50 Qualified Leads Per Month for a Local Law Firm in Miami!

Organic Traffic

The Client

The law firm is based out of Florida and specializes in personal injury cases.They, avoid representing big businesses or insurance companies since they are devoted to working with individuals who need a strong legal ally. With cases ranging from medical and dental malpractice, wrongful death, automobile accidents, civil rights claims, workplace injuries, maritime law, sexual assault, and others.

They were looking for a digital marketing partner who can help them generate qualified leads for their practice.

The Challenge

The client believes in serving the ‘common man’ that is seeking justice. But targeting their potential clients was turning into a hassle, thus they wanted us to revamp their online presence and provide them with an effective marketing strategy that helps them increase qualified footfall on their website.

The Solution

We started with a thorough inspection of the website wherein we found that they were struggling with content marketing and that they had a low Search Engine Ranking.

Our team did comprehensive market research and identified search trends based on their customer demography and behavior, to identify the best keywords that would transform and enhance their reach.

Our content team worked on their webpages to make it more informative and better formatted.

The legal marketing team aggressively worked towards promoting their content to ensure better visibility and qualified traffic.

We promoted their videos on YouTube to engage the video community about their practice and information nuggets.

The Results

  • Organic Traffic grew by ~24% with New Users increased by ~24%.
  • Mobile Users increased by ~30%