5 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


Sep 4, 2017


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digital marketing mistakes

Nowadays, no matter how big or small a business is, it employs digital marketing strategies to attract new online leads, customers and visitors. With so many advanced methodologies and technologies available to the digital marketers today, still, they could be making serious mistakes that will prevent their marketing campaigns from driving the desired results or achieving acceptable performance.

By avoiding these 5 potentially expensive digital marketing mistakes, you can make sure that your next digital marketing campaign does not meet with failure.

 1. Having no Clear Goals

One of the biggest mistake that digital marketers make is “ not having clear goals”. Be clear about whether your marketing goals are to increase sales, leads, engagement, website traffic, or some other objective. Then try to create a plan or strategy to reach your goal that is specific, achievable, relevant and measurable as this will help you provide right direction to your marketing campaigns. Having desired goals will make your campaign more successful and effective.

 2. Having no Social Media Strategy

Business without a social media strategy can never deliver an effective message to their target audience. To execute a successful Digital Marketing plan or campaign, a strategy must be in place. Set a clear social Media strategy. After all, Social Media is a free and most powerful tool to spread the word about your content and your business.

 3. Buying Social Media Followers

Buying fake social media followers can help strengthen your business prominence and validate its social proof. But it will never help with increased Return on investment and nor will it improve your user engagement in case you have fake business followers The point here is to focus on genuine customer relationship rather than focusing on numbers.  

 4. Your website is not Mobile Friendly

As we are living in a digital era. Mobile Users or audiences are increasing, and the massive growth of video and social media is taking this forward. As a growing number of people are on mobile devices, it is becoming essential that digital marketers consider their customer’s mobile experience with their brand and website. Google Research also indicates, that most of the users nowadays prefer to purchase a product on a mobile-friendly website than a non-mobile friendly one.

 5. Using Excessive and Irrelevant Hashtags

There is no doubt that the use of hashtags in Digital Marketing or Social Media Platforms can truly help businesses to become more visible. But using irrelevant and excessive hashtags can be annoying to users. To avoid this, limit your hashtags usage to a sensible and considerable number. Also, make sure they are relevant to what you are trying to convey.

There is no doubt that the world will soon shift completely from analog to digital practices. Digital Marketing is so essential in the present digital world because it is one of the fast growing terms in the current marketing field and also it is set to become the future of marketing industry.

If you correct the above described 5 Digital Marketing mistakes, you can reach your end goal and increase your sales. For more information about Digital Marketing,  Contact us!

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