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What’s Online Reputation Management And Why Do You Need It?

With the rise of review websites such as Yelp and Google Reviews, actively managing the online reviews you receive about your business is more important than ever. According to a recent study, a company loses as much as 50% of its business if most of the reviews about it online are negative. So, optimizing all your online reviews becomes all the more important.

Leverage our proactive online reputation management services to effectively manage all your online reviews. ORM services are an integral part of most of our online marketing strategies and we take them very seriously. Our online reputation services include creating a custom strategy to garner more online reviews about your business (by actively asking all your users for reviews), creating and maintaining your business presence on most influential review websites catering to your industry, actively monitoring those review sites to act upon both positive and negative reviews, and fixing fake reviews from disgruntled employees.

Most of the online reputation management companies indulge in writing phony reviews about their clients themselves but our practices are miles away from that! All the reviews we generate about your  businesses are all genuine and garnered from consistent outreach efforts, and we constantly monitor the web and quickly act upon a review that comes our way.

Our Online Reputation Management Expertise

We’ve been managing the online reputation of many small businesses and corporations alike for more than 10 years now!

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to hire online reputation management services for a brand, corporate, hotel, hospital, restaurant, or a celebrity, we have done it all and continue to maintain our quality services even today.

When it comes to managing the online reputation of a business, we have a knack of thinking on our feet and figuring out in advance the best solution for anything that may damage your business reputation online

Some Of Our Core Processes of Online Reputation Management Services


Review Audit

We start off by fully evaluating all the review platforms on which your business is already present, and determining other review platforms you’d need to target to gain some serious momentum. Also, all your bad and good reviews are assessed in this step.


Review Optimization

After identifying the platforms, we optimize those review pages to increase the visibility of your positive reviews and showcase your brand in its true light, all the while using reverse SEO to push negative reviews down.


Gathering Reviews

We will develop a custom strategy and put the processes in place to identify and nurture organic, positive review-gathering opportunities.


Review Monitoring

We set Google alerts and monitor the entire web for your brand mentions and reviews, to include--you guessed it--Social Media as well. Positive reviews are encouraged, while negative reviews are managed or resolved instantly.


Advanced Review Management

We check if the negative reviews about your business are legit or if they have been done by a disgruntled former or current employee. In case of a genuine negative review, we figure out the best approach to respond and de-escalate negative reviews on your behalf as soon as we discover them.

Why You Should Work With Us


Fully Integrated Solutions

Our online reputation management solutions and processes takes a variety of marketing aspects into consideration, including content marketing, local SEO, and social media. We prefer this holistic approach to a single-method strategy.


Real-time Monitoring

All your reviews will be constantly and consistently monitored under the watchful eye of our experts. We take care of new reviews as they come, good or bad.


Detailed Reporting

Everything we do to increase your business’ online credibility and its results will be shared via a monthly report to make sure we are on the same page.

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