Super Marketeer: A Guide for Online Marketing in 2016


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Mar 6, 2016


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Online MarketingBeing a marketer in this digital era is difficult for those who have little knowledge about the channels that are available today where a marketer can promote their content. Since 2009, a lot has changed over the internet, Google improvising its ranking algorithms, social media coming into picture as a platform for marketing and many more. Today keeping a pace with all these changes have become a necessity for marketeers. Today the need is to not only be creative in advertising but also promoting the content to the right audience. This digital age is fast changing and we all need to keep up with the changes that take place in the industry and the way our competitors think and strategize.

Being a one-dimensional marketer is simply not good enough to compete in the B2B world

Before 2009 marketers could get away by being creative powerhouses, but today its just not enough to be good at just being creative- today we have to become Hybrid Marketers. There is absolutely no profit earned from excelling in just one area- direct mail or email marketing, instead we have to integrate the old and new marketing strategies and create a master strategy that is a combination of many marketing channels. The specifications of becoming a good marketer in 2016 is not limited to creating good campaigns, but he/she must be able technologists, savvy number crunchers and social media regulars and keep up with the updates that take place every now and then on the various marketing channels. Combining all these skills and how they fit together will help in propelling a brand forward and led prospects from the top of the funnel to the bottom(generating sales).  

A marketer should be good at these


Creating a good content has not changed even with the onset of the digital age. Being creative is the first and foremost basic requirement of becoming a marketer and hasn’t changed much over the years. All that has changed is the creation of display ads to be put up on various channels: website, social media channels, banner ads, or billboards. Putting time, and sometimes money into producing quality content that can be used or repurposed over a period of time across the panoply of marketing platforms. A marketer could learn tools like CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop or should be able to guide the graphics design team about the idea that he wants to see translated into an eye catching content. Social Media and blogs have made it possible for people to make their content viral.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines have been gearing up to increase the competition to fight for that first position in search everyone wishes for. In market, the share of Google is about 65% and hence optimizing your content for search is a prerequisite to marketing success and getting traffic on your website. A marketer need not have the entire technical understanding about how search optimization works but having a basic grasp will be a boon.

Social Media

On the onset and recognition of these channels in 2009, it was a complete game changer for marketers to serve content on these channels. Social media is a channel that cannot be handed over to an inexperienced intern or an Exec., it has to truly come from the heart of the company as it is serves a purpose of catching eyeballs for marketers but also acts as a reputation management platform for the brand. A company can anyday outsource this task to the agency ,but every marketer needs a hands on experience with these channels to make the best use out of it. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube and many more channels have come up with their business pages as an offering for companies to communicate with the target audience.


Marketing on this platform is good but making sure that you comply with the laws of the state also requires hands on experience on this platform. For U.S. , the U.S. Can Spam Act , applies and a marketer should be very well aware of the law before landing the company in trouble. It would be hard to believe but email works 40 times better at customer acquisition than social media, according to report by McKinsey.


When it comes to online marketing, having a basic understanding about how those good old ones and zeros work to make things happen over the internet will help. A marketer with a basic understanding about HTML5 and CSS, will help in making the website visually better or email newsletters.


Back in 2009, tracking and measuring the ROI of the marketing expense was out of question. But as Google made it free for marketers to measure the results of the efforts, soon spending on marketing became accounted for every penny. Many tools came up on the internet and made a marketer’s life easy to measure the ROI of each campaign. Now every marketer can prove the results of spending every penny precisely and design campaigns based on experience. The future of marketers is to become hybrid marketers, or in other words super marketers. We got out of our old ways and bookish knowledge to do something new. But this is for sure that as the online world evolves, keeping an update with the changes happening is a mandate for marketers of future.  

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