Increased total traffic by 83% with Paid and Organic Marketing Campaign

Organic Traffic

The Client

The client is UK’s leading Telecare and Assistive technology company based in Liverpool specializing in personal alarms for the elderly. The client has a global reach and is dedicated to improving the safety and quality of life for elder citizens worldwide with their smart alarm solutions. The client is actively involved in working with national and local government, as well as community interest companies, charities, and other commercial organizations. They approached us to marginally amplify their online presence on the web.

The Challenge

The industry our client was in had a healthy competition but at the same time, there weren’t many people searching actively on the web for the products they offered. So, gaining momentum and exposure in the digital space quickly was challenging.

The Solution

After the initial website audit, here’s what we decided to do for our client –

To increase engagement and dwell time on their website, we created and added product explainer videos to their home-page so new visitors can easily get a jist of what their products are all about.

To increase our client’s search engine exposure, our SEO experts got down to research and figured out the exact business and product keywords (including local keywords) to target in our SEO and PPC campaigns for our client.

The high-search intent keywords our experts came up with were then added to our client’s web pages and product pages to attract searchers who were actively searching for the products our client offered.

Based on those exact keywords, combined with stunning landing pages filled with compelling content, our SEO experts then ran various PPC search ad campaigns targeted towards people looking to buy personal alarms for the elderly.

Started posting engaging, emotional blog posts on behalf of our client with the help of our team of content writers and marketed them on social bookmarking websites and other popular blogging platforms in their industry to gain exposure. Doing this helped generate vital backlinks for our client which in-turn increased their overall SEO potential.

To strengthen their backlink profile even further and attract even more traffic from around the web, we initiated citation building for the client where we submitted important product and business information to relevant business directories.

Since our client belonged to a niche market, our SEO experts then worked on increasing the Local SEO potential of our client’s website. For that, we claimed their ‘Google My Business’ profile, filled it with all the important and relevant business information and actively asked for reviews from our client’s past customers.

To increase their Local SEO reach even further, we started targeting local keywords in our client’s website content and submitted their business to the most popular review platforms out there such as Yelp and Yellow pages.