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Custom Link Building And Outreach Process Requires High Standard Of Expertise.

Links are still one of most important ranking factor for Google organic search. This is why Google have taken specific steps in order for it not to be manipulated or easily gamed. Because of which Google has been updating its core algorithm to maintain its sanity on the search results. Google has been pushing algorithm including penguin update (link quality) which was only build to counter unnatural links building.  Post critical updates including panda (quality of content), hummingbird (understanding of topics) and utilization of Rankbrain (which uses Machine learning AI to understand queries and interactions) the factors of link building are not only related to links. These updates have been making organic link building much more difficult as the process requires quite a bit of work, is detailed and requires critical analysis to make sure it’s done correctly.


Saffron Edge Link building services make sure organic link building is done for our clients with the highest level of understanding of how these ranking factors. Infact its not even link building but a mechanism which naturally allows other users to refer our clients page. Links itself have value from the domain and page authority, type of link (text, image), domain age, anchor tag, related content website, not being from A bad neighbourhood, links being from ads or sponsored, diversity of links, link placement, quality of the content etc. All of these things and the factors make this very complex. Therefore doing Link building correctly requires fair bit of research, outreach efforts, patience and effective techniques.

Here are some of our core process for link building

Link Audit

Link Audit

Reviewing current status of links on your website. Doing a thorough audit using backlink tools including ahref,majestic, webmaster and semrush.

Content Audit

Content Audit

Identifying exception content that you have access to or is available on your website (infographic, video, pdfs, articles etc) and also identifying thin content (low quality) and removing them.



This step includes evaluating the above and optimizing the existing site, and making sure internal link structure is powerful. We help identify various power pages that help build a strong internal link channels for deep lying pages.


Content Creation

Creating quality content that satisfies users intent. This content could be in the form of videos, infographics, pdfs, articles etc. This step requires research on competition, understanding the best qualities of your business and creating content for your audiences with respect to their life-cycle and buyers journey.  This is done with approval process.

Content Outreach

Content Outreach

Reaching out or pitching  to influencers, link creators and potential domains webmasters who are likely to engage and assist in publishing your content. Press Release Outreach is also a significant part of the content outreach strategy.

Social Media Promotion

Social Media Promotion

Most of the influencers and link creators are available on social media and this is a must have for all link building campaigns. This allows users to publish, like and share your content throughout. This can be done organically or through paid social media campaign.

Broken Link Building

Broken Link Building

This process involves reaching out to good domain authoritative website who have referred your business name but have not referred your website URL. An outreach is done to request a link to be created.

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The aforementioned process is organic and need to be done with due diligence in order for it to be successful. Link building service is for everyone from small business to enterprises who continuously need to monitor , manage, optimise and create great content for natural links to be created.

Here are of our results

Keyword Ranking Improved
Organic Traffic Increased
Revenue Increased


  • Saffron Edge helped me assess the true value of my business website. After working with them I was able to get a grasp on how quality links can really improve traffic scenarios. Great job guys!

    Alyssa CEO, Travel & Tourism Industry
  • I've been working with Saffron Edge for over a year. I like their approach and transparency when it comes to building relevant links for my website. They have a good understanding of my business and customers, and have successfully helped me tap into the right channels overtime.

    Shane Orthodontist
  • Working with the Saffron team has been great. They are currently running my paid and link building campaign and frankly, I have seen my traffic grow over 10 times in the last 6 months. This has been a great partnership for me so far. Cheers

    Paul Marketing Manager, Global E-Commerce Magnate

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