The Salesman Guide To Winning Loads Of New Customers


Jun 7, 2016


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The most important part of any business is to make a sale and is also the monumental task. There are a million of questions that entrepreneurs can ask themselves before they jump in the business environment: How can he make his company’s products stand out of the competition?How can he handle objections? How should he ask for orders? There are some pretty useful answers to these questions that were given by the industry experts.

Sales Secrets Revealed

1. Don’t focus on selling features, instead sell benefits

The biggest mistake done by entrepreneurs is that they focus on what their product is, rather than focusing on “what it does”. This helps the customer in making a decision quickly. You should always focus on how your product will benefit the customer.

2. Selling to people most likely to buy

Best prospects are the ones who are searching for products just like yours and have a keen interest and the required financials resources to purchase it. Sell to those people who already have the kind of product like yours or to those who you know would be interested in buying one. You should learn to tell them how your product is superior.

3. Differentiate your product

Why should a customer buy from you and not from your competitors? Experts reveal that you should come up with at least three distinct features that will give customers reasons to buy from you. It happens most of the time that people don’t want to move out of their comfort zone and try out something new.

4. Give Personal attention to customer

For new entrepreneurs, print advertising or mailers is one of the least effective way to build up their business. Try out personal approach by getting in touch with the customer via face-to-face meet or at least thru phone.

5. Focus on second sale

Giving the utmost experience to the customer in the first sale that they are more likely to refer to their friends or associates to buy from you. This is the method that you should aim your second sale at. Increase or encourage your customers to refer your product or give them such a satisfactory experience that they are most likely to return next time.

6. Build Rapport

Before discussing business with the client, try building a rapport with them. You need to do some homework: try finding some common colleague, has the prospect’s company been in the news lately? Is he interested in sports? Build a genuine rapport by getting a little insight into the company and the individual.

7. Ask questions to get insight

You must ask questions from the prospects that reveal their motivation to purchase, their problems and needs, and their decision making processes. You need to ask questions more than a ’yes’ or ‘no’ response.

8. Probe Deeper

If the prospect asks for cost-savings and efficiency then how are you going to respond? Will you tell him/her that your product is just meeting their demands? We suggest that you probe deeper and do not respond by saying that your product is just the right fit. It helps you position your product rightly and show that you understand the client’s needs.

9. Let the other person talk

Sales people who like to go on and on during the presentation and do not let the prospect talk, they bore the prospect and are most likely to lose the sale. You can improve your listening skills by taking notes, observing your prospect’s body language, not jumping to conclusions, and concentrating on what your prospect has to say.

10. Follow-Ups

This is very important to know how well the prospect is doing after making a purchase decision from you. Write thank-you notes, call the customers after completing the sale to make sure that he or she is satisfied, and maintain a schedule of future communications. Follow-ups are very critical and you have to be very responsible after making the sale- you must show attention and responsiveness.

Sales is a very critical process and must be performed with a lot of research and caution. Steps listed above will help you in not only communicating with the client but also get a deeper understanding about why prospects need products just like yours.

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