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SEO is a double edged sword. Do it good and you can get a lot of traffic, do it bad and you may get none at all! With more than 200 ranking factors that are taken into consideration to rank your website, getting lost in vanity metrics is nothing new when it comes to SEO. But with our years of extensive experience in this field, we are well aware of what makes Google tick and what doesn’t. Leverage our SEO experience and gain an edge over your competition with our strategically planned SEO campaigns.

Our Services


We kick off all our SEO campaigns with an in-depth website SEO audit. Here we assess your site’s loading speed, the content on your website, it’s metastructure and basically all the other factors that can affect your rankings on Google.

On-site Optimizations

The way your website is coded can sometimes make all the difference. We make sure your website is coded in a google-friendly manner and loads fast. Along with that, we check for and optimize meta titles and meta descriptions of your entire website for relevance.

Keyword &
Market Research

When it comes to SEO, wrapping all your content around keywords is vital. We will dedicatedly research your industry niche and dig out all the keywords that have the potential to take your business to the top.

Competitor Research

A good competitor research gives you an idea of what keywords your competitors are ranking for and all their strength and weaknesses, bringing to light clear content opportunities. Moreover, by looking at the backlink profiles of competition, it serves as an easy way to secure quality backlinks.


Content that is wrapped around relevant keywords can do wonders when it comes to SEO. We make sure all your website content, blogs and other marketing material is wrapped around keywords for maximum impact.


Links are still the currency of SEO. Earning quality backlinks is our forte and we already have strategic partnerships in place to publish content on high authority websites and build a strong backlink profile for our clients, doesn’t matter the industry they are in!


More than 50% of traffic on the web surfs through a mobile. So, it’s a no-brainer that you absolutely need to prepare your desktop website for them. Don’t have a mobile website yet? We can create one for you!


We have plenty of experience in reviewing backlink profiles and can easily save you from the clenches of a Google penalty. We have helped websites recover from Google penalties resulting from manual actions or algorithmic changes.

Why Us?

Laser targeted content

When it comes to SEO, content matters! Our team of creative content writers are well aware of this fact and do their best in aligning your business objectives to your target audience in the best way possible.

SEO experience

The world of SEO is unpredictable and changes quickly. Our SEO experts always stay at the top of the latest Google updates to deliver the absolute best to our clients.

Detailed Reporting

You’ll be never in the dark about what we are doing to increase the visibility of your business. We provide detailed reports for everything we do to make sure you are on the same page as us.

Customer Reviews

  • We were hit with a Google penalty recently and we came to Saffron Edge for some immediate help. Not only did they fix the problem that caused the Google penalty in the first place, after their content audit of our website, they outlined other problems with our website as well that were hampering our rankings. Obviously, we got them fixed as well!

    Bob Ross
    Bob Ross COO
  • Their development team is just awesome. Approached them for a complete website revamp inside-out and they did it remarkably!

    Dylan Entrepreneur
  • There’s no other agency in New Jersey that does dental marketing as good as Saffron Edge! Really helped our practice gain some serious online exposure and eventually, appointments.

    Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson Dentist
  • Their SEO services are one of the best out there, hands down!

    Robert Padding
    Robert Padding Business Head
  • We took digital marketing help from Saffron Edge few months back and their relationship manager helped us gain a deep understanding of what they actually plan on doing for our online success. Their utmost transparency in everything is what impressed us the most.

    Joanna D’ Souza
    Joanna D’ Souza Marketing Manager

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