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DTC Paid Media

DTC Paid media is a modern-marketing method that includes paid placement like display ads, branded content, PPC advertising, etc. It is the most crucial criterion of revenue growth, and it also helps improve the brand awareness on the online platform.

Performance-Based Marketing Measured Against Business Outcomes!

Quickly Reach Your Prospects & Build Connected Audiences using Multi-Channel Strategies

  • Get Instant Results

DTC Paid media always yields instant results. It can take months to see the traction for SEO, but that is not the case with paid media. For example, on Google AdWords, the ads appear in the search results as soon as they are approved.

  • Easily Measurable

We offer key performance indicators (KPIs) that help you determine what’s working and what is not working with your paid campaigns. We provide valuable data; by using this data, you can further optimize your strategy in the future!

  • Strong Relationship

We help you target the right audience, and thus you get the opportunity to build a strong relationship with the audience. Also, you get to enjoy a high ROI.

  • Cost-effective

Our DTC paid media strategies are more cost-effective than traditional offline channels. Since the ROI is always higher, it is worth investing in. You will even control who sees your ads, how much you pay for the ads, and which type of format your ad will have.

Get Cutting-Edge Strategies To Drive Business Performance & Growth

How do our DTC Paid Media Campaigns Scale up your Business?

  • Keyword Research

We do extensive keyword research and put the right keywords in our clients' campaigns.

  • Competitive Analysis

Our team keeps tabs on the competitors to be aware of the competition on the digital platform.

  • Campaign Structure Optimization

We optimize the campaign structure to yield better results while continuously improving.

  • Display And Remarketing Strategy

These two are the strongest points of our paid media strategy, and we never miss on impressing our clients with the results.

  • Use of Right Mix

We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach since we believe in choosing a specific mix of paid ads for particular purposes.

  • Best Practices In Ad Creative

Our team never misses on the creative aspect of the campaigns, as this is what allures the audience to take action on the ads.

  • Use of Best Tools And People

Our D2C clients trust us since we trust the most productive and updated tools and the best experts in the industry.

Why Invest In DTC Paid Media Marketing Strategy?

Is it Possible to Create Cross-Channel Success Via D2C Paid Media Tactics?

Although paid media is necessary for every kind of business for D2C brands, then the perks become specific. For all the D2C brands out there, paid media allows the D2C brands to extend the reach of their content, become more visible and get instant attention.

The D2C market is becoming more competitive, and therefore, you need to have a proper mix of both organic search and paid media in your digital marketing strategy. You will have to wait for the SEO to yield results without paid media.

Leverage The Full Potential Of Our Paid Marketing Strategies

Saffron Edge is a Recognized Digital Marketing Agency Dedicated to Elevate Your Brand

  • We Focus On Amplifying

With data gathering, you don’t have to sit there and wait for your ads to perform well; rather, you need to analyze the data and put it to use by understanding what is working for you and what needs to dissipate from your ads. Our marketers do all the legwork for you.

  • We Offer The Right Content

A D2C brand should always re-examine the content they are promoting. Even after choosing the right channel and ideal bidding strategy, the ROI can be hampered just because of the inappropriate content being promoted. We have an in-house team of content writers who help us curate, deliver, and publish various forms of content.

  • Refining Message

The ads don’t always need to be promotional for yielding better results. We can help your D2C brand get the desired results by using inbound marketing. Our inbound strategies are effective and efficient.

  • Custom Landing Page Design

A custom landing page is a requisite for a successful paid media campaign, regardless of which platform you have chosen to advertise your product, service, or brand. And if your goal is to increase conversion, you should never miss the use of a custom landing page!

What Is The ROI for DTC Paid Media?

There is no fixed ROI for paid media as it depends on many factors. Everything can affect the overall ROI of paid media, from the cost of goods sold to the type of channel chosen.

But the good thing about paid media is that it gives you the option to keep track of the performance, and thus, the results will always be palpable. There is no guesswork involved in the case of ROI for paid media.

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It is a marketing channel that involves at least one type of payment. PPC paid search ads and paid SMM are the best examples of paid media channels.

There is no fixed cost as it depends on the duration and channel of your ad. For example, running the ad during the holiday season can cost you more.

Paid media is always faster to set up than any other form of media, and the same goes for the time taken to yield results.

  • Display ads
  • Social media advertising
  • Search engine marketing
  • Video ads

According to our experts, you should always use custom landing pages for paid ads as they can yield better results.

One can optimize the price paid in the case of paid media, and they can make it work in even limited budgets of small D2C brands.

Since the company is always in direct contact with the customer, they can better use paid media to strengthen the relationship.

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