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The Evolution of eCommerce into Headless

Create any app or front end for commerce with the same backend. Suppose you are already present on the digital platform as an eCommerce store and want to offer an enhanced customer experience to your customers while offering content through unconventional channels. In that case, all that you need is a headless commerce service.

In headless commerce, decoupling of the front-end of the eCommerce website from its backend system and eCommerce platform is done. This type of separation gives the power of flexibility to the eCommerce firm, thus enhancing the customer experience.

At Saffron Edge, we offer scalable, customizable, and robust headless commerce services to all the different types of eCommerce stores at affordable prices. By taking advantage of our skilled professionals and long years of experience, you can completely transform customer experience and fuel the growth of your eCommerce business.


Front End?

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Angular ??

Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source web application framework, and the best part about this framework is the Angular team manages it at Google. Angular has many benefits, like higher speed and better performance, cross-platform features, great tooling, and much more.

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It is custom-built for eCommerce, and it is popular among eCommerce firms because it has templates and components specially designed for eCommerce. In addition to this, the entire framework is SEO friendly, and you can even preserve your current URL scheme while using React. Many other features in this robust framework make it fit like a glove in the specific needs of eCommerce firms.

Back End?

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Adobe commerce / Magento

It is a new bundled offering that gives firms a completely scalable end-to-end platform for optimizing, managing, and customizing the eCommerce experience through various touchpoints. Since you can easily integrate all the Adobe tools with Adobe commerce, you get more options for customizations. In addition to this, Adobe commerce is user-friendly as well. Therefore, it makes it easy to use for newbies as well.

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Shopify plus

If your eCommerce business has started making around $1-2 million revenue every year, then Shopify plus can be perfect. But it is not the revenue here that makes Shopify plus a great choice, but the stage of the firms here demands more unique features and some extra support. So, with Shopify Plus, you can take your digital store to the next level as it gives you the power of flexibility.

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It is an open-source Node.js headless CMS, and it is one of the leading headless CMS that allows the developers to use their favorite frameworks and tools and build an eCommerce store as per their wish. Strapi gives you an intuitive admin panel in addition to an API consumable from any HTTP client. This headless CMS is considered very efficient at managing the basic structure of a CMS.

Benefits of headless commerce

  • Better omnichannel experience

Regardless of what the customer is buying, omnichannel sales have always been a possibility. With headless commerce, the developers working for a firm can build a front end for a new digital sales channel whenever they need it and without any delay. This ability to add new channels to the entire eCommerce experience can prove to be a turning point.

  • Improved front-end customization

Unlike traditional eCommerce channels that offer limited customization with the front-end tools, headless commerce provides unlimited potential for the front-end ecosystem of eCommerce. For example, a firm can use a powerful IoT-enabled tool and easily integrate it with the headless CX platform.

  • Personalized customer experience

Every customer is interested in dealing with only those businesses that offer them a personalized experience as per their need. With the help of headless commerce, firms can fine-tune their front-end sales to make it fit like a glove in the needs and preferences of the customer.

  • Enhanced flexibility

Customer needs and preferences keep changing with time, so the front-end tool you are using must be flexible enough to adapt to the changes. It can vary from modifying the ads to relating with what customers currently need to make changes in the front-end sales. Luckily, headless commerce offers a lot of flexibility in this field. 

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Why Saffron Edge for headless commerce?

  • Individualized approach

Thrive on Saffron Edge’s decoupled headless architecture for offering a seamless and personalized experience to your buyers as we offer easy and quick storefront customization. You can also create a unique brand identity with 250+ API endpoints for theme customization, order flow, and check-out.

  • Scalable solutions

With us, you get a scalable eCommerce solution that keeps on fueling the growth of your business, regardless of the market condition. We can help you in scaling both the front-end and backend separately. You can also reduce the time invested to market as we assist in building a rapid front-end experience for different devices and even new channels.

  • Seamless integration

Enhance your outreach and create new opportunities with the quick and seamless integration solutions from Saffron Edge. With us, you can integrate a long list of tools and systems for building entirely new and practical sales opportunities for your business. You can even become more effective with tools that help in minimizing manual check errors. 

  • Empower ideas

You can improve the chances of your ideas becoming a successful initiative by using state-of-the-art technologies and future-proof headless CMS. Improve the conversion rate by giving a new option of buying on the go for your customers. You can even provide an intuitive cross-device buying experience with the help of our headless commerce services. 


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