BetterCommerce is the future of commerce, delivered now. Our headless and composable commerce platform gives companies the ability to compete with large-scale companies on a moderate budget. You can advance your company and provide it the tools it needs to create the ideal commerce solution with BetterCommerce.

Our platform offers incredible benefits and adaptability, enabling organizations to develop distinctive and compelling commerce experiences that boost revenue. Businesses can easily manage their content, products, and orders with BetterCommerce, and they can quickly link it with other services and tools to build a custom commerce solution that fits their particular company requirements.

We provide a flexible and scalable platform that can be tailored to match your unique needs since we recognize that every business is unique. BetterCommerce has the resources you need to succeed, whether you want to build an e-commerce website, a mobile app, or a social media storefront.

To start delivering the future of commerce right away, join up for BetterCommerce right away if you’re prepared to take your company to the next level.

Why is Headless E-commerce important?

The phrase “headless eCommerce” refers to a division between the front-end user interface and the back-end eCommerce platform. This simply means that the business logic, data, and processing layers of the website are distinct from the presentation layer and user interface. Several online retailers are switching to headless eCommerce as it becomes more and more popular. Here are a few justifications for why headless eCommerce is crucial:

  • Faster and More Flexible

Since headless eCommerce does away with the limitations of conventional monolithic eCommerce platforms, development may proceed more quickly and with greater flexibility. This enables considerably quicker upgrades and modifications without the need for intensive development labor. Additionally, it implies that a wider range of platforms, including smartwatches and mobile apps, can be supported more readily.

  • Scalable and Modifiable

Headless eCommerce also has the benefit of being very adaptable and scalable. This implies that without being constrained by the features of a conventional eCommerce platform, retailers can design a wholly distinctive online buying experience for their customers. It also implies that the platform can develop and change over time to meet shifting business requirements.

  • Enhanced User Experience

Online customers may have a better experience thanks to headless eCommerce. Retailers may design a more user-friendly, simplified, and customized online buying experience by separating the front-end user interface from the back-end eCommerce platform. This may increase client loyalty and engagement.

Why BetterCommerce?

BetterCommerce is a thorough, headless eCommerce platform created to assist online merchants in developing and delivering outstanding online buying experiences. BetterCommerce has a number of strong features and abilities that make it the perfect headless eCommerce platform, such as:

Comprehensive APIs

A wide range of APIs that BetterCommerce offers make it simple to integrate with any front-end technology or platform. As a result, retailers are not constrained by the features of the eCommerce platform and are free to utilize their preferred front-end development tools and technologies.

Flexibility and Scalability

BetterCommerce is very adaptable and scalable, so it may expand and change over time to meet the evolving demands of businesses. This makes it the perfect platform for businesses that wish to provide customers with a distinctive, personalized online buying experience.

Effortless Business Tools

A number of effective business solutions are offered by BetterCommerce, such as order processing, inventory management, and payment processing. Retailers can manage their online storefronts and deliver top-notch customer service with ease.

Simplified Development Process

The faster development process offered by BetterCommerce allows companies to update and modify their online storefronts more rapidly and effectively. This enhances the overall consumer experience while lowering development costs and time to market.

Why Saffron?

Sign up today and start creating exceptional online shopping experiences for your customers! With our comprehensive APIs, powerful business tools, and streamlined development process, you’ll be able to grow and scale your store like never before. Don’t wait – join the BetterCommerce community now and see the difference for yourself!

Use Case

Deliver Omnichannel for your business

Delivering omnichannel for your company entails offering a smooth buying experience over a variety of channels, including internet, mobile, social media, and in-person. Delivering an omnichannel purchasing experience to your customers is possible with BetterCommerce. Users can begin looking at your products on your website, put them in their mobile device’s shopping basket, and finish the transaction in-person. Customers can also place online orders for in-store pickup or returns of items purchased online in actual physical stores.

Launch Prime-style membership

Retailers are increasingly utilizing membership programs, particularly in the e-commerce sector. You can start a membership program in the style of Prime with BetterCommerce, giving your devoted customers free shipping, special discounts, early access to specials, and other benefits. This increases consumer loyalty and brings in recurring income for your company.

Launch your new ecommerce website at unprecedented speed

An e-commerce website’s debut can take a lot of time because time equals money. Yet, you may launch your new e-commerce website with BetterCommerce at a record-breaking pace. Our platform makes website design and development simple with pre-built templates, editable themes, and simple-to-use tools. Your website can be operational in no time.

Launch a subscription-based business model

Businesses that sell consumable goods like cosmetics, snacks, or pet supplies are ideal candidates for subscription-based business strategies. You may start a subscription-based business with BetterCommerce and give your clients the convenience of automatic delivery. This not only brings in regular income for your company but also increases client retention and loyalty.

Sell on Amazon and other marketplaces

Selling on online stores like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart can greatly expand your audience and boost your income. You can quickly link your e-commerce store to many marketplaces with BetterCommerce, manage your inventory, and complete orders from a single dashboard.

Connect your POS and improve in-store experience

BetterCommerce offers a seamless connection with a variety of POS systems, enabling you to manage your in-store and online sales from a single platform. Integrate your POS and enhance the in-store experience. Our POS system also allows you to manage your inventory, accept payments, and provide in-store customers with loyalty programs. This enhances the in-store experience overall and enables you to provide a more individualized buying experience.

Never lose a sale in-store – Endless Aisle

BetterCommerce’s Endless Aisle feature enables customers to peruse your full product selection even if it isn’t physically available in-store. Your consumers can make an in-person purchase and have it delivered right to their door. Sales are increased, and customer satisfaction is enhanced.

Curated Product Collections

Curated product collections are a wonderful way to showcase your products and draw attention to their distinctive qualities. You may design unique collections with BetterCommerce that are tailored to particular client groups or events, such as holidays or unique occasions.

Visual merchandise your product collections

The skill of presenting your products in an alluring and interesting way is known as visual merchandising. Your clients will be drawn to and engaged by visually beautiful product displays you can make with BetterCommerce. Our drag-and-drop tools let you design unique layouts, include top-notch product photos, and even include movies or animations.

Personalized product recommendations

This strategy works well for boosting sales and enhancing customer happiness. Using machine learning algorithms, you can use BetterCommerce to analyze consumer data and provide tailored product recommendations based on their previous purchases, browsing history, and other behavioral information. This enhances your business’s sales and revenue while also enhancing the consumer experience.

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