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Can’t seem to figure out why you’re stuck with the same rankings on Google despite making a lot of marketing and SEO efforts? A simple SEO site audit can bring to light everything that is stopping you from hitting that first page of Google. Missing title tags, improper meta descriptions, 404 errors, poor website navigation, spammy backlink quality, and irrelevant or duplicate website content are some common pitfalls that can hurt your rankings on Google and our full SEO site analysis checks and optimizes all of them and more to bring your SEO game back on track.

The search engine optimization audit service we provide is thorough and leaves no stone unturned to make sure your website is optimized to its full potential. And we also provide a detailed SEO analysis report after we are done with auditing your website outlining everything we suggest to improve the search engine rankings of your website to make sure our clients are on the same page as us.

Our SEO Audit Process


Findability Checks

We usually kick off our audit process with a thorough findability check of your website to make sure if it’s easily accessible by both search engines & users. In this step of the process we identify basic crawl errors, site’s XML sitemap status, robots.txt file, duplicate content and more.


URL Analysis

Easily readable link as opposed to a complex link can sometime make all the difference when it comes to making a user click. We make sure all your links are structured in such a way that they give a hint of what the page is all about using the least of words. Also, we check for broken links and faulty redirects throughout your website to ensure a smooth user experience.


‘On-page SEO’ Checks

Analyzing each page of your website in bulk is what this step of the process includes. We check each and every page of your website for proper meta structure (source meta tags, title tags & meta descriptions), image size and it’s ALT tags & more.


Mobile Optimization

Today, optimizing your website for mobile is important and we know it! In this step, we will make sure that your mobile website works just like your desktop website and optimize it for the most prominent mobile UX signals.


Site Load Time

The time your site takes to load matters. Sometimes, the only reason why a page receives a lot of bounces is because of it’s slow loading speed rather than the accuracy of content on it. Heavy images, slow theme & installing a lot of plugins are some common elements that can make your website take forever to load.



Google takes the security of their users very seriously. Lately, SSL encryption on a website is a must-have for webmasters all around the globe. Accordingly, we make sure that your website complies with all it’s encryption needs in this process.

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With over 10 years of experience, our SEO experts are the biggest fans of Google and their algorithms and know them inside-out.


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After we’re done with your audit, every change that we wish to make on your website to make it more SEO optimized will be reported to you in a detailed manner with it’s positive implications clearly mentioned.


Timely Delivery

Our SEO Audits are one of the most comprehensive in the industry and we love to deliver what we promise, on time!

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