10 Most Effective Ways to Supercharge Your DTC Strategy


Dec 2, 2022


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Direct-to-Customer (or D2C) marketing has gained significant momentum in the digital space. The COVID pandemic has launched its popularity to the top. Still, the change in patterns could be observed even before the global pandemic when large and small companies began shifting to this mode and expelling all intermediaries to establish a direct connection with the customers.

D2C marketing has especially become the norm as it provides a lot of control and supervision over the entirety of the process. It helps a business achieve the desired goals and conversion. Along with this, DTC also helps in cutting costs down significantly while providing you with great insights that shall help you in adjusting your sales and DTC Performance marketing styles. Digital marketing, by itself, gives you great avenues when it comes to tracking progress. DTC enhances this and helps your efforts to get even more streamlined, resulting in great profits and a general boom in the business.

But first, let’s understand DTC growth potential a little better. Direct-to-consumer marketing stays true to its name and lets you reach out to the consumers without needing an intermediary. Otherwise, brands using intermediaries or go-betweens is a common practice.

Under DTC, the brand controls the entire trajectory of their product, from creating awareness to final purchase and then building up brand loyalty among their customer.


10 Most Effective Ways to Supercharge your DTC Strategy

Brand Personality

The Internet makes things easier while simultaneously making them difficult. And its duality lies in the paradox of its accessibility. It is accessible to everyone, making the market an even and leveled ground for all. One product never stays unique and shall always have competitors. So what shall make you special? What makes customers connect with your product? The answer is your Brand.

Customers nowadays seek the experience just as much as they seek the product and services you offer. So building up an authentic and fitting brand personality to moonlight as your online presence is just as important as the product/service itself.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has slowly had the entire world in a chokehold. Utilizing it in the best ways possible can guarantee great results for you. Owing to its popularity and accessibility, it is a great, if not, one of the primary tools in your arsenal if you’re aiming to establish a direct relationship with your customer.

When it comes to Social Media Marketing, consistency is key. It is generic advice, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Unique and consistent content works very well to keep the interest of the followers/potential customers. It keeps them engaged.


Email Marketing has become an essential technique in direct-to-customer marketing. After social media, it is one of the most important ways of forming a connection in the digital world. Working to amplify your email list can be a tedious uphill journey, but it is just as rewarding. The conversion of an email subscriber to a customer is slow, but it provides you long-term results.

Automated emails make the process a lot more personal to Enhance Customer Retention, which is the eventual goal of DTC. It makes the shopper’s experience personalized, which may increase the chances of repurchasing and further word-of-mouth.

Customer Testimonials

User-generated content (UGC) is one of the best strategies to imply as it not only boosts your brand but also makes it more relatable and trustable to the potential market.

UGC focuses on the highly personal experience of one said customer and helps to encourage a potential customer to approach the product in a different and much more pleasing light. And even before, UGC customer testimonials have always been the way to build faith in the label.

Influencer Marketing

When it comes to establishing a brand, it is important to paint a picture, and authenticity is one of the most important aspects of it to a customer. However, this is easier said than done, as it is difficult to establish a positive brand image. This is where influencer marketing becomes a viable option in the DTC sphere. It helps you leverage an existing figure’s trustability and authenticity for your brand.

Influencers become key to your brand imaging, so it is essential that you find the ones that best align with your product and its ideation. Because with these boxes ticked, you will already have an audience that will have the need for your product. Basically, you will be paying for results rather than impressions.


Ready-made products dominate the market, which makes custom products a unique experience that also ends up catering to an individual in the best way possible. Nowadays, more and more customers want personalization in their products which is breeding a market for them.

Working according to your audience’s needs is probably one of the few ways to promise results in a generally dynamic and unpredictable market.

Online Ad Campaigns

Virality and Memeability are two very important aspects of running an online ad campaign because they situate the products in a customer’s head while also generating a great and lasting impact. The famous and almost iconic campaign run by Old Spice with the tagline “the Man Your Man could Smell like” is one such example.

Of course, not every ad campaign can make it big as the algorithm that lets things trend is still dynamic and largely unpredictable, but it is still important to try and get your creative juices running.

Acting on Feedback

Establishing a closer relationship with the customers means seeking their valuable insights. Your customer testimonials will only do so much good. You, as a brand, need to act on constructive criticism and suggestions to make your brand the one that listens and cares.

Acting on feedback is a way to build brand loyalty among the audience. It helps in repurchases.


As mentioned earlier, brand imaging is the key when it comes to SEO Marketing Guide for your DTC Brand. One method to add to that is aligning yourself with a social cause that is relevant to your products and ideology. It helps the younger generation, which is a major percentage of the online traffic, align with your brand better.

Data-Based Marketing

Data now has greater power than ever before. Retailers may now gather and analyze more consumer data than ever before, thanks to technological technologies, which help to produce insightful information for efficient retention marketing. Utilizing data to target particular segments of your market with deals that are very pertinent to them is among the most efficient marketing strategies. Consider promotions such as free trial periods, complimentary products, and discount codes.

In Conclusion

DTC marketing is a great space that is thriving with potential. It has shown its magic for several brands. We, at Saffron Edge, guarantee you this and more. Our services are unparalleled and can help you establish the brand you have been after. We provide effective digital strategies and services that make the competitive digital space an easy one to conquer for you. Reach out today for the Edge!