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Saffron Edge is a trusted company for ORM services. With more than 10 years of experience in providing online reputation management services to professionals and business organizations across different industries, we help you manage your online reputation through creating and maintaining positive reviews on the most influential review websites such as Yelp, Google Reviews, etc. Our comprehensive corporate reputation management services help to take your brand to the next level.

  • Comprehensive brand reputation management services
  • Successful delivery of 200+ projects
  • Certified online reputation management company
  • Rated 4.8 out of 5 by 200+ clients

ORM Services that build positive brand image

Online Reputation Monitoring
  • Reputation Monitoring

Social media platforms, blogs and other digital marketing channels provide a great way to reach out to potential customers and make them aware of your brand. Our review monitoring orm services, a part of corporate reputation management services will help you to be vigilant and manage both positive and negative reviews across different platforms, including social media.

Timely Response ORM Reviews
  • Timely Response to Reviews

Timely response to positive and negative reviews will improve your engagement with the audience. Advanced review management service, which is an integral part of our online review management services helps to identify negative reviews, ascertain if they are genuine or fake, and take the right steps to resolve the issue amicably.

ORM audit
  • Review Audit to Ascertain Presence of Popular Industry Platforms

Ensuring that you have good reviews on the leading review platforms is the first step in the process of online brand reputation management. Our review audit, which is a core process of our brand ORM services, helps us to ascertain which review platforms, you are already present on and where you need to mark your presence.

Continuous outreach
  • Continuous Outreach to Promote Positive Reviews

Trust is a critical factor that can benefit your brand. Positive reviews from your existing customers help to showcase the trustworthiness and quality of your brand. Our corporate reputation management services help to optimize your reviews by constant outreach to encourage customers to share their reviews online.

Search protection
  • Search Protection

Since the cases of identity thefts are on the rise, a fraudster can impersonate your business and damage your reputation. We use the state-of-the-art online brand protection tools to scour the internet for dubious listings of your brand and reclaim your ownership.

Manage Negative Reviews
  • Manage Negative Reviews

Our comprehensive online review management process helps to identify bad reviews and ascertain if they are fake or genuine. We use the best tools to identify negative reviews from genuine customers and use the best approach to resolve the matter.

Recover ORM
  • Recover Online Reputation

Negative reviews on personal blogs, third-party review sites and hate sites are a serious issue. One negative review may alter the customer's decision to buy your product or service. Our review audit and monitoring helps to identify such negative reviews on the internet and deal with them in the best manner to recover your online brand reputation.

Brand ORM on Social Media
  • Branding on Social Media

Presence on social media has become mandatory for all business organizations, no matter big or small. However, it is important to search for the best social media platforms suitable for your business. Our digital marketing experts ensure that your business has a presence on all the suitable social media platforms.

ORM Damage Control
  • Damage Control

Our comprehensive corporate reputation management services help you to rectify any past issues and control unintended damage to your corporate reputation. We continuously monitor your brand mentions on all the digital channels and take steps to handle any defamatory or negative content.

Saffron Edge Is The Best ORM Company - Proven To Improve Your Online Reputation

Saffron Edge is a reputed NJ ORM company with more than a decade of experience in handling the online reputation management of companies across different industry verticals. We have been working with brands, corporates, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and celebrities.

Having worked in the US market space for over a decade now, our experts have keen insights into the digital marketing landscape. We know the inside and out of the market landscape. With our offices in Fairfield, New Jersey and across the USA, we have helped businesses small and large worldwide to flourish by generating leads and increasing their sales.

Our ORM Services Includes

  • Proactive ORM services
    Proactive solution
  • Cutting edge technology
    Cutting-edge technology
  • Online monitoring and tracking
    Online monitoring and tracking
  • PPC ORM services
    PPC reputation protection service
  • Firewall your ORM
    Firewall your online reputation

Boost Your Revenue through consistent ORM Services

Online reputation management services help you to increase the visibility of positive reviews and appropriately address negative reviews.

  • Contributes to SEO
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Be found by the prospective customers
  • Develop trust among the audience
  • Consistent outreach to consumers
  • Eliminate negative comments and reviews
  • Ensure presence on influential review platforms
  • Identify and fix fake reviews
  • Benefit from the increased sales

Reasons to Invest in Online Brand Reputation - Increased ROI

Like in real life, maintaining a positive brand reputation online is also critical to develop trust in the potential customers. Studies conclude that 67.7% customers factored online reviews about a brand into their decision-making. In this dynamic scenario, it is imperative to have a well-designed online reputation management strategy to ensure that your brand or business is shown in a positive light and has the right engagement with the target audience.

By investing in ORM services, you are nurturing your business to skyrocket into the fissure of success.

  • Builds Trust

85% of consumers trust word of mouth recommendations, and reviews. Positive brand reviews are hence essential to build trust among audience and persuade them to buy your products.

  • Positive Reputation

A study by the World Economic Forum states that approximately 25% of an organization's market value is determined by their reputation. Source:

  • Positive Brand Reviews

74% of people search for product reviews of Yelp, before hiring home service providers.

  • Prevents Revenue Loss

41% of companies reported a loss of revenue due to an event that caused negative reputation.

  • Positive Online Reviews

86% consumers were willing to pay more for a service from a company, which has positive online reviews.

  • Damage Control

70% of unhappy customers will be willing to return to your brand, if the complaint is resolved in their favour

  • Manage Negative Reviews

45% of people admitted that they cancelled their purchase decisions because of finding negative reviews about a company.

  • Rank High on Search Engines

The Edelman Trust barometer states that 65% of consumers trust online search engines when searching for products or services.

  • Be Found on Local Search

97% of consumers search online for local businesses and 12% of them do so on a daily basis.

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Why choose Saffron Edge over other ORM services?

Fully Integrated Solutions

Fully Integrated Solutions

We are the only NJ ORM company to offer holistic solutions to monitor and manage your online brand reputation. Our comprehensive process of corporate reputation management takes into account various forms of digital marketing such as content marketing, social media and local SEO.

ORM Services

ORM Services Within Your Budget

We understand the digital market space like no other and use the best tools to ensure our clients get the best service. Our professional team of highly skilled digital marketing experts can design tailor-made solutions that are result-oriented and cost-effective.

Proactive Solutions

Proactive Solutions

Our highly skilled and experienced teams are always on their feet to devise online reputation management strategies. They identify potential issues that can damage your reputation and provide the best solutions to handle them.


Real time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

Our experts are always vigilant and keep a track of your online reviews across different platforms. This real-time monitoring helps to increase the visibility of positive reviews, address genuine negative reviews in a proper manner and to push down negative reviews from disgruntled employees or competitors.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting

We provide monthly reports about all the activities undertaken to improve your brand’s online reputation and their results. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to hear out your queries and ensure prompt action.

Best Results

Best Results

All our online management strategies are customer-centric and result-oriented. Saffron Edge believes in providing highly personalized and measurable solutions that match with the customer requirements.

ORM services expert hiring models

Dedicated Professionals

Dedicated Professionals

Hourly Basis

Hourly Basis

Shared Resource

Fixed Cost Model

Team Screening

  • ORM experts are screened to match client’s goals.
  • Ideal candidates are shortlisted on the basis of proficiency.
  • NDA is signed and the project is assigned to the selected professional.

Strategy Creation and Execution

  • The client’s present presence on social media and other review platforms is assessed.
  • Proactive strategies to encourage positive reviews and resolve negative reviews are designed.
  • The strategies are implemented in a streamlined manner.

Monitoring and Management

  • Continuous review monitoring and management.
  • Detailed monthly reports about the strategies employed and results.
  • Enjoy the benefits of positive brand reputation

ORM frequently asked questions

Managing your online reputation is as important as managing your business reputation in the outside world. Most of the customers believe peer reviews than advertisement campaigns. One bad review or comment on social media platforms and review sites can cause a drop in revenue and decrease in bottom lines.

Every business, no matter big or small requires to manage its online reputation. Most of the customers use the internet to search for products and services. Hence it is crucial to ensure that your organization has only positive mentions in social media, review sites and other platforms. Moreover, positive reviews also help to develop trust among the customers and improve revenues.

Yes, individuals also require to maintain good reputation online. A majority of the universities and employers search online to know about the credentials of a candidate. It is advisable to sign up for our online reputation management services to ensure that you have only positive reviews and mentions on the internet.

The expenses incurred on online reputation management services are an investment that provide long term benefits. Hiring our services ensures that your organization or brand receives good number of organic good reviews. Moreover, the negative reviews are eliminated or resolved using the best approaches. The benefits of online brand management are many when compared to the costs.

It is important to identify whether the negative reviews are genuine or fake, to devise a suitable strategy to handle them. Genuine reviews can be handled by approaching the customers and working out an amicable solution. However, fake reviews from disgruntled employees, competitors and fraudsters have to be handled firmly. We employ various up-to-date methods to handle fake reviews that damage your reputation.

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