4 Cool Ways To Tap Into User Psyche And Succeed in Content Marketing


Aug 26, 2016


3 min read

Wendy Marx in her recent article for business to business community has pointed out that approach of contacting a client makes the difference between single transaction and long-term success. In an analysis done by IPA dataBank, there were 1,400 successful advertising campaigns case studies in which purely emotional content has performed nearly twice well than the rational content. You probably must be aware of some psychological triggers that are urgency, novelty, and scarcity. Your main aim is to drive sales in order to fulfill that you need to create a relationship through your content with the audience. So what are those psychological triggers that one should use for succeeding in the content marketing.


A few years ago, two researchers from Wharton made a study on content in which they discovered commonalities in them. Some of them were:

  • Awe and shock: data and fact that can shock people are shared more frequently
  • Positivity: when people get entertained and feel good about what they are reading, there are more chances of that content getting viewed and shared
  • Anxiety and Fear: people usually share content about which they are angry. This stimulates the process of sharing and commenting. Content instilling fear gets the same reactions.


1. Providing Authority

People prefer internet for getting the answer to their queries and exploring their interest areas. It is important to provide your audience with a reason to listen to you rather than any other competitor. Here is the correct time to display the psychological principle of authority. Marketers use this aspect all the time for selling their services and products. This is even relevant in the content campaigns also. You need to convey authority in content campaigns that demonstrate your knowledge about the industry. You can display it through:

  • Backing your content by creating data which will convey a sense of authority. Rather than explaining them prove your point with illustrations.
  • Guest blogging on the platform of high authority.
  • Creating E-book and Whitebook for conveying an exhaustive understanding of specific topics.
  • Hosting or sponsoring events of Industry for boosting authority. Industry awards are also high authority endorsement
  • Media referrals that are outside your blogs


2. Relatability

One of the psychological triggers is relatability.  If you can make your audience relate to you through your content then you can derive benefits in your business. People always associate with businesses and individuals which they have something in common. So make sure that when you are developing content, always put a face to the name of your business considering this aspect.

  • In your ‘About us’ section you can demonstrate relatability. Start with describing about your business, highlight those aspects which you might have in common with your audience.
  • Share posts and photos about your team environment to engaging them.


3. Narrator Emotional Stories

According to research, 95%  cognition occurs in the subconscious mind of humans. Emotional stories can have a deeper effect without much thinking. Few brands are great at injecting wider emotions into their contents every time especially on social media. You should include these points in your content:

  • Share success stories which are heartwarming
  • Focusing on the pain point of the audience and addressing them
  • A bit of humor but don’t offend anyone
  • Include surprise news of your industry


4. Create In-Crowd

Human psychology has a need for coherence. Marketers and politicians encourage coherence by highlighting that they have a common enemy. You can create a connection which is beyond selling your product like gender stereotypes. You can reach a conclusion of finding an enemy that resonates with your audience too through embracing these points:

  • Issues that are important to your audience
  • What is that they don’t want
  • What are the main things makes them behave in an anxious manner?

These are the top powerful emotions that you can stir of your audience for increasing sale of your product and services. Many strategies of content marketing get trapped in SEO techniques, latest technology and traffic analyzing. Go for the correct marketing techniques. You shouldn’t forget buying is only 15% are logical and rest 85% are emotional.