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Personalized User Experiences

Acquiring the bulk of customers and keeping them engaged is one of the common dreams of all eCommerce giants. But only a few businesses successfully achieve this target. They have made their platform user-friendly, making it easier for customers to get what they want. Saffron Edge will help you win this battle. We offer end-to-end eCommerce development services to provide your customers with a smooth shopping experience. We have a team of UX researchers, UX designers, and marketers that will make your website more engaging.

Better Conversion Rate

Conversion is a critical element of every marketing strategy; if the strategy and eCommerce store are not good, the business will have low sales. You need more traffic to generate more traffic. Transforming your visitors into customers is not as easy as cake cutting. You have to build a catchy and easy-to-navigate website that automatically gives preferences to the customers' needs. Our web designers are highly dedicated to creating an interactive eCommerce platform that can catch the attention of millions of online customers. We have cutting-edge solutions to improve your conversion rate with simple but efficient marketing strategies.

Smart Integration of Products & Services

Building an eCommerce website is not enough to get the customers. There are many things you need to consider while listing your products. You have to smartly integrate your products and services so that customers can quickly know about your product and take action. Our marketing analysts with web designers will help you assemble your services or products that can make it easier for the customer to navigate. We have a fusion of technologies that can increase the chances of conversions and hence more ROI.

Custom Monitoring And Analytics Tool

Monitoring and analyzing the performance of your eCommerce store on a daily basis will help you drive a more significant share of the eCommerce boom. But most of the time, start-ups don't give much importance to monitoring their strategies. Saffron Edge has compiled new-aged tactics backed by advanced technology that enables you to analyze your performance and take necessary steps accordingly. Our team will club up with your team to create custom tools so that you can monitor your preferences.

SEO For eCommerce

SEO (search engine optimization) is a critical factor in ranking your website. Failing to optimize your eCommerce website according to the set criteria will not help your business rank at the top. Without a powerful SEO, you can't compete with your competitors. That's why you require the advice of SEO experts. We have a team of SEO experts who will optimize your product pages by creating impressive and SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and catchy visuals that can make your website rank at the top of SERPs organically.

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Shopping Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is one of the most significant issues faced by eCommerce businesses. This problem often arises due to poor mobile optimization and navigation. Our web designing team will help you redesign your shopping cart and optimize your website for mobile. Plus, we will help you retarget your customers via live chat and email reminders.

Omnichannel Integration

Integrating omnichannel for your eCommerce store will help you get more shoppers than single-channel shoppers. Our team will help you in omnichannel integration to approach customers on various platforms, ultimately raising your sales.

Cybersecurity Issues

With the increasing reports of cyberattacks, it is imperative to make your website secure so that your customers can easily share their data with you. Our Cybersecurity experts will help you manage your servers and data backups and regularly update your eCommerce website.

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With the changing marketing trends, it’s crucial to upgrade your eCommerce platforms to get customers’ attention. We have exclusive web development services that can manage all your stuff and help you engage new customers with advanced AI support.

It entirely depends on your need, pricing, scalability, design options, and more. Saffron Edge offers a full eCommerce development service on Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

We offer end-to-end web development services to kickstart your eCommerce business, from consultation to design development, integration, migration, and customer support.

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