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Welcome To Saffron Edge

SEO has evolved over the last 2 decades. With more small businesses and startups taking the online route to market their businesses, SEO service has become an essential factor to help these businesses achieve the top position on Google.

Saffron Edge, has been one of the best SEO companies in New Jersey offering our services to various business niches’ including Dentistry, Legal, HVAC, Medical, E-commerce, Finance and many more.

We have a very technical approach when it comes to doing SEO service. We adhere strongly to Google’s guidelines and updates and keep our team updated with the latest trends and changes. This gives us an edge over our competition as we are able to outperform them through the technical insights and the subsequent results.

Our SEO Approach


Website Audit

We start any SEO campaign with a comprehensive website audit. We follow a variety of On Page checklists & parameters that adhere to Google’s SERP guidelines to identify and optimize any technical gaps on the website. We also monitor the website on an ongoing basis during the course of the campaign.


Keyword Research

We conduct detailed keyword research for the website compiling data from a variety of market and keyword research tools. Based on the collected data and understanding of the client’s business and target market, we compile a list of keywords which our clients get to choose from for the campaign.


Onsite Optimization

With the help of the finalized keywords, we optimize the title, metadata and content of the website. We also recommend our clients with additional web page content where required and help in creating additional pages depending on the keywords requirement of the SEO campaign.


Content Marketing

Once the onsite optimization and research are completed we move to Phase 2 of the campaigns which involve content marketing, link building, video marketing, etc. We create content based on trending industry topics and publish them on various strategic websites which provides valuable link juice and relevant traffic to the website.


Monthly Reporting

At the end of each month, we send a detailed monthly comparative report that highlights the achievements, rankings, traffic and leads acquired during the month. We have dedicated CRM teams who discuss these reports with our clients to help them with any queries they have regarding the report or the campaign in general.

Our Range of SEO Services


Local SEO

Search engine optimization for local businesses is a little different from the standard SEO campaign. Being locally present SEO company, we incorporate various strategies for local citation building and maintenance, NAP implementations, Google Review management and Google maps optimization besides optimizing the website for local keywords.


Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO is a specialty service that we offer for businesses that operate internationally, and or have their websites available in different languages for different audiences. We have a strong team of translators and multilingual marketers who help strategize and execute multilingual SEO campaigns seamlessly and bring results.


Link Building

We also offer standalone link building campaigns to our clients who are only looking for generating high quality links for their websites. Our expertise includes content outreach and traditional link building methods that help our clients get the best quality of links.

Why Saffron Edge?


Local Presence

We have our registered SEO company office in Fairfield, New Jersey. We understand having a local presence helps serve our clients better and also builds trust. We have a dynamic team of professionals who are more than happy to visit you for consultation or any marketing and technology needs that you may have.


Unparalleled Technical Expertise

Our SEO service company takes pride in our team and processes that we use to operate on all of our campaigns. With an instinct to dive deep into a campaign and help realize the true potential of any business website, we have the technical skills like no other.


Cost Effective

While we are based out of the US, we have managed to keep our service pricing very competitive and flexible to make it affordable for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We believe in building long lasting relationships and growing our businesses through referrals from our wide range of satisfied clients.

Awards and Affiliations

Awards And Affiliations
Awards And Affiliations

Our Results

309% Increase In Local Traffic Through Geo-Targeting Campaign

Increase in local traffic and rankings

60% Organic Traffic Growth In 3 Months!

Increase in organic growth and conversions

50% Revenue Growth In Multilingual SEO Campaign

Growth in local traffic and revenue

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