Marketing Services

We understand how business objectives can be transformed into measurable online digital campaigns that can improve your branding, sales, image and also monitor your data seamlessly, all at the same time, so that you don’t have to miss out on anything.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is primarily a User-oriented approach that we assist you in perfecting. With our state-of-the-art analytics tools, we provide you with valuable insights regarding the market trends and help you market content accordingly so as to generate more user traffic. Our team here at Saffron Edge specializes in content strategy and execution. We lay great emphasis on the topics, formats, and type of content that we believe could work for you.


Our Digital Advertising campaigns allow brands to reach out a wide audience base pertaining to the appropriate industry vertical that the brand falls in. We ensure that our client’s companies receive the best ROI in social and online advertising through comprehensive strategic planning, best quality ads, campaign measurement and optimization. We keep analyzing the market and based on the recent trends, design our paid AdWord marketing strategies, tailor made to fit your needs.

Social Marketing

Social Media Marketing revolves around integrating marketing strategies with social network platforms in order to improve reach, brand, image and traffic rate on your business. Our Social Media Experts remain up to date regarding the ongoing buzz on the social network domains and use their expert analysis to develop strategies that help in Generating Followers, Generating Traffic, Allow influencers to reach you and your brands, Targeting similar target users on Social Media


Unreckoned data lying over the internet is a waste. Any piece of material or information, if not monitored and analyzed regularly amounts to nothing in your business. We understand the value of your data. We not only generate content for you, but we also keep a track of how your data is doing over the net. Since, it is a regular process, we can always provide real-time reports of each and every piece of information that you require, thanks to a wide array of measurement tools

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