Google Ad Campaigns That Drive Results

Google Ads has evolved over time. There are many new opportunities that are now made available by Google for businesses to tap into. Pay per click model has been very successful for businesses who have been able to navigate the complexities of bids, reach and quality score etc.

We understand that most businesses do not have the time nor skilled resources that can manage and sustain a successful ppc campaign for long.

This is where we come in. With out core business revolving around PPC and other Paid campaigns, we host an extensive team of seasoned professionals who live and breath PPC and Google Ads.

Our sole purpose is to help you take the stress away from running, managing and worrying about your marketing investments and devote all your time and effort into running your business.

With our PPC experts you will not only see results, but a detailed road map of the work that we do, strategies, workflow and recommendations to continue growing your revenue through the campaigns.

  • Manual & Automatic bid optimizations
  • Ad Copy & Landing Page Creation
  • Quality score improvements
  • Heatmap & Split Testing
  • Keyword Research & Optimization
  • Competitor Research
  • Remarketing & Retargeting
  • Detailed Analytics
  • CRO & ROI Measurement
  • Geo-targeting improvements

Our PPC Approach

Business and Audience

Campaign Assessment

The first step in running a successful pay per click campaign involves a detailed assessment of the client’s business and website. We identify and optimize all the technical elements in adherence to Google’s best practices.

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Budget and Impression Analysis

With the help of competitor research, keyword research, average bids and click trends, we create a budget and impression forecast that helps clients understand the scope of the campaign based on our recommended budgets.

remarketing campaign

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing and retargeting campaigns help to identify the website visitors who did not convert and remind them about your products and services. Our experts in Google Remarketing Services do all the groundwork to identify potential customers in your target market who did not convert and develop targeted ads to spark conversions.

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Landing Page Creation

We create landing pages specifically for PPC campaigns based on the services/products that our client’s want to promote. The landing pages undergo in-depth split testing to ensure strong user engagement & conversions.

Google Shopping Campaigns

Keyword and Bid Optimization

Once the Ad copies and creatives are ready we map the entire campaign based on selected keywords, bids, ad copies & execute the campaign. We monitor the campaigns regularly ensuring all the bids and ads are optimized and generating required results.

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Monthly Reporting

We provide with in-depth progress reports for the campaign highlighting the clicks, budget spent, impressions, performing ads, calls/leads generated, etc. We also share our insights and recommendations that can further enhance the campaigns.

Why Work with Us?

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With over 10 years of experience, we have the right skillset and knowledge to help you get the job done. Our strategies and processes have delivered results time and again. We have the confidence to handle all types of campaigns ranging from the basic right down to multi-franchise scale campaigns.

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Local Presence

In order to build long lasting business relationships and facilitate better service to clients it is very important to have a local presence. We have one of our offices in Fairfield, NJ, where we welcome our clients to visit and discuss their business needs, meet the team or even assess a running campaign.

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Customer Experience

We understand that business doesn’t always rely on getting the best results but has a lot more to do with the overall customer experience and satisfaction. We have dedicated CRM teams that ensure you are connected with the progress of the campaign and offer consultation whenever required.

Our Results

Our Partners

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