How To Optimize A Law Firm’s Frequently Asked Question Page?


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Mar 16, 2021


8 min read

FAQ pages are the ones where all your potential clients can get their answers to their queries. It is as valuable as your website's homepage. Creating an FAQ page can provide your potential clients some in-depth, intimate, and useful information about your practice. As we know, more than 35% of online legal clients use the internet to find an attorney, therefore it is very obvious that most of your clients will have queries about your services and a FAQ page can answer all of them on a single page. Legal-Marketing-Services According to a survey done in 2020 on online legal firms, it was found that 97% of the law firm websites didn't have any personalized content for their clients. Your FAQ page can provide them some personalized content as well. A law firm's FAQ page can guide them, like what next steps their client should take in case they have a pending case. It can tell them what they shall do next. We know, you might be providing all these minor details in your blogs, but a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website can add even more relevant content to your website that can help your visitors to understand your firm's legitimacy as well as services. Did you know that your law firm's FAQ page content can help you in boosting your website's visibility? How? Imagine one of your potential clients enters a question in the search engine - "Will I have to go to the court if I hire an attorney?". What if you have already answered the exact question on your FAQ page? Google will show your FAQ page in its SERPs and chances are huge that your potential client will click on it to enter your website. He or she might get converted into your legal client! You can answer similar questions on your FAQ page so that you can drive organic traffic onto your website. Let's get back to our example, what did you notice? Did you see how specific we were with our question? Yes! You have to think like a legal client and then formulate your FAQ page, try writing specific questions to reap maximum results. You Can Implement These Methods To Optimize Your FAQ Page

1. FAQs and Google

Google's algorithm is progressing every year in terms of finding out what exact results their users want. The artificial intelligence behind Google's functioning is evolving each year and therefore they are focusing on providing absolute results to their search users. Any mistype or typing error in the search query is analyzed by Google, and it manages to interpret the exact sentence that you were trying to enter. The same phenomenon applies when a legal client is looking for an attorney or a specific query regarding their court case. For eg. "What will be the hourly fee for hiring an attorney" or "What will the legal service cost to me in Canada?". Google also provides a FAQ box where people can ask questions. Google considers you exact wordings. If your FAQ page contains the same question as the user is searching for, then your FAQ page will appear on the box.   You might have seen small snippets of questions on the search result page, when you tap on them, they expand showing the full description along with a website link. After reading one answer, Google showcases more relevant questions to you that you might not be looking for, but chances are very high that you might click on them as well to know more. This snippet section is a great feature from Google because it allows you to bring more organic traffic to your website. Try writing your FAQ questions in the same manner where one question leads to another. You must humanize your questions and answers on your FAQ page, the best way to do something like that is to think about how your legal client would speak to the Google Search engine (via voice search) when he's trying to ask a question.

2. How To Frame Questions For Your FAQ Page?

Here's a very simple way to find the best questions for your FAQ page. Jot down the questions that your legal clients often ask on the web but they never find their answers on any FAQ page. Once you gather all such questions then post their answers on your FAQ page. Other common questions you can place on your law firm's FAQ page are - What is your specialization in law? How can a legal client reach out to you? (Give details about your forms, email IDs, or phone number). We would also recommend you to check out the other social media platforms where you can find several relevant questions. Platforms like Reddit, Quora, LinkedIn, and other forums provide loads of questions, surveys, and polls. Such forums also provide a wide platform to discuss several things, you can squeeze out some popular questions from the legal field and answer them in a simplified language on your FAQ page.   Another great way to frame good FAQ questions for a legal firm is by providing "location-based" or "jurisdiction-based" information. This will help you in ranking well in the local SERPs. Another classic way to get more legal clients on your FAQ page is by providing the answers to the questions that arise when a new amendment is made or a new law is published. "How the new healthcare laws affect my health insurance policy?". Don't worry if your questions sound too plain or laymen, FAQs are meant to answer such questions.

3. How To Format Your Law Firm’s FAQ Page?

If you want to please Google's Algorithm, you have to focus on structuring your FAQ page. You can't just pour down a long blog or a paragraph, so you have to optimize your FAQ page as well. 
  • Make sure your page has a header/title, a meta description that matches your content.
  • Make sure you group similar questions into one category, under one header.
  • Make sure you use anchor tags so that you can link individual sections.
  • Make sure you use schema markup so that it is easier for Google to index those pages.
  • If you have a longer FAQ section, add a search bar so that a user can type the question to find his/her answer quickly.
  • Make sure to link your FAQ pages internally with other website pages for on-site SEO optimization. It'll help Google's algorithm to crawl on these pages.
  • Make sure you add a CTA button at the end of the FAQ page. Offer them an appointment, call, or consultation so that they can be converted into real customers.

4. Tracking The Performance Of Your FAQ page

After planning, writing, and publishing your FAQ page your next step is to enhance its performance. There are several tools available in the market with the help of which you can track the efficacy of your pages. Before jumping onto those tools, let's discuss your website's analytics. The data analytics of your website can tell you how many visitors are visiting your page daily. You can find out whether your FAQ page is attracting a significant amount of traffic or not. You can also find what specific search queries are driving people to your website. For eg., you might be receiving traffic for a search query like "What are the state laws regarding driving under influence?". Another question that can lead from here would be 'For how many months my driving license will stay invalid for driving under influence?". If that's the case then you can create a separate page that is dedicated to the laws involving DUI. If your website has on-site optimization then you must evaluate your log of search queries. It can provide you tons of questions that your potential clients must be searching for. You can include popular questions from them by adding them to your FAQ page.   Lastly. you can use features like SEMRush or Ahrefs that'll provide you tons of data about your competitor's website vs your website. You can use these tools to know more about search queries. Using an analytics tool such as Ahrefs or SEMRush will let you see the top search queries coming into your website and your closest competitor’s website! If you see lots of searches coming in for your competitor on a topic you don’t address, you know what to do.

5. Make Sure You Play Fair As Per The Guidelines

  No matter what type of website exists over the internet, following Google's guidelines is a must! But Google pays extra attention to websites that fall under the YMYL category(Your Money Or Your Life). Online businesses that are dedicated to providing health, finance, media, legal, or political services fall under the YMYL guidelines. In the year 2020, Google invested $6.5 Million to fight the spread of misinformation regarding covid-19. Google takes up such initiatives to combat ill-practices, criminal activities, and fake news. To be on the safer side, you must ensure that your law firm's website is abiding by the guidelines provided by Google.
  • Make sure you have content experts, digital marketing experts, and other technicians that can help you in building a healthy website.
  • Make sure you update your FAQ pages as well as every other content on your website.
  • Avoid making grammar mistakes! Make sure you publish high-quality content only.
  • Accept relevant links only.  
Creating a FAQ page for your law firm's website is as crucial as creating your homepage or landing page! It helps you in driving traffic because your potential clients are always on the internet, looking for answers to their queries. Yes, FAQ pages can help you to improve your search engine rankings but don't have a selfish approach by just focusing on Google's algorithm. Think about your potential clients first! Their concern should be yours as well. Trying providing them a premium user experience and content that adds value to their lives or educates them.

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