What is Organic and Fair Trade Marketing?

DTC Paid Media

It is a specialized marketing technique used to promote the food products sold under the category of fair trade and organic. This includes all the digital marketing efforts used for general food items in addition to specific tools that cater to the needs of the organic and fair trade realm.

What is Highlighted in Fair Trade Marketing?

  • Recognition

Consumers are aware of fairtrade since this is the most widely recognized ethical label in the entire world and therefore, people can recognize fairtrade efforts faster.

  • The Sourcing Model Matches The Need

Companies use a completely different approach when it comes to fairtrade and this is what helps in keeping the supply chain sustainable and transparent.

  • A Smart And Ethical Choice

It equips companies with a tool to deal with exploitative labor along with illicit use of natural resources and this can be marketed easily.

  • A Certification And Assurance System

The certification for fair trade is not only rigorous and independent but is also aligned with the best-in-class practices and this can bring uniqueness to the content strategy.

How can Saffron Edge help with DTC Organic and Fair-Trade Marketing?

  • Expertise

We have delivered excellent results for DTC organic and fair trade brands in the past and therefore, we have the expertise required to deal in this unique industry. We even know what’s trending and what needs to be kept at bay while designing a marketing campaign for such brands.

  • Precise Targeting

Not everyone buys organic and fair trade products and therefore, we are highly precise with our targeting approach. We build a consumer persona for our clients and then target them accordingly. This helps us in using every single penny spent on marketing campaigns.

  • Creativity and Uniqueness

The influx of DTC organic and fair trade is alluring many new players and everyone wants to garner a fair share of the market. But you don’t need to worry as our experts know how to make you stand out of the crowd as uniqueness and creativity are inherent to our approach.

  • Best Tools, Trends, and Tactics

When you choose us, you decide to make your brand thrive on the best tools, tactics, and trends. Therefore, you are not going to miss even a single opportunity to reach out to the potential customer and that too before anyone else.

What is Highlighted in Organic Marketing?

  • High Demand

With people becoming more aware of organic products, the demand is increasing in the market at an exponentially fast rate.

  • Ecological Benefits

From water conservation to reduced use of toxins in the soil, organic farming offers a long list of ecological benefits that can be highlighted in the marketing strategy.

  • Health Benefits

Obviously, people are flocking to organic farming since it is a more pristine form of food and therefore, it is the USP of organic products.

  • Ethical Practices

Every type of organic food production includes ethical practices and such practices are the main points of attraction for the customers.

Which Type of Digital Marketing Tools Can be Used for DTC Organic and Fair Trade Products?

  • PPC Marketing

This is the most economical tool for food and grocery websites to get potential customers. PPC campaigns can help food companies to improve conversion rates, get qualified leads, thrive on remarketing, and run display network campaigns.

  • Social Media Promotion

People are talking more about DTC organic and fair trade products on social media sites so using social media platforms to market such food products can turn out to be a great idea. But the content strategy and ad campaign optimization needs to be precise.

  • Video Promotion

Since people want to know about fair-trade practices and organic farming, building an informative video with a link back to your food website can boost the overall digital marketing strategy and increase the traffic on the website.

  • Email Marketing

This is the most effective source of reaching the pocket of potential customers. With an ideal email marketing strategy, you can create big sales and make people more aware of your brand and your practices.

What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing for Organic and Fair-Trade Brands?

  • Offers Ease and Convenience

With the right type of digital marketing strategy, you can reach your potential audience on all the channels at the same time.

  • Increase Brand Awareness

With people looking for information on the internet, a digital marketing strategy can be used to make people aware not only about specific products but about specific brands as well.

  • Introduction To A Global Audience

Digital marketing opens the global doors that give exposure to your organic or fair-trade brand in front of the global audience.

  • Reach The Ideal Customer

Don’t waste time on people who are not interested in buying these products, rather use digital marketing and always reach your ideal customer.

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frequently asked questions

There are many new additions that need to be made to the generic digital marketing strategy to make it work for organic and fair-trade products and therefore, yes, the digital marketing strategy for such brands differs.

In the case of fair trade products, the ethical consumers are going to be the ideal customer while in the case of organic products, the ideal customer can be millennials, health-conscious consumers, and even household shoppers.

No, digital marketing for such brands can be made economical without compromising on the effectiveness. One just needs the right expertise, tools and experience.

Such brands can use a mix of PPC, videos, influencers, social media marketing, and even search engine marketing for improving digital marketing efforts.

Such products can be promoted by using the unique feature that makes them stand out from the other products. Also, one can use greener business practices.

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