Three Key Tips To Sell More Through The Use Of Social Media


May 22, 2017


2 min read

Social media has been an inevitable part of DIGITAL MARKETING and you can barely walk straight without paying attention to the prospective potential of social media. The already expansive influence of social media is progressing further to an immense mass with every passing day, and you can’t simply evolve into a brand if you’re not on social media. And, if you’re already successful, you owe the fortune to social media.


Now, if you understand the scope of business on social media, here are some tips to help you sell more using social media.

1.Find out where your customer is: Good investment is all about spending your money at the appropriate place. Take out time to explore the accurate place wherever your target audience regularly breathes. Where people are discussing your business, where there is a need for your services, where people are already speaking of you and your competitor, that is the right place to put your resources and woo the customers.

Find out the insights of different social media platforms to know the platforms where the leads conversion is the highest. Social media monitoring will give you the right insights and opportunity to create personalized engagement activities. This will help you to build trust among the audience.

Most of the business fail to establish the desired impact because more or less they believe in creating their presence on different social media channels. But, if the various experts on the industry are to be trusted, the need is to identify the top three or four best social media channels and focus completely on utilizing them.  

2.Keep it simple: Complicating things is the worst thing that you can do to irritate your customer with your social media marketing. If your social media sales funnel is complicated, which is generally what most people go wrong, chances are people won’t consider ever again.

Serving the expectation to cater what people really need is what people should focus on rather than complicating the purchase process, making it a journey of 10-11 clicks before they can finally get the product.

3.Focus on mobile social media users: As we all know that use of mobile is increasing with every passing day and every brand is focusing more and more on mobile users content. With this, even the number of mobile apps are also increasing and it has become more important for you to strengthen your presence among mobile phone users.

Now, how to do it? The answer is to check your websites mobile performance using free mobile speed checker tools available on Google and try to fix all the issues that are indicated. Speed on mobile platforms is hampered by heavy images, an absence of proper CSS, HTML coding, and Javascript.  For most of the users, the major turnoff is when they face speed issues making their first experience bad. They don’t probably come back if their journey from Point A to Point B (From the point of introduction on social media to the final checkout) proves bad.  

We hope these tips prove helpful and your business blossoms with yielding you huge profits.  

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