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  • Search Engine Optimization - Highly optimized SEO strategies for website elements and content to enhance your search engine visibility.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising - Drive instant exposure and traffic on your landing pages or web pages. Get targeted, data-oriented PPC tactics to bring quality leads.
  • Website Development - Get fast, seamless, and responsive websites with optimized content for a rich user experience and more conversions.
  • Reputation Management - Build a credible and professional image of your law firm in multiple channels to win your potential client’s trust

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Your potential prospects are on the internet. Modern-day clients check the online presence of a law firm before booking a call with them. Our SEO experts will ensure that your website receives page one exposure and a high organic ranking. It will help you in capturing your prospective client’s attention. We implement techniques like keyword optimization, Local SEO, link building, etc., to increase the CTR that will reward you with highly qualified leads.
At Saffron Edge, we create websites that align with our client’s marketing campaigns and brand identity. We focus on creating an action-oriented web design that speaks on your behalf. Your website is the first point of interaction between your brand and your client. Hence, we ensure that your website highlights the unique attributes of your law firm.
If your content doesn’t appeal to the visitors, they leave the website. Therefore, we strive for unique, keyword-rich, informative, and relevant content for your target audiences. Our content curators are proficient in developing tailor-made content for criminal law firms that ranks well on the Google SERPs. We publish strategic, well-researched content that widens your website’s readership and reach.
Building an online reputation is a crucial part of your law practice. With a persuasive content strategy and other ORM techniques, we will empower your marketing efforts. We will manage your online reviews and ensure that a client leaves positive feedback about your firm on Google and social media websites. We will reduce the influence of negative reviews and highlight the positive ones.

Marketing Problems You Can Solve With Saffron Edge.

Are You Worried That Your Brand Isn’t Driving Some “Real Business”?
Saffron Edge will help your legal firm drive more traffic and more clicks. Our comprehensive digital marketing strategies will target high-intent clients who are looking for websites like yours. We will engage those visitors at various touchpoints and drive them to your website to increase your conversions.
Saffron Edge is more than a digital marketing agency. When our clients work with us, their business goals become our mission. This is the reason why we have a client retention rate of 98%. We address every business expectation of our clients and ensure seamless communication with them.
The primary aim of our digital marketing services is to drive high-quality clients to your firm. Our unique and holistic approach will ensure that every crucial aspect of your website is addressed and your campaign delivers maximum success. Don’t worry; our team will exceed your expectations.
When you work with us, you have all the access to evaluate your current marketing campaign. We will track, segregate, and curate all your KPIs and deliver them to you. Therefore, you’ll have a complete idea of your campaign’s performance. We skip the guesswork and dive into deep analytics, which allows us to deliver maximum returns on your investment.
If your firm operates in a local capacity, you need a marketing agency that holds expertise in local marketing trends. Saffron Edge has in-house experts who closely monitor the local SEO trends within your region. With our knowledge of local search engines and legal marketing expertise, your brand will get an edge over its competitors.

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frequently asked questions

How does a good CRO affect my criminal defense law firm?

When your conversion rate optimization raises, the number of leads that get converted into actual clients increases, therefore, having a great CRO can help your business scale faster organically.

What should be your defense law firm's marketing budget?

At Saffron Edge, we curate marketing budgets as per our client's business objectives. We also work for a diverse range of clients who come with different budgets. However, many experts suggest that your marketing budget be between 5-6% of your gross revenue. Please note that these figures fluctuate based on your geographical area, sales, margins, etc.

How can you expand your criminal defense legal firm business?

To attract and convert your potential prospects, you need to design a well-directed, targeted marketing campaign. An experienced agency like Saffron Edge can help you find your target audience and build a robust online reputation.

Why does your firm need SEO services?

If you want to boost your firm's online visibility on Google, you have to invest in premium SEO strategies because they will allow you to rank your website well. The better the rank on Google SERPs, the higher the number of quality leads.

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