerous opportunities for your business to create value in your customer's life. However, you need to build these connections without guesswork. To produce your desired results, you need to utilize strategic tactics that can target the feelings of your customers that influence purchase behavior. Once you accomplish that, you will be able to boost brand awareness and customer satisfaction like never before. It'll become your source of growth and profitability.

How Should DTC Marketers React To An Uber-Competitive Environment?

Yes, it is pretty challenging for a marketing professional to drive maximum conversions when they know they have competitors all over the internet. However, if they can provide the value the customers are looking for or capture their attention, the table can turn in their favor! Today, almost every B2C and B2B business is focused on building a community; they are trying to achieve that via social media marketing and content.  drive Conversions

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However, that can be difficult if they do not nurture the existing relationships with their clients or listen to their feedback. Great marketers often focus on building awareness, igniting conversations, and helping their customers get the best experience. After that, everything eventually follows on.  Therefore, if you can master the art of emotional targeting, you can influence their on- and offline purchase actions. If you want to generate a more positive engagement and target customers more effectively, you need to offer valuable content that moves them emotionally. Here are the essential tips that can help you achieve that.

1. Talk To Your Target Audience Directly

As a marketer, you must have implemented some tactics that enabled your brand to develop its unique voice. It's time for you to amplify that across different channels. You must implement the same approach to multiple touch points; it'll help you maintain a consistent brand image. Use the same voice across your website's content and social media accounts.  You might have a comparatively smaller audience base, but you must interact with them! If you can fetch feedback about your brand, you can implement those things in your next blog. The intent is to build a two-way conversation where they feel they're being heard. When you talk directly to your target audience, you increase customer satisfaction. Therefore, you boost the chances of conversion.   social media

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2. Get Unique And Valuable Insights From Your Business

More than expensive things, people prefer exclusiveness! You have to deliver services or consumer offerings that your potential customers don't find in your competitors or anywhere else. Once you start offering those exclusive services or value-adding content, they will gravitate towards your brand. They'll be the ones to endorse your brand organically through word-of-mouth marketing.  This phenomenon is quite effective for brands that offer information, content, or service for free. Instead of implementing the same content tactics as your competitors, you can repurpose or curate your topics that provide your unique opinion on a situation. All in all, appear more valuable to your consumers; offer them something that encourages them to revisit your brand. It’ll help your brand to drive more business from returning customers, hence, more revenues!   Valuable Insights From Your Business

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3. Add Humor, Showcase Passion, And Empathy.

If your brand can deliver emotions that motivate, inspire, or touch people, it can build a solid emotional bond with its customers. When you tap into these emotions, your audiences relate to them and feel connected. Therefore, the next time you curate an article or a blog, make sure to use that opportunity to deliver happiness or excitement to your readers. If your brand has achieved a new milestone or has experienced some challenges, share with your customers.  You can explain how you overcome those obstacles. For instance, during the pandemic, several DTC brands expressed how challenging it was for them to keep their business alive. However, some didn't cut down on their workforce to ensure that everyone was paid during difficult times. Actions like these make your brand appear more humane, generous, and caring.  Many businesses were also seen to volunteer for non-profit community work. Customers love to see companies making such efforts. They think you are dedicated to the betterment of your people. Hence, never shy away from establishing a business personality that is empathetic and passionate. It helps you build trust and authority, which keeps them engaged. More engagement means better chances of conversion!

4. Choose A Side And Present Your Case!

You must never forget that your audience expects you to look like an industry expert. They want to read content that ignites a new spark of knowledge in them. To establish your brand as an industry expert, you need to offer your valuable insights along with your take. You need to deliver your firm stance, your opinions on those insights. To maintain your credibility, you must back your arguments with solid evidence! Cite your sources and imagery. You need to look professional and portray an objective image of your brand. Once you appear decisive, strong, and trustworthy, there are more chances of getting traction from relevant audiences.

5. Make Your Audience Think!

The best way to connect with your audiences emotionally and drive engagement is by making your audience think. Top brands always ask their audiences about their buying experiences, what they feel about the products or the company. Another way to engage them is by asking them about the hot topics that they want you to deliver. Once you know what they need, you get an excellent opportunity to establish your stance.  You can encourage your audiences to start a healthy debate! When you let them join the discussion, you learn about new topics that can appeal to them. When you do that, you'll notice that many of your readers find it relatable. They may see your topics as value-adding content and may ask you to focus on those areas more. Such a dialogue between a brand and customers shall help the brand build a bank of fresh content that keeps them engaged. Make Your Audience Think

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As discussed in the first section, if you can master the art of emotional targeting, your brand can control its audience’s online and offline purchase behavior. Once you can generate a positive engagement, you will be able to target them effectively. You can do that by offering valuable content that makes them invested in your business emotionally. We have helped several brands to achieve digital growth with our targeting tactics. Many of our clients have been able to reap double-digit growth! If you are looking for an effective Conversion rate optimization agency, contact our experts today and know more.