New Office for Saffron Edge


Saffron Edge


May 10, 2019


2 min read

New Office for Saffron Edge It has been a long yet exciting process of getting a brick and mortar office in New Jersey, but we have succeeded in finding a fabulous location that is about 30-minutes west of New York City. S3 is located in Fairfield, New Jersey which is in Essex County. The Deepavaal Brook is behind us and the Passaic River in front of us. We are able to see Deepavaal Brook from the office window, giving us a nice break from looking at our computer screens all day. The Deepavaal Brook gets its name from either the Ojibbeway or the Ioway Native American tribes, or also known as American Indians. The word means deep fall though it’s just a babbling brook by us.

S3 Office

The building is very cozy and quaint and the neighbors are very warm and welcoming. The office is divided into three different sections, Alicia sits in the front, Stephanie sits in the middle section in the far left-hand corner (because she has no indoor voice and insists on speaking loudly even at 8:00 in the morning), and the back office is reserved for the conference table and meetings. We make more coffee than we’d like to admit and tend to move around a lot (a treadmill desk is sounding better and better).

Location, Location, Location!

US-location We were very lucky to obtain this space as it is centrally located to numerous stores, restaurants (many of which we’ve already tried) and we’re in the middle of a large business sector where we have started calling upon the businesses to provide our service.

Our Landlord

Our landlord is a very sweet 70-something-year-old gentleman who has been extremely generous. The office is quiet, the area is clean and it’s a joy to come into the office in the morning.

Taco Tuesdays

Taco Tuesdays We’ve become quite addicted to a small Mexican restaurant with a funny name that is located less than a block away from the office, yes, we do still get it delivered. Something Alicia is very proud of since she is half Mexican! It is not uncommon for us to have “Taco Tuesday” twice a week (Taco Wednesday’s, Taco Friday’s, you get the idea), the team in India knows to ask us for things on Taco days since we’re in such good moods. Our newest mission involves finding the best homemade ice cream shop in the area, more on that next month.

Office Decor

Office Decor As for decorating the office, that has been quite a journey. Thankfully Alicia is a natural because Stephanie would be (happily) sitting on the floor with her laptop until somehow office furniture magically appeared. Trying to decide on an aesthetic that is both pleasing yet reflective of the personalities of those who work in the office has been an interesting tightrope to walk, but yesterday we finally put the finishing touches on the office, woohoo! We have the furniture built, the pictures in frames, and the decorative pieces placed perfectly in their designated spots (all chosen by Alicia of course). And all done just in time for our first high-profile client visit this Friday! All in all, we’ve worked together to create a fun and motivating work environment that we can honestly say we look forward to coming to every day.

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